Madrasah Taiyebiyah
"Kaun Banega Ilm ka Sitaara" - Deeni Quiz Contest

On the mubaarak day of Yaum ul-Mab’as, Rasoolullaah Bawaji (saws) became Nabiyullaah and on his munawwar heart the first aayat “Iqra bisme rabbekallazi khalaq” of the last words of Allaah Jalla Shaanohu Qur’an Hakeem was revealed and he made the merit above all Ambiyaa by becoming the last Rasool (messenger) of Deen-e-Haqq Islaam.  To commemorate this maymoon event, to encourage children and youngsters in the attainment in Deeni Ta’leem and to make them realize the importance of fasting on this special day by rewarding those fasting children, a Deeni Quiz contest was organized and conducted by Madrasah Taiyebiyah among Madrasah Students on Yaum ul-Mab’as 27th Rajab ul-Murajjab 1428, Friday at Masjid un-Nooraani premises.

Mazoon ud-Da’wat Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (daamallaaho majdaho) was present at this occasion and in his mu’assar bayaan he addressed the multitude of parents who came to witness the Quiz with their wards, that a person is known by his ideology, companion and mazhab.  All this depends on his deeni ta’leem and the upbringing by his parents.  Waaledain should be careful and make up their minds that they should spend quality time with their children by inculcating in them the interest and necessity of Deeni Ma’loomaat, as compared to the time consumed in schooling and tuition classes.  If a child studies 6 hours daily then he should be guided to take an hour for Qur’ani Ta’leem from his routine chores.

In this contest, five groups of most brilliant talebat (students) selected from the entrance test, contested with each other in a neck to neck competition.   Every correct answer was applauded by the nidaa of “subhaanallaah” from the huge audience.  Five different rounds of vivid questions were conducted namely “Namaazi bano”, “Hu kai Surat chu”, “Hu kaun chu”, “Jaldi bolo” and “30 seconds no khazaano”.  “Najmi” team won the contest and were highly praised by mumineen with their brilliant performance and astounding presence of mind.  They were gifted with lot many presents and last but not the least with a reward of Rs. 500 /- from Mulla Dilaawar Husain Motiwala.  With this contest the talebat who ranked top and stoob first in the respective classes in Madrasah Annual Exams 1428 AH were also presented by the dast-e-maymoon of Saheb-e-Da’wat.  All the fasting children were given surprise gifts and hadiyaat by some sakhi mumineen.

Students reciting the khusoosi bayt of Madrasah The hall was jam-packed with children and their Waaledain During the taqreer of Mazoon ud-Da'wat, this tasweer shows the mahool of Quiz contest The tasweer showing the way the participants were asked questions Mazoon ud-Da'wat is presenting the tohfah to those who ranked first in the annual exams
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