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  Yauma laa Yanfa'o Maalun wala Banoon, Illa man Atallaaha be-Qalbin Saleem: The day on which property (wealth) will not avail, nor sons, Except him who comes to Allaah Ta'aala with a pure and sound heart (free from evil). Here Qalb e Saleem is the heart filled with the Imaan and Ma'refat of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as). (26-88)

Allaah Ta’aala conveys His message to his dear, most trusted and beloved Nabi Rasoolullaah (saws) through His archangel Rooh ul Ameen Jibra’eel (as) and orders him to propagate the same to Ahl ul Islaam. Majority of these teachings were sent to Rasoolullaah in the form of the verses of Qur’an e Kareem. Some divine communications are such that it were not mentioned in the Qur’an e Kareem but in the form of advices and teachings that He wanted to deliver it  to His followers through a special revelation. These teachings are known as “Hadees e Qudsi”.

In one such Hadees e Qudsi, Allaah Ta’aala says to Rasoolullaah that- “al-Maalo Maali, wal-Foqaraao ‘Ayaali, wal-Aghneyaao Wokalaai, faman Bakhela be-maali a’laa ‘Ayaali Udkhilhunna wala Obali.”  It says that,

“The wealth which you have is My wealth. The poor and the needy are my sons and daughters. The wealthy and the rich are my mediators-lawyers-agents in the world. If these wealthy and rich people who have My wealth will not help my sons and daughters (the poor and the needy) and will abandon them or leave them helpless, then I will throw them in the fires of Jahannam and will never ever care for them”.

By this Hadees e Qudsi, we have to understand that the wealth which is currently with us is the Amaanat of Allaah and it has come to us through others.  It was of others and now it has become ours.  It will be with us for some time and by some means or the other will go to others again.  Wealth is never permanent and will never remain at one place.  This is the tool of testing for the believer.  It is an unending process.  We have to also keep in mind that because some have become poor we have become rich. If a rich person believes that, he is the sole owner of his wealth, then he is gravely mistaken. It is compulsory for the rich, wealthy and the privileged to help the poor, needy and the downtrodden. If the wealth which Allaah bestows upon his people is not used for the right purpose and at the right time, then this same wealth will lead them to the fires of Jahannam.  The Islamic history is the witness to the haqeeqat that, whenever any Nabi or Saheb of a divine command exerted to follow whatever has been ordained to them by their Lord, only the simple and poor people answered the Da’wat of that Saheb.  The people of wealth and status always ignored and rejected the Ilaahi Da’wat.  On the contrary, the poor are those with rich heart of faith and sublime spiritual status.  The wealth has made them dead as they only earn to beautify their worldly life.

According to our beliefs, the Imaam e Haqq is the owner, protector and caretaker of the people’s life and wealth.  This is because the Imaam e Haqq have been appointed by Allaah for spreading His final message in form of Deen among the people of this world.  In this period of the Daur e Satar in which our Imaam physically exists but he is in seclusion or veiled from the eyes of the masses.  He knows everything about us but we are not in the position to recognize him due to the Hikmat in spite of he being around us. The Dai e Mutlaq is in his place to carry out the tasks which the Imaam was assigned by Allaah.  It is compulsory that the true Shi’as (Shia’yaan e Haqq) and the generous Mumin always earn their livelihood through the righteous way.  After satisfying their basic needs and fulfilling the compulsory religious obligations like Zakaat ul-Fitr, Zakaat ul-Maal, Khums, Najwaa, Sharwaa, Silat ul-Imaam, Kafaarat uz-Zunoob to Da’i e Mutlaq during the assigned time, the money which remains has to be used for the betterment of the community.  We have to always follow the orders and advice of our Da’i in letter and spirit and always offer our Wajebaat ud-Deen to the Da’i in the prescribed month of holy Ramazaan. Those who will not follow the righteous path shown to us by Allaah and His Da’i,their wealth will never benefit or help them and will always bring difficulty, sorrow and despair in the Hereafter-Aakherat.

In reality, the poor is left with unending poverty and their situation is not going to improve because most of the rich and wealthy don’t have a heart of gold or are devoid of benevolence or the importance of charity.  They are least willing to donate their wealth for the betterment of their community and the society. Some of them are such that, they deliberately project themselves as poor who are not able to make ends meet due to loans or liabilities. But in reality the case is totally different.  These are the same people who flaunt their wealth and wish that people talk about them in one pretext or the other.  They keep on changing furniture, car, electronic gadgets, clothes etc.  But when they are approached for some charity work, they readily deny it and make others believe that they are in grave debt.  Such people who hide their wealth don’t realise that they are cheating their own selves or are losing the opportunity in getting graceful reward.  They feel proud and think themselves clever by doing this and close all the faculties in understanding the problems and difficulties of others and laugh at them.  But they don’t understand that this careless and inhuman attitude of theirs will one day drag them towards poverty and they will be laughed at by the same people whom they laughed at once upon a time.

The true identity of the Da’wat e Haqq is that –If in that community where the Da’i is the custodian, master and caretaker of the life and wealth of all believers, there do exist such people who do not understand the importance and significance of the Mafroozaat-Wajebaat (obligatory offering to Da’i from ones wealth) and only offer it only because it is compulsory and not in true spirit.  There are those who shield their wealth from being used for the purpose of helping the underprivileged, then it could be concluded that among such people the Da’wat e Haqq has been established as a eternal institution by Allaah to bring these people on the right path.

It is a universal fact that, those who are not financially well off will have the pure spirit of donating more for charity. There will be very few rich people who will be righteous, humble and down to earth.  Most will insult and oppress the underprivileged and in the greed to amass more money they will never earn their livelihood by the rightful means.  When their oppression happen to be at its peak, Allaah Ta’aala will send the A’immat e Taahereen and Du’aat e Mutlaqeen (aq) with the righteous and pure teachings of our Deen and will show us the pure, noble and righteous path to Jannat which is called Da’wat e Haadiyah.  If all would become loyal to the Da’i or become generous then the main aim of the Da’wat e Haadiyah would get destroyed since then there would not remain any difference between right and wrong.

May Allaah make us realise the importance of offering our wealth to the Da’i e Haqq and for the betterment of our community and society.  May Allaah keep us away from earning our livelihood through the wrong means and always make us realise the importance of being pious, humble and generous and never hurting others by our wrongdoing.

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