Allaah Ta'aala has mentioned special names of cloud in His holy book Qur’an e Kareem such as, Sehaab-سحاب , Ghamaamah-غمامة , Muzn-مزن and Mo'serat-معصرات . The form, height, temperature, charge and climatic effect of all these four types of cloud is different. The wind carries away these clouds along with it. It is a miracle of Allaah Ta'aala that the clouds are floating in the sky without any fixed support, pillar or stand. No human power can intervene or interfere in it. It is beyond human intelligence, interpretation and comprehension.  Only by Allaah’s command it is decided which cloud will bring rains, which will devastate the area with floods and which one will fly away leaving the land dry.  None but Allaah Ta’aala has the knowledge about the origin, formation and movement of clouds. Birth, Death, Sustenance-Rizq, Rains, Day of Judgement and Cure from Sickness will surely come but where, when, how is known only to our Lord Allaah Ta'aala.

These variety of clouds bring about different forms of rain. Mo'serat clouds are high above in the sky. They are heavy and are responsible for snowfall. Muzn is such type of cloud which is full of water, and is responsible for bringing floods and destruction. Sehaab cloud brings moderate rainfall. Such rainfall is helpful for storage, agriculture and is responsible for nourishing the dried soil. Ghamaamah is that clouds which are light in weight. It brings rainfall for a short time and makes the land cool. The weather becomes hot after these clouds fly away.  These are one of the many signs of Allaah Ta'aala for the people of Intellect.

When the clouds precipitate and start raining we can see pleasant weather, coolness, greenery, freshness, mood filled with enthusiasm, beautiful sky, moist fragrance in air and joy in the birds and animals.  Every person awaits the arrival of clouds accompanied by rains after the extreme heat of summer season. Everyone enjoys getting wet in the rains. It is only due to the mercy of Allaah that the dried, hard, dead soil is brought back to life again. Life does not exist without the existence of cloud. Depending upon the height, structure and speed of different types of clouds, the rains which it brings has different effects on various types of landforms.  Irrigation and farming is the holy result of joint nurturing of Clouds and Land.

The treasure of knowledge of Allaah Ta'aala kept in “Lauh e Mahfooz” is like a frozen snow. Muzn cloud is equivalent to the post-darajah of Nabi. Allaah Ta'aala has melted the icy form of Knowledge   (Mo'serat clouds) and has filled the hearts of Prophet with it by sending Wahy. The entire Ummat is benefitted due to this watery form of knowledge revealed upon the Prophets. After Muzn comes the Sehaab cloud which symbolises the position of Wasi. A Wasi acts moderately with wisdom and understanding.  He makes the land more fertile and favourable for cultivation and hence for human settlements. This land is nothing but the hearts of Mumineen capable of grasping true knowledge. Then comes Ghamaamah cloud, which pours down in the same land from which it originates. These clouds symbolises the Imaam and his Da’i. They impart only the needed knowledge to their faithfuls and only through their intercession every small or big desire is fulfilled.  If a person do not follow the divinely appointed Imaam and do not seek his blessings then he will be left like a dry and dead land from which nothing could be yielded.

Saiyed ush Shohadaa Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) is like Allaah Ta’aala’s merciful cloud. The remembrance, mourning, Majlis, salawaat and intercession of Maulaana Husain (as) acts like clouds bearing rains on a believer’s barren heart . It makes the heart alive and enriches it with fresh faith. Mourning on the sufferings of Imaam Husain (as) is not limited to a particular religion. Just like clouds which fly on every land, in the same way the mercy of Imaam Husain (as) is open for all. One who is a true believer gains nearness to him.

The divinity and glory of 10 days of Moharram ul Haraam is due to the Barakaat and Majlis of Imaam Husain (as).  The Majlis and Ma’tam of Maulaana Husain (as)  shall remain forever. Remembering his pain even the clouds do ma’tam and they weep in the form of rains.  Wherever a believer calls out Ya Husain, there Maulaa reaches to help the needy. Thousands of good deeds are written for even the smallest act done in the name of Imaam Husain (as).

This year our Da’i Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (TUS) has made great efforts so that each and every member of the Alavi family becomes a part of Majlis of Aqaa Husain.  Due to the pandemic-Covid 19 it was not possible to gather in large numbers at one place. It was not possible to do Majlis in any of our masjid. So the wa’az of Maulaana Husain (as) will be relayed on our YouTube channel  for all 9 days till Yaum e ‘Aashuraa insha-allaah. Also the recording of Muminaat Majlis will be shown on the same channel.

Earlier the concept of Hard-disk, Pen-drive and Compact disk was used for storage in computer systems. But nowadays a new concept of cloud has come up. If you need any data or file at any time from anywhere you can get it from that cloud storage. You need only the password and permission to access it.  A similar discussion follows here. All our deeds are stored in the Cloud Storage of our Imaam uz Zamaan (as).  A mu’min’s  account is created on that cloud storage. Not a single deed of us goes in waste. By this our Imaam knows his true believers. This Husaini Da’wat and Husaini Da’i is such a best and divinely guided cloud which will take us very near to the throne of our Lord.

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