Saiyedna Mo’aiyed Shiraazi saheb (RA), the Baab ul–Abwaab (the highest rank in the Spiritual Hierarchy, the one immediately following the Imaam-e-Aal-e-Mohammad, called “bab al-abwab i.e. the gate of gates”) of the 18th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Ma’ad al-Mustansir Billaah (as) says in his esteemed Majaalis that,

“Allaah Ta’aala, amongst all His creatures, has created man in an upright and erect form, like a pen. Compared to other creatures, the structure of the body of human being is vertical, his feet are beneath and the head is held high. He walks with his feet, but the pace of his intellect is much faster than his feet, and hence because of this the head (which houses the intellect) is elevated. The main purpose is to ascend to the Upper World, the World of Angels, the World of Noor, the World of Sanctity, the Luminous and the Intellect World.”

As the human being is the noblest amongst all the living creatures, like wise there is a particular Chosen and Chaste person towards whom, the Absolute Creator Allaah Ta’aala, the most Authoritative, the most Forethought of all, sends continuously His Favors, Graciousness and kind Attentions. Among all human beings, he is the perfect, par excellent person who is devoid of all the bitterness, impurities, sins and evils and is innocent and unblemished. This is the reason that he acquires the bounties from the Tenth Intellect, whose Tawbah for delaying in accepting the Tawheed of Allaah was granted and assigned Tenth position is the one because of whom this world of Existence and Destruction came into existence (being).

This Perfect Person is the Lantern of good deeds and tranquility, whose duty is that he moulds the thinking and character of other people just like him and it is as good as to say that, he creates himself in an another person’s spirit and soul.  People, who adore the jewels of his Obedience, are granted a life which is much better than this world of existence and destruction. Nobody can escape this world’s temptation and mischief, envy and greed, treachery and deceit, children and wealth, comforts and desires, requirements and willfulness, abundance and profusion, pride and fame.  But such are the favors of Allaah Ta’aala on this Insaan-e-Kaamil (perfect person), that because of the bounties granted to him by the Tenth Intellect, he can guide any person to the path of Salvation in this world of Oppression and Uncertainty.

There is a tradition from Rasoolullaah (saws) which says that,

“Among you, certainly my Ahl ul-Bayt (as) are like the Ark of Noah, saved are those Whoever boarded it, and reached the Shore of Sanctity (saahil-e-Quds), and those who abandon it, they were drowned into the world of Darkness and Destruction”.

When Maulaana Nuh Najiyullaah (as) called people to the Right Path (siraat-e-mustaqeem), all heard him but very few accepted his call and started their journey to Salvation – A Life Hereafter by boarding his Ark, and when the faithful riders came to their last location (destination), the captain of the ship Maulaana Nuh (as) apprised them of it, and it was the Shore of Sanctity, which is the last Abode of the Souls of those who had accepted the Da’wat-The Divine Call and unhesitantly followed the traditions of Nabiyullaah. The Da’wat of the People of the Respected House (Ahl ul–Bayt) is associated with the Da’wat of all the earlier prophets. Those who have rejected this Da’wat, they have suffered a very ignominious ending.  They were drowned in the Sea of Depravity in such a way that they could not be made worthy of any Shore.

The guidance towards the Right Path has been going on since Eternity. Maulaana Aadam Safiyullaah (as) is the very first Perfect Person, the selected one by Allaah Ta’aala, and he is His first Khalifah-vicegerent. Thereafter came the Captain of the ship of Salvation, Maulaana Nuh, the Architect of Ka’batullaah Maulaana Ibraahim, the Master of Miraculous Stick Maulaana Musa, the Hakeem of Death and Sickness Maulaana Isaa and lastly the Master of all Prophets, the Noor of all Universes Mohammad ul-Mustafaa (saws).  This succession has been continuing till date in the Aal-progeny Mohammad Rasoolullaah (SAWS) through his daughter Maulaatona Faatemah Zahraa (as) and his legatee and son-in-law Ameer ul-Mumineen Maulaana Ali (as). 

Many storms of Retribution and Rebellion by Shayaateen do come, but this ship captained and guided by the Righteous Saheb of Da’wat never deviates from its path and does not allow any harm to its inhabitants. In every period, there is an Imaam, who takes the position of Aadam (as).  He is called Aadam uz-Zamaan, the Aadam of the time. With all aspects and in every respect believers connect themselves with this holy personality, being assured that this Aadam of the time (the truthful and just Imaam) will guide them to the Shore of Sanctity which is the last location of their souls and the Eternal Abode of the Spiritual Journey.

In this period of concealment (seclusion), the obedience to the Da’i uz-Zamaan, Da’i of the time is as good as the obedience to the Imaam or Aadam (as) of the time. Our Da’i guides us to the Qudsaani World. We do not have to worry, because our Da’i Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin (may Allaah Ta’aala grant him longevity) is going to bestow us the favors and Ne’maat of the Paradise that we rightfully call it ‘Aalam-e-Qudsaani, and this Qudsaani Kinaara will grant us the Eternal Life.  As we can conclude with the Words of Allaah Ta’aala in Qur’an-e-Majeed, “The Hereafter is Better and more Enduring”.

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