Allah has made it compulsory for us through His holy Book and through the preaching's of the Prophet to put on a decent dress during our visits to the holy places. He says “O the children of Adam, be decently dressed when you visit the mosques.” The Prophet says, “If Allah has placed any one in favorable circumstances let him show the signs of prosperity by dressing well. Let him be clean and well-perfumed when he visits the holy places for seeking further favors from Him.” There are many traditions to this effect. Imaam cannot quote them all, if Imaam do so the matter will prolong.

Similarly if any one wants to visit the Imaam, he should be neat and tidy. He should put on the best dress and use the best possible perfume that he can get. Let him exhibit the blessings of Allah which He has conferred on him. If he has received some consideration at the hands of the Imaam then it is his duty to make a demonstration of it by visiting them in a ceremonious dress. This is out of respect for the position they hold.

Allah has enjoined on us that before we stand up for prayers we should make the necessary preparations by putting on a clean dress and performing ablutions. For, when we visit to the house of Allah and stand up before Him we should maintain the dignity of the occasion. Similarly when we visit to the Imaam we should take the necessary precaution in the matter of cleanliness and decency of dress. If we do not take this precaution we shall be belittling the dignity of the Imaam. He who thinks lightly of these things exposes himself to the wrath of Allah. For, to be clean on such an occasion is traditional with us; nay, it is the necessary part of our religion. The Prophet says, “Allah likes cleanliness and He hates clumsy fellows.” Hence, in all such matters it is our duty to do what Allah likes us to do and to refrain from doing what he does not like. In short, we should observe the rule of decency when we visit the Imaam who are the medium of our approach to Allah and on whom we look for intercession for us on the Day of Judgment.

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