Madrasah Taiyebiyah
Ziyaarat Tour for 7 Du'aat-e-Kiraam (aq) - Ahmedabad
Rajab ul-Murajjab 1432

After the completion of Annual Exams 1432 AH, students were promised for the ziyaarat tour to Ahmedabad, where the mo’jezah of Shaheed-e-‘Aazam Saiyedna Ali Shamsuddin saheb (aq) took place at the Maqaam of the Maulaa’s qabr-e-anwar.  On the Urs Mubaarak of 28th Da’i-e-Mutlaq Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam Safiyuddin saheb (aq), 7th Rajab, Wednesday, two luxury buses of the Madrasah students and teachers went for the ziyaarat mubaarakah at Ahmedabad.

Students did Qur’an-khwaani, nauha-e-khwaani, recited Du’a-e-Sadaqallaah, Du’a-e-Taqdees for our Maulaa with bayt-e-muneer of “Darpar aakar tere basad Ta’zeem, Ya Saiyedna Ali Shaheed Kareem”.  It was a one day tour, but for students it was a memorable ruhaani journey which they will remember throughout their life.  Doing ziyaarat is like doing Qadam-bosi of our Maulaa and that too if someone does this for seven Du’aat at one place who have guarded our jamaa’at for 125 years, then it is not less than getting bounties of Paradise in few hours.  Thus ziyaarat tour is like journey to Paradise.

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