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From Moharram-ul-Haraam 1425 AH, Idaarat-e-Markaz-e-Tarbiyat-e-Mumineen (al-Vezaarat ul-‘Alaviyah) has started publishing this bi-monthly Deeni Newsletter for the ‘Ilmi and Mazhabi khidmat of our mumineen. Under the guidance of Mukaasir ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Mohammad Bhaisaheb Nuruddin saheb (dm) this ‘Ilmi khidmat will prove the leading force and unending effort in establishing the Faatemi Faith and Perfection in Panjatani Principles among mumineen. 


For the current year as well as the previous issues, we make it available here but mumineen can avail this by keeping in mind that they should first give yearly hadiyah for this Newsletter during the Month of Ramazaan while offering Waajebaat at Devdi Mubaarak. Each Alavi home has to pay this thing irrespective of someone reading it or not.  Important articles of the past years will also be there. This Newsletter comprises of minimum 16 pages encompassing our tenets, history, lawful-unlawful, quiz, current affairs, akhbaar, morals-values etc. 


All our mumineen are requested to download the current issue and save it in a seperate folder which could be used for future reading.  Since 1434 AH, Mishkaat ul-Haadi Deeni Newsletter is getting published bi-monthly i.e. in all odd months.  It started its ‘ilmi journey from the year 1425 AH and in Rabi’ ul-Aakhar 1433 AH, it celebrated its 100th issue by publishing it in 100 pages and with variety of articles touching each and every aspect of mumin’s life.  Mumineen has a golden opportunity to read a wide range of topics ans articles at the comport of their house and refer it as and when time permits or some question arises.  This Newsletter is only for Alavi Bohra Mumineen and an intelligent and responsible mumin is he who reciprocate this 'Ilmi khidmat with paying annual subcription on time.



Annual Subscription for Mishkaat ul-Haadi : Rs. 100/- (with postage)

This facility is only for the mumineen residing in India. Mumineen are requested to send us the subscription with Waajebaat with their name, address and email in detail or contact us at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can find our postal address in any of our issue.


For further details, Please Call : 09904221090 (Shaikh Ibrahimbhai, Baroda)


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