Saiyedna Qaazi un-No'maan (AQ) narrates an event during the reign-Imaamat of Imaam Mo'iz li-Deenillaah (AS) that there was a man who was born with some bizarre physical abnormalities. His face was deformed, he was blind and was hardly able to stand upright. He used to crawl in the streets. Maulaana Imaam Mo'iz (AS) spotted him in one of the streets while ambling and said that, this handicapped man has gained fame in the town owing to his physical disabilities. With the name of Allaah, he also added that whoever happens to see a physically or mentally disabled person, he should supplicate in the way of Allaah and thank Him for granting health and well being and he should remember the favors that Allaah has bestowed upon him. Imaam (AS) recollected the words of Rasoolullaah (SAWS) and said that you should address the following verse on seeing such a handicapped man:

Transliteration : - “Alhamdo lillaahil lazee 'aafaani mimma ibtalaaka behi wa fazzalni ‘alaa kaseerim min khalqehi tafzeela.”

Translation : - Praise is for Allaah Who has granted us good health from the hardships in which You have engaged (others) and ascended our ranks over the whole Creation.

Imaam (AS) says that Allaah will never grip you in the hardships and misfortune in the return of this supplication.

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