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  Fa Subhaanallazi be-Yadehi Malakuto Kulle Shayin wa Elayhe Turja'oon: Therefore glory be to Him in Whose hands is the Kingdom and Control of all Things, and to Him you shall be brought back. Imaam uz Zamaan (as) is the fountain-head of Malakoot and the Return of all Mumineen is towards him. (36-83)

When people find themselves in a confined situation, or when they are unable to take an effective action towards it or even when they can't place their goals properly to completion, they adopt ways of breaking free from these unappealing circumstances. It is habitual since man gives priorities to his own reputation and social position in the society. In order to be convinced that the blame of the failure and chaos wouldn't be directed towards them anytime soon, they'd maltreat others and blame them for the faults or poor outcome. They go to the extent of painting themselves with the colours of righteousness and hardworking, and how the consequences are a result of the others careless and irresponsible behaviour.

Allaah Ta'aala has further stated in His holy book, the Qur'an , "Indeed! Allaah does not inhibit torment among the people for their consequences, but it is the people themselves that inflict maltreatment amongst each other." If Allaah Ta'aala was emphatic to impose harm on the dwellers of the planet Earth, there wouldn't be a being left on it to signify its existence. Whenever oppression or maltreatment begins, it is followed by enmity, huge wealth, undue benefit, greed and the material attachments of the world. In order to loosen and break away from the firm plague of the venomous traits of maltreatment, our Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his progeny is present between us.

We further narrate an incident at the time of Prophet Musaa Kalimullaah (as), when Fir'aun (la) was the ruler of Egypt, the entire kingdom was burdened under his tyranny. The people in his domain were helpless and unassisted by anyone. They were eagerly waiting with the hope of a messenger of Allaah, coming to their rescue and  saving them from the inevitable traps of Fir'aun, who would ultimately set them free. There were four aspects behind Fir'aun's torment,He used to proclaim that,

1. "I am God, and the sole existence of everything on Earth is due to me. Your (addressing to the people) every intake of breath is because of me."
2. "Our Gods will bring the dead back to life, and our Gods, who have the ultimate control on the land and the fertility of the soil, are the sole givers of the daily bread. Your desolation will only disappear because of us."
3. "Your existence is only for me. Everyones' possession belongs to me. Your presence in my sultanate is only intended for me."
4. "Nobody in this world possesses the power which is in my hands. I hold an inexhaustible fortune and I have control over everything."

These four phrases "'I''Me''For Me' and 'I Have'" , were the four disastrous proclamations of Fir'aun's tyranny. Those who endorsed in Fir'aun's imposing tactics were blinded by utter selfishness and glamour. They considered Prophet Musaa (as) as the only refuge and recognition for truthfulness and piety.  They were well aware that Prophet Musaa (as) and his path was of righteousness and that it will bring the termination of Fir'aun's cruelty.  But the other aspect dominated the mindsets of those assisting Fir'aun's dirty tricks, was that staying under the regulations of Fir'aun and blindly agreeing to whatsoever he declared, as it reverberated wealth, their rankings were triumphantly advanced to the top and their once low ranking comrades were looked down upon by them with more power and control. Not only would they participate in groups which were formulated for Fir'aun's orders, but they'd also engage in the secret gatherings arranged by Prophet Musaa (as) to make the prophet feel that they are with him. Even then, their hearts and souls were latched onto the material wealth provided by Fir'aun.

Few of the Prophet's followers, for the sole purpose of cornering themselves from the harassment or social boycott on the hands of Fir'auni people, surrendered themselves to the cruel hands of Fir'aun's ministers.They were of the opinion that, "We patiently waited for the time when Prophet Musaa (as) would appear in front of everyone, openly transpire and propagate his invites of Allaah Ta'aala among the people and expose the true identity of the Pharaoh.  This is by placing the message of indivisible oneness of Allaah i.e. the concept of monotheism, every prayer is of Allaah and only for Him and His Prophet, then that would be the exemplary moment when we'd leave Fir'aun and stand beside our Prophet Musaa(as). We'd always work in helping Allaah's Prophet, and raise our weapon of truth against Fir'aun's well-constructed lies, thereby challenging his every move." But this was supposed to be their game and trick of words. Their hearts didn't withhold even a drop of faithfulness and sincerity with Prophet Musaa(as).

When the tyranny of Fir'aun had surpassed the all bounds, and when the barbarous acts became focused on Prophet Musaa (as) and his sincere companions, Allaah had set forth a peremptory order to the Prophet stating, "O Musaa! Duly guide your true-hearted companions to the river Nile and stop its flow to form a path and cross it, futhermore find a secure place and live in it. Do not be worried when Fir'aun and his army advance in your direction, but keep sincere faith in your Lord." It was Prophet Musaa's stick, an divinely guided tool which performed miracles, that the Nile parted and created a pathway for them to cross the river easily. The sincere companions and Prophet Musaa (as)  himself, travelled across the river effortlessly and triumphantly got to the other side.

The people who didn't place their utmost faith on Prophet Musaa (as) were in the last rows of companions at that moment. Their souls fed on skepticism and dubiousness. They were selfish as they were always present in situations which held an advantage for them. They had formulated a strategy for when Prophet Musaa (as) and his companions would get caught, they'd desert him and run back to Fir'aun and proclaim their loyalty towards him. They would frame that, we were always with Fir'aun and that we went with Musaa only to make him understand his wrongdoings and shortcomings.

But when they witnessed the miracle of the river Nile and how it parted for the Prophet, they ultimately realised that, "Indeed Prophet Musaa (as)  is the one with righteousness and they, themselves are selfish." Having perceived the real path, they attempted to follow the Prophet by speeding up their horses, but due to Allaah's commands, the angels had hanged their route and directed them to Fir'aun's army, where they were eventually swallowed by the wildly flowing waters of river Nile.

Every time such difficultscenario arises. Such people would stay with righteousness only for namesake but they actually get engage with the people in favour of the disbelievers like Pharaoh Fir'aun. Today Da'i uz Zamaan (tus) is on the maqaam of Musaa and those who disbelieve and oppress mumineen are like Fir'aun.  They are engrossed in their worldly advantages making themselves selfish. The fragrance of the material wealth of the world, attracts them like a magnet but these people never have the prospects of goodness, helpfulness and kindness, even when they successfully attain the material riches. These people that are led astray, are engulfed by the waters just like they devoured and destroyed every soul in favour of Fir'aun and Fir'aun himself.

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