This Year: 1441 AH

Since 1434 AH, Mishkaat ul-Haadi Deeni Newsletter is getting published bi-monthly i.e. in all odd months.  It started its ‘ilmi journey from the year 1425 AH and in Rabi’ ul-Aakhar 1433 AH, it celebrated its 100thissue by publishing it in 100 pages and with variety of articles touching each and every aspect of mumin’s life. 


To view the issues of the previous years or selected articles mumineen should go to the appropriate options.  The section of the last year and current Hijri year is separate.  From the year 1438, Mishkaat ul-Haadi is distributed in the whole Jamaa’at and its yearly subscription is paid in Shahrullaah along with the Waajebaat.  Now no login is required and mumineen can freely access this newsletter.  If mumineen do not get the current issue by some reason or the other they should collect it from Devdi Mubaarak of Mukaasir saheb's Office.


Mishkaat ul-Haadi is entering the 17th successful year in 1441 AH untiringly serving ‘Ilmi Khidmat to the Jamaa’at.  All the issues is like a valuable literary Legacy and great Heritage that should be preserved and filed for future reference.  It is a unique treasure of our language Lisaan ud-Da’wat and should be read by all family members regularly.  In recent times, the current issue has been attached as a .PDF file with the email of Website Updates.  Therefore mumineen should furnish their working Email ID to Da'wat's office to avail this facility.  It has proved as a milestone for an Isma’ili-Taiyebi thoughts and doctrines and has maintained as a strong base for our ‘Alavi Bohras Identity.

1. Moharram ul-Haraam & Safar ul-Muzaffar - Issue no. - 151

Main Topics:

  1. I Myself
  2. Dars e Lisaan ud-Da’wat- “Zikr-Remembrance”
  3. Mohammad Taahir Naherwaali Patani - A Man behind Religious Frenzy in Ahmedabad - Part 2
  4. Rahmat-e-Imaam-e-Mazloom: A Qissah of a Thief and Qabr-e-Imaam Husain (as)
  5. The Stories of Bani Israa’eel : Story 42 – If Nobles do not stop wrong-doers then Allaah's torment will not spare Nobles
  6. Marsiyah: Musaafir-e-Imaam Husain (as)
  7. Alavi Principles: Introduction and 6th Principle – Allaah is neither a Jawhar nor a 'Arz
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2. Rabi' ul Awwal & Rabi' ul Aakhar - Issue no. - 152

Main Topics:

  1. Kishti e Najaat - The Arc of Salvation - Mo'jezah of Imaam uz Zamaan AS and his believers

  2. Namaaz - Prayer and its effects
  3. Exemplary Stories of Bani Israa'il - Actionis based on a hope, but prolonged hope weakens the action - Part 43
  4. Alavi Principles: 7&8 - Allaah is without any physical matter or shape.  He is not dependent on any one.
  5. Isma'ili Jurisprudence: Lawful & Unlawful - Sickness - Part 1
  6. Tasbeeh: "Wa Kafaa"
  7. How should be a Du'aa done?
  8. Imaam is a centre of the Entire Creation: Part 11
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