Wa laa tazero Waazeratun Wizra Ukhraa: And no Bearer shall bear another’s Burden


Alavi Bohras read, write and speak an Arabicized form (blended with Arabic vocabulary) of Gujarati language, called Lisaan ud-Da'wat il-'Alaviyah i.e. the language of the mission, which is an amalgamation of Arabic, Urdu and Persian words and written in Arabic script. All the Da'wat correspondence, orders and documentary affairs are exclusively carried out in Lisaan ud-Da'wat il-'Alaviyah and the sectarian education system is completely based on it.  Religious discourses and congregational lectures during the prayers are held in it.  The language of Allaah, His angels, His Prophets and His book is Arabic, so is the language of Da’wat.  The missionaries who came to India (Gujarat) from Egypt and Yemen to promulgate and preach Isma’ili faith, mainly during the reign of the 18th Faatemi imaam, Mustansir billah (as) (427-487 AH/1036-1094 AD), spoke Arabic language as it was their mother tongue.

The first rank of preachers (wulaat) in Indiawere Ahmad, Abdullaah and Nooruddin who learnt local language (Sanskrit) and blended it with Arabic to make people understand their message and mission.  Hence Sanskrit was blended with Arabic.  This language then remained unchanged until the beginning of Muslim rule in India, when it got influenced with Persian and Urdu.  Gradually the Arabic-Sanskrit language underwent drastic transformation with the addition of Persian and Urdu terms and it resulted in the birth of a new language exclusively spoken by the Bohras –Lisaan ud-Da'wat il-'AlaviyahThis language got changed into Gujarati syntax but retaining majority of Arabic terminology along with the writing pattern.  Thus like Arabic, Lisaan ud-Da'wat is written from right to left and it is the sum-up of variety of idioms-phrases and multiple dialects which makes it distinctive and comprehensive.   Alavi Bohras residing globally speak this only language and its birth place which is now the centre of Da’wat; Vadodara places a pivotal role to make everyone adhere to their roots i.e. their mother tongue.  Every Alavi has to come to Vadodara to fulfill his religious as well as social obligations by keeping Lisaan ud-Da'wat il-'Alaviyah alive in his heart and tongue.

Being Faatimi, Alavi Bohras use Hijri Lunar calendar which was established and published during the Faatimid rule in Egypt in the second half of 4th century AH/10th century AD.  Before that the Imaam used to announce months and festivals verbally among his followers.  The system of calculating months and days began right from the first prophet of Islaam, Aadam (as) and that knowledge continued from one prophet to another till the last prophet of Islaam, Mohammad ul-Mustafaa (saws) who came with the final message which also included how to calculate months and days.  This thing got transferred from tongue to chest into the holy Faatimi Imaams.   Imaam is like a moon, so seeing the glowing (nooraani) face of Imaam and obeying his order for the commencement of a new month is like moon-sighting.   The Alavi calendar has fixed number of days of each month based on the Lunar leap year (kabeesah) formula.  An Alavi year has 355 days and in every 30 years 11 extra days are added i.e. in the span of 30 years; an extra day is added 11 times in different years in the last month of Zul Hijjah making it 30 days, which has usually 29 days.  All odd months have 30 days and all even months have 29 days.  Therefore accordingly, the month of Ramazaan being an odd month always consists of 30 days. Da'i has strict control on printing of this calendar as the details of all important dates are noted in it with the timings of daily prayers.  A single type of calendar is printed and is distributed in the whole community. 

Months Date Events
  1. Moharram ul-Haraam
  • New Year
  • Urs Mubaarak of Da'i al-Balaagh Maulaai 'Abdullaah - Khambhat
2-9 Daily Majlis conducted in the presence of Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna saheb where detailed account of Shohadaa-e-Karbalaa is presented coupled with the Admonition and Explanation of Shari'ah laws and Tenets
13 Birth of 20th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Aamir - 490 AH/1097 AD, Cairo
15 Birth of 15th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Nazaar al-Azeez - 344 AH/955 AD, Cairo
16 Urs Mubaarak of 3rd Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Haatim Mohiyuddin bin Saiyedna Ibraahim saheb - d. 596 AH/1199 AD - Hutayb Mubaarak - Yemen
18 Urs Mubaarak of 3rd Fatimid Imam Saiyed ur-Raake'een was Saajedeen Maulaana Ali Zayn ul-Aabedeen - d. 94 AH/712 AD - Jannat ul-Baqee' - Madinat ul Munawwarah
  • Urs Mubaarak of 35th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Nuruddin Noorbhai bin Shaikh Ali saheb - d. 1178 AH/1764 - Surat
  • Birth of 19th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Ahmad al-Musta'ali - 467 AH/1074 AD, Cairo
22 Birth of Ra's ul-Hudood Dr. Hakeemuddin Bhaisaheb Zulqarnain saheb - 1400 AH/1979 AD - Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedi Hasan Feer saheb Shaheed - d. 795 AH/1392 AD - Denmaal, Gujarat
  • Urs Mubaarak of Noor Bibi (Mother of 24th Da'i al-Mutlaq al-Yemeni Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin bin Sulaymaan) and Faatimah Bibi (Sister of the said Saiyedna saheb) - Dandi gaam (Maai saheb, Navsari)
27 Urs Mubaarak of Da'i al-Balaagh Saiyedi Fakhruddin saheb Shaheed - Galiyakot, Rajasthan
28 Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedi Musanji bin Taaj saheb Shaheed - Vadodara, Gujarat
2. Safar ul-Muzaffar 2
  • Urs Mubaarak of 18th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali Shamsuddin bin Saiyedna Abdullaah - d. 832 AH/1428 AD - Shaareqah, Yemen
  • Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedna as-Sultaan al-Khattaab bin Hasan - d. 533 AH/1138 - Yemen
  • Urs Mubaarak of 34th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Jalaal Shehaabuddin bin Saiyedi Nuhji saheb - d. 1158 AH/1745 AD - Jannat ul-Mumineen (Pratapnagar, Vadodara)
  • Urs Mubaarak of Kaka Akela - Kaki Akela saheb - Khambhat
17 Urs Mubaarak of 19th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Ahmad al-Musta'ali - d. 495 AH/1101 AD - al-Qaaherah al-Mo'izziyah - Cairo
18 Urs Mubaarak of Maulaatona Sakinah, the daughter of Imam Husain
20 Arba'een - Chehlum of Saiyed ush-Shohadaa Maulaana Imam Husain
22 Urs Mubaarak of 8th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Husain bin Saiyedna Ali saheb - d. 667 AH/1268 AD - San'aa (Yemen)
25 Urs Mubaarak of Khateebat-o-Karbalaa Maulaatona Zainab
27 Urs Mubaarak of 23rd Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Mohammad Ezzuddin bin Saiyedna Hasan saheb - d. 946 AH/1539 - Zabeed (Yemen)
29 Urs Mubaarak of Sibt-o-Rasoolillaah Maulaana Imam Hasan al-Mujtabaa - d. 49 AH/669 AD - Jannat ul-Baqee' - Madinat ul Munawwarah
3. Rabi' ul-Awwal 2 Urs Mubaarak of Khaatim ul-Ambiyaa Saiyed ul-Awliyaa Muhammad - d. 11 AH/632 AD - Madinat ul Munawwarah and his Birth in Makkat ul Mukarramah in 1 'Aam ul-Feel 570 AD
3 Birth of 16th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Husain al-Haakim - 375 AH/985 AD - al-Qaaherah al-Mo'izziyah, Cairo
8 Birth of 45th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb - 1379 AH/1959 AD - Vadodara, Gujarat
12 Urs Mubaarak of 6th Da'i al-Mutlaq Ali bin Hanzalah saheb - d. 626 AH/1229 AD - Hamdaan (Yemen)
14 Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedi Miyaji bin Taaj saheb - Umreth, Gujarat
15 Urs Mubaarak of 11th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Abdullaah al-Mahdi - d. 322 AH/934 AD - Mahdiyah, North Africa
17 Birth of 5th Fatimid Imam, Maulaana Imam Abu Abdillaah Ja'far us-Saadiq - 83 AH/702 AH - Madinat ul Munawwarah
22 Urs Mubaarak of Mukaasir ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Nazarali Bhaisaheb - d. 997 AH/1589 AD - Jannat ul-Mumineen (Pratapnagar, Vadodara)
4. Rabi' ul-Aakhar 4 Milaadayn Kareemayn: Two Birthdays - Birth of Maulaana Imam uz-Zamaan[55] Abul Qaasim Taiyeb ul-'Asre wal Heen - 524 AH/1130 AD - al-Qaaherah al-Mo'izziyah and Birth of 44th Da'i al-Mutlaq al-Alavi al-Faatemi Saiyedna Abu Haatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb - 1351 AH/1932 AD - Badri Mohalla, Wadi, Vadodara (Gujarat, India)
11 Urs Mubaarak of 14th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Ma'ad al-Mo'iz - d. 365 AH/975 AD - al-Qaaherah al-Mo'izziyah, Cairo
16 Urs Mubaarak of 25th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jalaal bin Hasan saheb - d. 975 AH/1567 AD - Ahmedabad
19 Urs Mubaarak of 31st Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin Hasan bin Wali saheb - d. 1090 AH/1679 AD - Ahmedabad
27 Urs Mubaarak of 26th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Burhaanuddin Dawood bin Ajabshah saheb - d. 997 AH/1589 AD - Ahmedabad
5. Jumaadi ul-Ulaa 1 Urs Mubaarak of 7th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ahmad bin Mubaarak saheb - d. 627 AH/1230 AD - Hamdaan (Yemen)
11 Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedi Nuruddin saheb - Dongaam (Aurangabad)
12 Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedato Nisaa il-Aalameen, Umm ul-A'immat il-Mayaameen, Maulaatona Faatimah az-Zahraa bint Mohammad ul-Mustafaa - d. 11 AH/632 AD - Madinat ul Munawwarah
6. Jumaadi ul-Ukhraa 14 Urs Mubaarak of Gunj Shohadaa - Ahmedabad
15 Urs Mubaarak of 27th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Burhaanuddin Dawoodji bin Qutubshah saheb - d. 1021 AH/1612 AD - Ahmedabad
20 Birth of Umm ul-A'immah Ziyaa ul-Madeenah Maulaatona Faatimah az-Zahraa - 5 Year of Nubuwat/614 AD - Makkat ul-Mukarramah
25 44th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (d. 1436 AH/2015 AD) became the first Indian Da'i who along with his Mazoon and Mukaasir took the longest pilgrimage tour covering all the holy places for 45 days
27 Urs Mubaarak of Da'i al-Balaagh Saiyedna Lamak bin Maalik saheb - d. 510 AH/1116 AD - Hamadaan, Yemen
  • Urs Mubaarak of Da'i al-Balaagh Saiyedna Yahyaa bin Lamak saheb - d. 520 AH/1126 - Hamadaan, Yemen
  • Urs Mubaarak of 7th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ahmad bin Mubaarak saheb - d. 627 AH/1230 AD - Hamadaan, Yemen
29 Urs Mubaarak of Da'i ad-Du'aat Qaazi al-Quzaat Saiyedna Qaazi No'maan bin Mohammad at-Tameemi al-Maghrebi - d. 363 AH/974 AD, Cairo
7. Rajab ul-Murajjab 6 Urs Mubaarak of 39th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Mufeeduddin Najmuddin bin S Shaikhali saheb - d. 1282 AH/1865 AD - Jannat ul-Mumineen (Pratapnagar, Vadodara)
7 Urs Mubaarak of 28th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam Safiyuddin bin Taiyeb shah saheb - d. 1030 AH/1621 AD - Saraspur, Ahmedabad
13-14-15 Ayyaam ul-Beez: Wilaadat (birth) of Ameer ul-Mumineen Maulaana 'Ali bin Abi Taalib in Ka'batullaah - 30 'Aam ul-Feel and Fasting of Umm-e-Daawood
  • Urs Mubaarak of Da'i al-Balaagh Saiyedi Ya'qoob saheb - Patan
  • Urs Mubaarak of 14th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Abdul Muttalib Najmuddin bin S. Mohammad saheb - d. 755 AH/1354 AD - Hisn-e-Zimarmar, Yemen
15 8 Rak'aat Prayer of afternoon: The day when Maulaatona Faatimah bint Asad came out from Ka'batullaah holding Maulaana 'Ali in her hands
  • Urs Mubaarak of 43rd Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Yusuf Nooruddin bin S. Badruddin saheb - d. 1394 AH/1974 AD - Mazaar-e-Yusufi, Badri Mohalla, Vadodara
  • Urs Mubaarak of 33rd Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Mo'ayyaduddin Hebatullaah bin S. Ziyauddin saheb - d. 1151 AH/1738 AD - Bustaan-e-Badri, Wadi, Vadodara
18 Urs Mubaarak of 13th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali Shamsuddin bin S. Ibraaheem saheb - d. 746 AH/1345 AD - Hisn-e-Zimarmar, Yemen
  • Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedi Shaikh Aadam bin S. Nooruddin saheb - Surat
  • Urs Mubaarak of Mazoon ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Bhaisaheb Sharafuddin bin S. Najmuddin saheb - Jannat ul-Mumineen (Pratapnagar, Vadodara)
  • Mohtaramah Maa-sahebah Keebu bint Sharafuddin, Zawjat-e-Saiyedna Badruddin saheb - Jannat ul-Mumineen (Pratapnagar, Vadodara)
25 Urs Mubaarak of 37th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Shamsuddin Shaikhali bin S. Shamsuddin saheb - d. 1248 AH/1832 AD - Bustaan-e-Badri, Wadi, Vadodara
26 Laylat ul-Mab'as or Laylat ul-Israa wal Me'raaj - Great night of the Ascention of Mohammad to the 8 Heavens
27 Yaum ul-Mab'as and Fasting : First Aayat of Qur'an i.e. the beginning of was revealed on Ghaar-e-Hiraa, Mohammad was honoured as Nabi and Master of all Ambiyaa - 40 'Aam ul-Feel/610 AD - Makkat ul Mukarramah
8. Sha'baan ul-Kareem 5
7 Inauguration of the mausoleum of 42nd Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin Fidaali located at Bustaan-e-Badri, Wadi, Vadodara in 1435 AH/2014 AD on the hands of 44th Da'i Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb - d. 1436 AH/2015 AD
8 Urs Mubaarak of 42nd Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin Fidaali bin S Fakhruddin saheb - d. 1377 AH/1958 AD - Bustaan-e-Badri, Wadi, Vadodara
10 Inauguration of Masjid e Badri, Worli, Mumbai in 1435 AH/2014 AD on the hands of 44th Da'i Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb - d. 1436 AH/2015 AD
14 Laylat un-Nisf {Shab-e-Baraat} - A special prayer of 14 Rak'aat called Washsheq
  • Yaum-e-Tahweel ul-Qiblah: Ka'batullaah became the Qiblah of Islam in 2 AH/624 AD - Madinah
  • Marriage of Maulaana 'Ali Ameer ul-Mumineen with Daughter of Prophet Mohammad, Maulaatona Faatimah az-Zahraa - 2 AH/624 AD - Madinah
  • Urs Mubaarak of 17th Faatemi Imam Maulaana 'Ali az-Zaahir - d. 427 AH/1036 AD - al-Qaaherah al-Mo'izziyah, Cairo
  • Urs Mubaarak of 20th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Hasan Badruddin bin S. Idrees saheb - d. 918 AH/1512 AD - Masaar, Yemen
16 Urs Mubaarak of 2nd Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ibraaheem bin Husain al-Haamedi saheb - d. 557 AH/1162 AD - Ghail-e-Bani Haamid, Yemen
20 Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb took the reign of Da'wat e 'Alaviyah as a 45th Da'i al-Mutlaq by taking Oath of Allegiance of the community in Masjid e Nooraani, Wadi, Vadodara in 1436 AH/2015 AD
22 Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedatona Hurrat ul-Malekah Arwa binte Ahmad saheba. Hujjat of 20th Faatemi Imam Maulaana Mansoor al-Aamir - d. 532 AH/1138 AD - Zi-Jablah, Yemen. Beginning of Da'wat e Itlaaqiyah.
26 Urs Mubaarak of 36th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Hameeduddin Shamsuddin bin S Hebatullaah saheb - d. 1189 AH/1775 AD - Bustaan-e-Badri, Wadi, Vadodara
27 Urs Mubaarak of 5th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali bin Mohammad bin al-Waleed saheb - d. 612 AH/1215 AD - Haraaz, Yemen
9. Ramazaan ul-Mo'azzam 5 14th Fatemi Imam Maulaana Ma'ad al-Mo’iz entered the city of Cairo and offered prayers in his Palace. The city of Cairo got its name from him as al-Qaaherah al- Mo’izziyah
7 By the order of Imam al-Mo’iz, Jaame’-e-Azhar was inaugurated by Maulaana al-Qaa’id Jawhar in Cairo that became the Capital of Fatemi Sultanate. Usage of Misri Calendar was officiated in the entire Hukumat. Azaan was said publicly with the recitation of “Mohammadun wa 'Aliyun Khayr ul-Bashar wa ‘Itratohoma Khayr ul-‘Itar”. Fatemi law and jurisprudence was practiced.
8 This was the memorable day in the history of Fatemi Imamat. Under the guidance of Imam al-Mo’iz, his commander Maulaana al-Qaa’id al-Jawhar as-Saqali conquered Egypt. The foundation of Cairo was laid along with Jaame’-e-Azhar and Palaces.
9 Urs Mubaarak of 16th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Abdullaah Fakhruddin bin Ali saheb - d. 809 AH/1407 AD - Hisn-e-Zimarmar, Yemen
  • Birth of 17th Fatemi Imam Maulaana 'Ali az-Zaahir in Cairo - 395 AH/1005 AD
  • 41st Da’i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jivabhai bin Saiyedna Ameeruddin saheb began composing the ash'aar for the beginning and ending of Shahrullaah. Till 1332 AH/1914 AD, he completed composing 19 abyaat which is based on the 19 huroof of 'Bismillaah'. Many of these abyaat are recited in Shahrullaah
12 Urs Mubaarak of 15th Fatemi Imam Maulaana Nazaar al-'Azeez - d. 386 AH/996 AD - al-Qaaherah al-Mo'izziyah, Cairo
15 Birth of the 1st Fatemi Imam, Maulaana Hasan al-Mujtabaa - 3 AH/631 AD - Madinah
16 Birth of 18th Fatemi Imam Maulaana Ma'ad al-Mustansir in Cairo - 420 AH/1029 AD - al-Qaaherah al-Mo'izziyah
17 First battle of Islam, Battle of Badr fought in which Abul Qaasim Mohammad Rasoolullaah became victorious and the arch-enemy Abu Jahal was killed
18 Night to offer 24 Rak'at Naafelat namaaz when Ameer ul-Mumineen Maulaana 'Ali bin Abi Taalib was severely injured in the mehrab of Masjid e Kufa
20 24 Rak'at Naafelat namaaz, Night of the Martyrdom of Ameer ul-Mumineen Maulaana 'Ali bin Abi Taalib in Kufa in 40 AH/661 AD
  • Martyrdom of Ameer ul-Mumineen Maulaana 'Ali bin Abi Taalib
  • Birth of 14th Fatemi Imam Maulaana Ma'ad al-Mo'iz in Cairo - 319 AH/931 AD
22 Laylat ul-Qadr: Washsheq of 24 salaams, 20 rak'ats and Waseelah Mubaarakah
28 Birth of Mukaasir ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Mohammad Bhaisaheb Nuruddin saheb - 1394 AH/1974 AD - Vadodara, Gujarat
29 Urs Mubaarak of 38th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Hameeduddin Shamsuddin bin Saiyedna Shaikhali saheb - d. 1252 AH/1837 AD - Bustaan-e-Badri, Vadodara
30 Night of Eid ul-Fitr. Washsheq Raat of 24 rak'ats
The night of the last Jumo'ah of Shahrullaah is the Night of Aakhri Jumo'ah: Washsheq of Wadaa'-e-Ramazaan & Waseelah of Ambiyaa and the day of Jumo'ah is Aakhri Yaum ul-Jumo'ah: Waseelah of Ambiyaa
10. Shawwaal ul-Mukarram 1 'Eid ul-Fitr also known as Ramazaan 'Idd (The Celebration after the 30 days of Ramazaan Fasting)
6 Urs Mubaarak of 17th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Hasan Badruddin bin S. Abdullaah - d. 821 AH/1418 AD - Hisn-e-Zimarmar, Yemen
7 Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedna Mohammad bin Taaher al-Haarisi - Ma'zoon-e-Mutlaq of 3rd Da'i Saiyedna Haatim and author of the Du'aa of al-Aql al-Awwal
8 Urs Mubaarak of 15th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Abbaas bin S. Mohammad saheb - d. 779 AH/1378 AD - Hisn-e-Zimarmar, Yemen
  • Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedna Hebatullaah al-Mo'ayyad ash-Shiraazi - Baab ul-Abwaab of 18th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Mustansir Billaah - d. 470 AH/1078 AD
  • Urs Mubaarak of 21st Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Husain Husaamuddin bin S. Idrees - d. 933 AH/1527 AD - Masaar, Yemen
  • Urs Mubaarak of 11th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ibraaheem bin S. Husain - d. 728 AH/1328 AD - Hisn-e-Af'edah, Yemen
12 Birthday of 11th Fatimid Imam Maulaana 'Abdullaah al-Mahdi - 260 AH/874 AD
  • Urs Mubaarak of 12th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Mohammad al-Qaa'im - d. 334 AH/946 AD - Mahdiyah, North Africa
  • Urs Mubaarak of 30th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Zakiyuddin Taiyeb bin S Shaikh Aadam - d. 1047 AH/1638 AD - Saraspur, Ahmedabad
  • Saiyedi Ameenji bin Jalaal - Witness of the Nass-e-Jali of Saiyedna Ali saheb - d. 1031 AH/1622 AD - Saraspur, Ahmedabad
  • Urs Mubaarak of Mukaasir ud-Da'wat during the 44th Da'i, Saiyedi Husain Mo'eenuddin saheb - d. 1429 AH/2008 AD - Jannat ul-Mumineen, Pratapnagar, Vadodara
20 Urs Mubaarak of 41st Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin bin Saiyedna Ameeruddin saheb - d. 1347 AH/1929 AD - Bustaan-e-Badri, Wadi, Vadodara. He is the Da'i who did Wa'az in Arabic-Persian simultaneously. He composed an Anthology of Poetry in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Lisaan ud-Da’wat il-‘Alaviyah comprising many topics such as prayers, holy months, obedience, Da’wat, Da’i, Ahl ul-Bayt, misaaq, pillars of Islam, salutation, love and respect etc.
27 Urs Mubaarak of 16th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Husain al-Haakim - d. 411 AH/1021 (Ascention towards the Heavens)
28 Urs Mubaarak of 13th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Isma'il al-Mansoor - d. 341 AH/953 AD - Mahdiyah
11. Zulqa'adat il-Haraam 4 Urs Mubaarak of 20th Fatimid Imam Maulaana Mansoor al-Aamir - d. 526 AH/1132 AD - al-Qaaherah al-Mo'izziyah - Cairo
  • Birth of Umm ul-Mumineen Mohtaramah Mokarramah Maa Saahebah Azimahbu binte Mukaasir ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Bhaisaheb Nazarali saheb - 1360 AH/1941 AD - Vadodara
12 Urs Mubaarak of Yemeni Da'i Saiyedna Ali bin Mohammad as-Sulayhi saheb, Yemen
13 Urs Mubaarak 9th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali bin S Husain saheb - d. 682 AH/1284 AD - San'aa, Yemen
19 Urs Mubaarak of 19th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Idrees Imaaduddin bin S Hasan saheb - d. 872 AH/1468 AD - Shibaam, Yemen
  • Urs Mubaarak of 22nd Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali Shamsuddin bin S Husain saheb - d. 933 AH/1527 AD - Masaar, Yemen
  • Inauguration of Masjid e Nooraani, Wadi, Vadodara in 1393 AH/1973 AD on the hands of 43rd Da'i Saiyedna Yusuf Nooruddin saheb - d. 1394 AH/1974 AD
23 Urs Mubaarak of 29th Da'i al-Mutlaq Shaheed-e-Aazam Saiyedna Ali Shamsuddin bin S. Ibraheem saheb - d. 1046 AH/1637 AD - Ahmedabad
25 Urs Mubaarak of 4th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali Shamsuddin bin S. Haatim saheb - d. 605 AH/1209 AD - San'aa - Yemen
29 Fasting (Roza) of Nuzool-e-Ka'batullaah (Baytullaah descended on the earth)
12. Zul Hijjat il-Haraam 1
  • Urs Mubaarak of Maa-sahebah Mohtaramah Khadeejah al-Kubraa Meethibu binte Rajabali, wife of 43rd Da'i Saiyedna Yusuf Nooruddin saheb - d. 1405 AH/1985 AD - Jannat ul-Mumineen, Pratapnagar, Vadodara
  • Urs Mubaarak of 12th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Mohammad bin Saiyedi Haatim - d. 729 AH/1329 AD - Hisn-e-Af'edah, Yemen
4 Urs Mubaarak of Maa-sahebah Mohtaramah Ne'matbu binte Mukaasir ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Sharafuddin saheb, wife of 41st Da'i Saiyedna Jivabhai Fakhruddin saheb - 1336 AH/1918 AD - Jannat ul-Mumineen, Patapnagar, Vadodara
6 Urs Mubaarak of Saiyedi Khawj bin Malak saheb - 1009 AH/1601 AD - Kapadwanj, Gujarat
9 Yaum-e-Arafah and Night of 'Eid ul-AzhaaTakbeerah of the ritual slaughter begins from the farz of Fajr prayer
10 Yaum-e-'Eid ul-Azhaa. The day of the Ritual Sacrifice of a Halaal Animal - Zabeehat
  • Takbeerah ends on the farz of 'Asr prayer
  • Urs Mubaarak of Maulaai Firoz saheb - Ahmedabad
  • Urs Mubaarak of Maa-sahebah Mohtaramah Raanibu binte Ghulaam Husain, wife of 42nd Saiyedna Fida'ali Badruddin saheb - d. 1381 AH/1962 AD - Jannat ul-Mumineen, Patapnagar, Vadodara
  • Urs Mubaarak of 24th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin bin Saiyedi Sulaymaan saheb - d. 974 AH/1567 AD - Taybah, Yemen. The last Taiyebi Da'i who did Da'wat in Yemen and is buried there but was born in Sidhpur, Gujarat
  • Dhaaro - Death Anniversary of Khaadim-e-Da'wat Naiknaam Shaikhali bin Alibhai, Jannat ul-Mumineen, Patapnagar, Vadodara
20 Urs Mubaarak of 40th Da'i al-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ameenuddin Ameeruddin bin Saiyedna Najmuddin saheb - 1296 AH/1879 AD - Jannat ul-Mumineen, Pratapnagar, Vadodara
29 First night of the first month Muharram ul-Haraam of the New Year. The most important tradition to arrange Maa'edto Aal-e-Mohammad - Thaal (big plate) of different items and dishes is kept and all the members of the family sit together on the floor and take the grace and pray for the blessings, progress, health and peace in the New Year
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