The good of this world and of the world to come lies in the hands of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as). He who asks for one of the two gets the one, he who longs for both will get both of them. When any one of us makes a request to the Imaam for himself or for someone else for a worldly gain or for a spiritual elevation, let him put the request in the proper form and make it in its proper place. He should always be within the reasonable limits. If his request concerns his promotion to a higher stage in his spiritual career, his persistence is justified, but if it concerns some worldly affair, then he has no right to persist in it. In both these cases he should keep in view his position with the Imaam. Whatever he does he should do in conformity with his position. He should never transgress the limits which are prescribed by his position with the Imaam.

When we request the Imaam for a worldly gain or for a lift in our spiritual career we should never talk at random and we should see that in such requests we are not prompted by a craving for power or a desire to make a parade for a piety. The Prophet says, “He who seeks the good of the next world with a view to improve his prospects here, will not enjoy the fragrance of paradise which is so powerful that it can be smelt from a distance of hundred years' journey.” When we request the Imaam for a worldly gain, we should not be greedy and obstinate in our demands.

If a ‘mumin' is forced by circumstances to beg, he should approach none but one of his brother ‘mumin'. He should never degrade himself by begging from his enemies. He should never accept charities at their hands even if they go out of the way to offer it to him. In the observance of this rule of life lies the prestige of the ‘mumin' and of their faith.

Imaam Ja'far us-Saadiq (as) says, ‘Our followers will never be friendly with our enemies. They will never beg from them and they will never accept their gifts even it they were to face death.' The Prophet has forbidden us from accepting gifts from infidels and the opponents. One of the Imaam once said to one of his associates, “If any one of my followers is needy, it is unlawful for him to approach any one except his brother ‘mumin'.” A proverb says, “Do a good turn to someone and you will become his master, accept some favor from someone and you will become his slave.” It is not a good thing for a ‘mumin' to make himself a slave of his enemy. If his wants are satisfied through his brothers, well and good, otherwise he should be patient and he should wait till Allah improves his affairs and provides him from unaccountable sources. Allah has promised this to the ‘mumin' who are contented with their lot.

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