Wulaat of Hind


Date of Wafaat : 28th Moharram ul-Haraam

  •  Saiyedi Musanji bin Taaj Saheb (QR) was a very learned, kind, benevolent and abstinent man who always helped mumineen in difficulties. He had offered the obligation of Hajj. He had vowed and taken pledge that he will build a mosque if he returned peacefully from Hajj. He did return peacefully from the Hajj and as he vowed, he built a mosque near his house. He used to stay at on the hillock near a mohalla which is now called as Fakhri Mohalla near Gendi Gate. The whole family and relatives of Saiyedna Safiyuddin Saheb (QR), who were very loyal and faithful, used to stay in this mohalla. Salaahuddin, who was an infidel, was the governor of Baroda at that time. It was an obligation that no one should inaugurate a mosque or hold any religious event without inviting him. Mosque was meant for the general Muslim population in his rule and all Muslims could offer Namaaz irrespective of any community.

•  Saiyedi Saheb (QR) didn't intend to invite an infidel for the inauguration of the mosque since he was a staunch shi'a, the faithful follower of Ahl ul-Bayt (AS). Also, the mosque which he built was specially meant for the mumineen. He invited his maula Saiyedna Dawoodji bin Ajabshah (QR) from Ahmedabad, which was ruled by Qutbuddin. Saiyedna Ajabshah (QR) accepted the request of Saiyedi Saheb (QR) and came to Baroda for the inauguration of the mosque.

•  Meanwhile, Salaahuddin came to know about this event and he ordered the arrest of Saiyedna Ajabshah (QR) on the ground that he violated his rules and inaugurated the mosque without his permission. Saiyedi Saheb (QR) was very disappointed and saddened as his maula was imprisoned. The same night he went to the prison and had a talk with the jailor, who was a shi'a and a loyal follower of the mazhab of Ahl ul-Bayt (AS). On the request of Saiyedi Saheb (QR) he released Saiyedna Ajabshah (QR) who left for Ahmedabad in the dark. Saiyedi Saheb (QR) remained in the prison for the whole night in the lieu of Saiyedna. Miraculously, the face of Saiyedi Saheb (QR) metamorphosed into the face of Saiyedna Ajabshah (QR) and no one was able to recognize him till sunrise when his face turned to originality.

•  When Salaahuddin came to know about this incidence he was very outraged and infuriated. By his orders, Saiyedi Saheb (QR) was brought in an open place near Mandvi and in the presence of huge crowd he flung him in the container ( degh ) of boiling oil and he died within no time. Salaahuddin was not satisfied even by this and he dragged his body in the city and threw his body in the open place outside the city, which is now the place near Panigate, which was a dumping ground for garbage and litter. Mysteriously, next morning, when the mumineen went to carry his body for the burial, they only found a heap of flowers and there was no body at that place. At the same site, mumineen constructed the mausoleum of Saiyedi Saheb (QR). Hundreds of mumineen visit the mausoleum daily to take the blessings and the favors of the martyr, who is still known for miracles and marvels.

•  After the death of Saiyedi Saheb (QR), Salaahuddin suffered from the tumor on his back. He was totally incapacitated by the pain. The tumor grew to such an extent that it started discharging offensive fluid. At the terminal stage not even his servants were ready to take care of him. No one could even pass near his house due to the offensive smell. Then people use to say: "Now Salaahuddin is reaping what he did to Saiyedi Saheb (QR). He died a miserable death in his house with no one around him."

•  It is our great fortune and luck that in the same mosque which was built by Saiyedi Musanji bin Taaj Saheb (QR), Saiyedna Abu Haatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin Saheb (TUS) offered Namaaz on 21 st Ramazaan 1426. This is the same mosque, which dates back to almost 300 years, our mumineen used to offer Namaaz after the death of Saiyedi Saheb (QR). With the painstaking and diligent efforts and attempts of Du'aat ul-Mutlaqeen of Vadodara and Ahmedabad, mumineen are still reaping the benefits of this mosque and are regularly getting enriched with the guidance of deen and imaan from Saheb-e-Da'wat.

The internal view of the Rauzah-e-anwar.
The view of the Qabr-e-aqdas of Saiyedi Saheb (RA).
This is the internal view of Fakhri Masjid located in Fakhri Mohalla and built by Saiyedi Saheb (RA) where the Qiblah could be seen clearly.
This is the Kalemat-ush-Shahaadat written on the top of the main Qiblah in the masjid.
This shows the outer view i.e. sahen of the masjid from where there is main entrance into the masjid.
There is a hauz for performing wuzu on the left side of the sahen.
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