Is Maulaana 'Ali SA first to embrace Islaam among the Children? Know the real intention behind such misconception!!! What a newborn can do?

Allaah Ta’aala says in the Qur’an, “Faraja’a Moosa elaa qaumehi ghazbaana...” (86/20), that means, ‘Moosa (as) returned to his people in the state of anger’, because they did not follow and obey Haaroon (as), the Wasi of Moosa (as), and started worshipping the ‘cow’. Moosa (as) upbraided his people that, ‘You have utterly misbehaved with me and disobeyed the command of Allaah’. In the same way, after the death of Rasoolullaah (saws) majority of the people disobeyed his words and command of Allaah and elected their religious leaders resembling the ‘cow’ of the people of Moosa (as). Just like the community of Moosa (as) disbelieved in the Wasaayat of Haaroon (as), the people after the death of Rasoolullaah (saws) deviated from the path of Truth and Jannat and left behind the Walaayat of Maulaana Ali (as). The way Moosa (as) returned to his community and warned them heatedly about their misdeed; Rasoolullaah (saws) also returned to his people, by the miracle of Allaah, and criticised the people and the ‘elected leader – Ibn Abu Quhaafah’ for their misdeed.

It is accounted by Jaabir bin Abdillaah il-Ansaari (ra) that we were seated in the Masjid with Maulaana Ali (as) in the presence of many people around. A man approached Ibn Abu Quhaafah and asked him a difficult question for which he had no answer. He was fruitlessly insisted to answer the question, but he declined. Ibn Abu Quhaafah then requested Maulaana Ali (as) to answer the question on his behalf. The man got the answer from Maulaana Ali (as) who then questioned Ibn Abu Quhaafah:

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘Why have you chosen this position of Caliphate when you do not belong to the Ahl ul-Bayt (as) (People of the House)?’

Ibn Abu Quhaafah: ‘O Ali (as), I have not chosen this position on my own but people have elected and ascended me to this position.’

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘Have you forgotten or deliberately neglected the words of Rasoolullaah (saws) on the Day of Ghadeer-e-Khumm, what he said for me, “Man kunto Maulaaho, fa haaza Aliyun Maulaaho...”?’

Ibn Abu Quhaafah: ‘Why not?’ I do remember these words of Rasoolullaah (saws).

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘Don’t you know that Allaah has revealed a verse in the Qur’an – “Innama waleeyokomullaaho wa rasoolohu wallazeena aamanu”? (55/5) (Verily your Wali is Allaah, His messenger and the believers)

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘Will you neglect the fact what Allaah has revealed for me in the verse – “Afaman yahdee elal haqqe ahaqqo an yuttaba’a ammal-laa yahiddiya illaa an yohdaa”? (35/10) (Say: It is Allaah Who guides to the truth. Is then He Who gives guidance to truth, more worthy to be followed, or he who finds not guidance (by himself) unless he is guided?)

Ibn Abu Quhaafah: ‘O Ali (as), I accept all what you have said and what is there in the Qur’an.’

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘If you know all that is true for me and in the Qur’an, then why did you usurped my Martabah and Darajah of Wasaayat and became a Khaleefah (Caliph) of the people? And why did you initiate a “Bid’at” (unlawful innovation in the Shari’at), which Rasoolullaah (saws) has never decreed for it in his lifetime? And why did you draw away the people from my Martabah and tyrannised me and my true followers?’

Ibn Abu Quhaafah: ‘O Ali (as) I have not claimed this position of ‘Khilaafat’ (Caliphate) on my own. I know that no one except you deserve this status, but the people have elected me as their ‘Imaam’ after Rasoolullaah (saws).’

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘If you say that the people have elected you and given all the responsibilities of Shari’at of Allaah to you and appointed you as their religious leader, then certainly, you and the people have gone astray from the path of Najaat (salvation) and Jannat.’ Maulaana Ali (as) then recited the verse of the Qur’an – “Wa rabboka yakhloqo maa yashaa’o wa yakhtaaro maa kaana lahomul kheyarah” (68/28) (And your Lord creates whatever He wishes and chooses, they (people) have no choice in these matters).’ He then exclaimed and said that, ‘You have made yourself and the people blind, who will wander around forever.’ ‘One, who has embraced the comfort of the World and forgot the truth of Aakherat, will indeed witness the Justice of Allaah.’

Ibn Abu Quhaafah: ‘O Ali (as), don’t blame me and the people for our deeds. Whatever we have done is according to what Rasoolullaah (saws) had told.’

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘For sake of Allaah, don’t utter untruth about Rasoolullaah (saws). Would you like me to call Rasoolullaah (saws) at this time and listen to his verdict about the truth? Will you give up your position of Khaleefah if Rasoolullaah (saws) orders you?

Ibn Abu Quhaafah: ‘O Ali (as) can you do this at this time?’

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘Allaah is with me and I can do it if He wishes so – to establish an ‘open argument’ for you and the people of deviated faith; so that on the Day of Qayaamat you won’t complain to Allaah that You have not sent a “Basheer” and “Nazeer” to us. Verily it was sent to you by Allaah, but it was you who disobeyed him.’ Maulaana Ali (as) recollected the words of Rasoolullaah (saws) and said that, “Haqq is always difficult (weighty) and distressing whereas Baatil is always easy (light) and painless”. Fear the wrath of Allaah and don’t hide the truth from the people. You very well know the destiny of the wrong doers.

Ibn Abu Quhaafah was petrified and left awestruck by the arguments of Maulaana Ali (as) and then swiftly said: ‘O Ali (as), what about calling Rasoolullaah (saws)? If you do that then I will give up my position which you deserve upon – as the successor of Rasoolullaah (saws). I will call the people back to your Walaayat and Obedience.

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘I say by keeping Allaah and these people as the witness that if I show Rasoolullaah (saws) to you, then will you give my Martabah and Darajah to me?’

Ibn Abu Quhaafah: ‘I also say by keeping Allaah and the people as the witness that I will certainly do what you have said.’

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘I very well know what you would do – Allaah and His Rasool (saws) are liberated from your untruth. Allaah will surely establish an ‘argument’ on you and your followers. Qur’an says – “Wa qaalar Rasoolo yaa rabbe inna qaumit-takhazoo haazal qur’aana mahjoora” (30/25); ‘And Rasoolullaah (saws) said, O my Lord, my people deserted this Qur’an.’ They have grasped the Zaahir Book of the Qur’an but left the Baatin of the Qur’an; and I am the ‘qur’aana mahjoora.’ But let Allaah establish His argument today among you all.

Maulaana Ali (as) then lifted his both hands towards the sky and ordered to close the doors of the Masjid. He requested the people making noises and clamours to vacate the place. He said to Ibn Abu Quhaafah that, no argument will remain after this till the Day of Qayaamat and listen carefully that my Taa’at (obedience) and Tabaa’at (fellowship) is the only cause of Najaat.

Ibn Abu Quhaafah: ‘Indeed, after seeing the face of Rasoolullaah (saws), no argument or doubt will remain about the fact that no one in the two universes, except you, deserves the truth.

Maulaana Ali (as): ‘O Ibn Abu Quhaafah, very soon you will certainly see what Allaah wishes.’ Looking towards the sky, he then recited the following Du’a:

“Yaa Elaahi wa aalehi kulla shayin wa maaleki wa maaleko kulla shayin yaa man shahedallaaho annahu laa elaaha illa howa yaa man laa tajaasaro nahwahul khawaatero amonan ‘ala yaa akhee wabna ummee wa khaleeli ‘indaka wa rasoolaka Mohammadin min mahillehil aa’laal kareeme wa makaanehil awwalil qadeeme al-aana al-aana innaka ‘ala kulle shayin qadeer”

‘O my Allaah, Allaah of everything; O my Master, Master of everything; that Allaah for Whom is the witness, ‘There is no God but Allaah’, O the One to Whom no ideas or imaginations could reach; do beneficence on me; send my brother, my cousin, my friend, and Your Rasool Mohammad (saws) to his supreme place and first old house; at this time, at this time; You have power over all the things.’

Jaabir bin Abdillaah il-Ansaari (ra) accounts that, we saw a white and green cloud descending unto us, in the Masjid and Rasoolullaah (saws) was seated on it along with the selected Angels of Allaah who were busy in doing the Tasbeeh of Allaah. ‘Our eyes had never seen such divine sight of the Noor of Allaah.’ When they approached us, Maulaana Ali (as) said to all of us to keep calm and he said, ‘O Rasoolullaah (saws) come down to us from this spiritual and divine appearance into the physical form – in which Allaah had sent you among these people; so that they feel relaxed and able to recognize you clearly.’ Before even Maulaana Ali (as) could complete his words, Rasoolullaah (saws) appeared before the people as they saw him when he was alive in this world.

Rasoolullaah (saws) then turned towards Maulaana Ali (as) and said,

“As-Salaamo ‘alal Haqqe wa ‘ala man saddaqa bil Haqqe... As-Salaamo ‘alayka yaa Saiyedal Awseyaa... As-Salaamo ‘alayka yaa Ameeral Mumineen wa Maulal ‘Aalameen wa Qiblatal Awwaleen wa Imaamal Muttaqeen wa Qaa’edal Ghurril Mohajjaleen minal Mumineena was-Siddiqeena wal Ambeyaa’e wal Mursaleena elaa Jannaatin Na’eem”

‘Salaam on the Truth and on the one who established the Truth... Salaam on you O Leader of Awseyaa (Pl. of Wasi – vicegerent)... Salaam on you O Commander of Mumineen, Master of the ‘Aalameen (two Universes), Qiblah of the Awwaleen, Imaam of Muttaqeen (people who fear Allaah), Leader of Waseeyeen (Awseyaa) and the Commander who will take Mohajjaleen (people with brilliance), Mumineen, Siddiqeen (companions) and Ambiyaa (prophets of Allaah) to the Jannaatin Na’eem.’

No one was able to utter a single word at that moment but Maulaana Ali (as) replied to the Salaam of Rasoolullaah (saws) and said, “Wa ‘alaykas salaamo wa rahmatullaahe yaa Mohammad Rasoolullaah (saws), Yaa Habeebi, Yaa Sifwatallaah, Yaa Khaleelallaah...” (Salaam on you and Rahmat of Allaah, O Rasool of Allaah, O my Friend, the Purity of Allaah, the Companion of Allaah...’)

Maulaana Ali (as) then asked Rasoolullaah (saws): ‘O Noor of Allaah, tell us what you saw after your death, when you left this physical world?’ Rasoolullaah (saws) said, ‘O Ali (as), after my death, I reached supreme place among the Closest Angels of Allaah and I witnessed the Noor of Allaah and His Divinity in the way no eyes have witnessed so far; no ears have heard so far and no heart has felt so far.’

Rasoolullaah (saws) then asked Maulaana Ali (as), ‘O Ali (as), now tell me what all happened to you, my Ahl ul-Bayt (as) and to the people after my death?’ Maulaana Ali (as) replied, ‘I complain of the ones who have misbehaved with me and with the Ahl ul-Bayt (as)’.  Also, O Rasool of Allaah, they have divided our community, they have usurped my Martabah and Darajah, they have betrayed me and had I decided to fight with them for the truth, then the community would have left the Islaam and returned back to the Paganism (ignorance) of the previous times; and on the other hand if at all I would have remained silent then my followers who are the Shi’a and on the truth, would have doubted me that I have left the Truth.’

Maulaana Ali (as) continued his words and said, ‘O Rasoolullaah (saws), now I am reminding these people (Ibn Abu Quhaafah and his fellow people) about my Martabah and Darajah and commanding them to return the status of Wasaayat to me as you have never decreed upon them or on me at any time in your life, about the position of Khilaafat after you. Allaah is the witness that you have ascended me on the throne of Wasaayat and appointed me as your successor.’ These people are not yielding to my words and they are turning away from the Truth and the Command of Allaah.

Maulaana Ali (as) then looked at Ibn Abu Quhaafah and said to Rasoolullaah (saws), ‘O Nabiyullaah, he is your Ashaab (companion) who claims that you have appointed him as the Waali and the Leader of the community after you.’ Rasoolullaah (saws) then looked at Ibn Abu Quhaafah and said, ‘If you are saying so, what Ali (as) said now, then you are lying and you have moved far away from the truth.’ I have never appointed you as the Waali of the people in my lifetime – Allaah is the witness to it. Remember what return one will get if he speaks untruth from me. So fear Allaah and His Wrath. You will lift the weight of your and others misdeeds on the Day of Qayaamat.  

Rasoolullaah (saws) then addressed Maulaana Ali (as) and said, ‘O Ali (as), I leave you to Allaah, O Siraat-e-Mustaqeem, Qur’an-e-Hakeem, Shakhsh-e-Kareem, Wajh-e-Qadeem.  And I leave your Shi’a also to Allaah, as-Salaamo ‘Alayka.’

He then recited the following verse of the Qur’an,

“Walaa yahsabannallazeena kafaroo annama numlee lahum khayrul le anfosehim innama numlee lahum le-yazdaadoo isman walahum ‘azaabum moheen” (178/3)

‘And let not the unbelievers think that, Our postponing of their punishment is good for them.  We postpone the punishment only, so that they may increase in their sinfulness and for them is the disgracing torment’

Rasoolullaah (saws) said that, ‘On that Day (of Qayaamat), every soul will be presented with their deeds and looking at their sins and misdeeds, they will cry out, we wished there would be some distance between us and our sins!  Every soul, on that day, will then say, regrettably and unluckily we committed sins against the way of Allaah! But there will not be a single thing which will save these evil people from the Fire of Hell.’

Rasoolullaah (saws) then praised the Shi’a of Maulaana Ali (as) and said, ‘They are the ones who will be saved and protected; they are victorious and dwellers in Jannat ul-Firdaus; and the protectors of the Unseen.’

Rasoolullaah (saws) then returned back to the Angels of Allaah and ascended towards the sky. Maulaana Ali (as) then said, ‘O Rasoolullaah (saws), Salaam to all those who are along with you in the Bliss of Allaah. Insha ‘Allaah very soon I will meet you all but I have to live in this world for some time with the blind people so that they are destroyed by the ‘Bayyenah’ (Signs of Allaah – Maulaana Ali (as)) and the people who are alive (my followers) shall remain so by the ‘Bayyenah’.

When Ibn Abu Quhaafah witnessed all these things and heard the words of Rasoolullaah (saws) and Maulaana Ali (as), he could not utter a single word but to prostrate and say, “Ashado annaka waleeyullaah”, - I bear witness that indeed you are the Wali of Allaah.

Ibn Abu Quhaafah then left the Masjid crying out to the people, “Maa Haaza, Maa Haaza”, - What is this? What is this? I have tyrannized my soul and the people. News of this incident spread in the city of Madeenah like a lightning and people started pouring in, until a huge crowd gathered at one place. Ibn Khattaab was also present in the crowd when Ibn Abu Quhaafah approached the crowd and started narrating the whole incident to the people. No sooner did the people hear about the incident, chaos and turmoil spread among them. Some of them embraced the truthfulness of the incident while some of them started doubting about the same.

Before the whole community would break into groups and before people would start following and accepting the Martabah and Haqqaniyat (truthfulness) of Maulaana Ali (as), Ibn Khattaab stood forward in the crowd and shouted at the top of his voice saying, ‘O people, hold yourselves and don’t become weak by heart and remember that, Ibn Abu Quhaafah is the Khaleefah of Rasoolullaah (saws). He is your Imaam and Judge. I think that Ibn Abu Quhaafah has been afflicted with a state of ‘mental instability’. If whatever he (Ibn Abu Quhaafah) is saying is true then it is the ‘magic’ of Ali (as). Verily this is not the period when the dead will return from their graves; and this will only happen on the Day of Qayaamat. O people, keep yourself away from the possession of magic and return back to your ‘faith’ and daily chores. Ibn Abu Quhaafah then looked at the face of Ibn Khattaab sarcastically and said to the people, “Saddaqto yabnal Khattaab”, - you are saying true, O son of Khattaab. ‘Umr then said to Ibn Abu Quhaafah in a angry tone that , ‘O Khaleefah of the people, do not say anything to the people which would deviate them either from their faith or would encourage them to return to the Walaayat of Maulaana Ali (as).’ Ibn Khattaab diverted Ibn Abu Quhaafah and the people away from the Light of the Truth and certainly they, along with the people, remained sinful on the path of ignorance.

When Maulaana Ali (as) came to know about the misdeed of Ibn Khattaab, he said, ‘I keep Allaah as the witness that, I knew all these things before and I was aware about the plan of the tyrant people. Maulaana Ali (as) remained aloof and he confined himself to his house and left the ignorant and evil people to their fate. He continued to guide his staunch followers (Shi’a) towards the path of truth and Jannat.

Rasoolullaah (saws) has said that, ‘One who wishes to lead his life like that of a learned man; and die like martyrs; and enter in the Jannat; the tell him to have Walaayat of Maulaana Ali (as) and be obedient and follow A’immat-e-Taahereen (as), who are from his progeny; and who is my ‘Itrat. O Allaah grant their intelligence and knowledge to all and destroy their enemies and keep them away from the salvation.’

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