O Mumineen, may Allah help you in deriving the fullest benefit from philosophy; may He guide you in thanking the Imaams who are the highest authority on this subject.

Do not pamper your bodies of flesh and blood. They are full of filth; if they are not constantly washed and kept clean they will stink like a carcass. Had it not been for the souls which are encased in them they would have rotted in no time.

Your souls need a special care. Apply your minds to the study of the tanzeel. The taweel is its unfolder, the tongue is the transmitter, the ears are the receivers and the soul is the receptacle.

This world is not the original place of this receptacle. The soul is a stranger here. Its original place is somewhere else. The destination of its journey is the worlds of purity where there is light upon light, Allah leads to the light only those whom He likes. Think of this. Think of your precious souls. Close your ears to the earthly gossip of the meanest type and keep them open for an elevating talk. Use your intellect with which Allah has gifted you. It is only the fools who grope in the dark. Thank Allah for the favour that He has done to you by giving you every facility to seek your salvation and by providing you ‘The Water of Life' .

"We created the heavens and earth and what is between the two in six days and gave us no feeling of fatigue." In the matter of creation Almighty Allah does not stand in need of time. It is only the weak people who need time in the making of things. The meaning of this verse is entirely different from what it usually explained to be by the commentators who stick to the letters and miss the underlying spirit. The "six days", mentioned in the verse, refer to something else.

This verse is followed by "Be patient with what they say." The additional verse has no connection whatsoever with the preceding one. This is again one of the subtleties of the Qur'an which cannot easily be understood by those who stick to the literal meaning of Qur'an and who maintain that Allah actually took a certain fixed period in the making of this world. There is another verse of the Qur'an which clearly proves that Allah took no time in the creation of this world. The verse is as follows, "Whenever We intend to create anything, We say ‘let there be' and there it is." Our opponents maintain that these two verses are contradictory to each other. The fact is that such verses which literally appear to be contradictory need an explanation from the Imaams of the Ahl-e-Bayt-e-Rasool (as) who are the true interpreters of the Qur'an. They alone can solve these difficulties and they alone can dig deep into the minds and bring out the treasure for us. The Prophet (SAWS) says, "I am leaving two weighty things between you; the one is the Book of Allah and the second is my ‘Ahl-e Bayt'. If you stick to them you will never lose the way. They are inseparable. They cannot part with each other until they return to me and meet me at the ‘hauz-e-Kausar'." Again the Prophet (SAWS) says, "Learn from the learned divines of ‘Ahl-e Bayt' and from those who have learned from them. If you do so you will be secure from hell-fire."

In short, he who tries to understand the Qur'an through its ordinary commentators will never get through its intricacies and he who tries to interpret like those who interpret according to their own whims will also be stuck up and will not know how to get out of it. The verse, "Be patient with what they say" , refers to these people who follow their own whims and do not approach the proper authorities to solve their difficulties. This verse is followed by the verse, "Praise Allah before sunrise and before sunset". The ordinary commentators tell us that the verse refers to the offering of morning prayer before sunrise and the afternoon prayer before sunset. They say that the emphasis is laid on the importance of these two prayers. They tell us one thing and lose sight of something else, which is hidden from their notice on which Allah had laid much greater emphasis than on these two prayers. O Mumineen, may Allah make you benefit by His ‘Zikr' and may He make the matter easy for you.
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