Makhzan ul-Masaa'il
Section 5 - A'immat-e-Faatemiyeen Ma'soomeen - Faatemi Imaams
Saiyeda Shabaab-e-Ahlil Jinaan Imaamain Hasanain (as)


Q1: Who is our first Imaam?

A1: Our first Imaam is Maulaana Hasan (as) who is the son of Saiyed ul-Awsiyaa Maulaana Ali (as).


Q2: Between whom two only brothers did Imaamat succeeded?

A2: Imaamat succeeded between Imaam Hasan (as) and Imaam Husain (as) and till the day of Judgement (qayaamat) the succession of the Imaamat will never take place between any brothers.


Q3: Who were the parents of these two Imaams?

A3: Their parents were Maulaatana Faatemat uz Zahraa (as), the daughter of Saiyed ul Ambiyaa Mohammad Rasoolullaah (saws) and Ameer ul-Mumineen Maulaana Ali ul-Murtazaa (as), the son of Maulaana Abu Taalib (as).


Q4: Who is the maternal grandfather of these Imaams?

A4: Their maternal grandfather is Saiyed ul-Ambiyaa Rehmat ullil Aalameen Mohammad Rasoolullah (saws).


Q5: How did Imaam Hasan (as) attended his martyrdom? Who martyred him?

A5: His wife Ja'dah binte Ashash gave him poison resulting in his martyrdom.


Q6: How many attempts were made to kill Imaam Hasan (as)?

A6: Before his death Mu'aawiyah, the son of Abu Sufyaan La'een had made 19 attempts to kill Imaam Hasan (as).


Q7: Who are the chieftains of the Youth of heavens?

A7: Imaam Hasan (as) and Imaam Husain (as) are the chieftains of the Youth of heavens - Saiyeda shabaab-e-ahl il-Jinaan. Rasoolullaah (saws) himself gave this honour-laqab to both his grandsons.


Q8: During which Hijri year did Imaam Hasan (as) attended martyrdom?

A8: He attended his martyrdom in Hijri year 50.


Q9: With whose consent did Imaam Husain (as) proceeded towards the battle-field of Karbala to fight against the enemies?

A9: He took permission-razaa of his son Imaam Zain ul Aabedeen (as) before going to the battle-field of Karbala.


Q10: At which place did Imaam Husain (as) attended his martyrdom? Who was his qaatil-assassin?

A10: He attended his martyrdom on the battle-field of Karbala on 10th Moharram 61 AH. His qaatil was Shimr La'een.


Q11: When were Imaam Hasan (as) and Imaam Husain (as) born?

A11: Imaam Hasan was born on 15th Ramazaan 3 AH and Imaam Husain was born on 5th Sha'baan 4 AH both in Madeenah Munawwarah.


Q12: What was the impression (naqsh) of the ring (khaatim) of Imaam Hasan (as)?

A12: The impression carried the writings “al-haqqo murrun” – Truth is indeed bitter and “al-izzato lillaah” – Reverence is only for Allaah.


Q13: Who were the hujjat – proofs or representatives or close associates of Imaam Hasan (as)?

A13: They were in all 12 hujjats namely Asbagh bin Nabatah, Jaabir bin Abdillaah al-Ansaari, Sa'eed bin Musayyab, Qaasim bin Mohammad bin Abi Bakr, Hadeed bin Mohammad, Yahyaa bin Ummut Taweel, Yahyaa bin Aqabah, Kumail bin Ziyaad, Abdullaah bin Sinaan, Mohammad bin Hanafiyah al-Yamaani, Utbah bin Rabee'ah and Yunaan al-Aslami.


Q14: How many times did Imaam Hasan perform the pilgrimage of Hajj?

A14: He went for Hajj bare-footed atleast for 25 times.


Q15: What is the agnomen – kuniyat and titles – alqaab of Imaam Hasan (as)?

A15: The agnomen is “Abu Mohammad” and titles are Zaki, Taiyeb, as-Sibt, Mujtabaa.


Q16: What was the impression (naqsh) of the ring (khaatim) of Imaam Husain (as)?

A16: The impression carried the writings “taalib ud-duniyaa yat'abo” – One who seeks the world often gets tired and “Innallaaha baaligho amrehi” – Allaah is indeed the ultimate power in all affairs.


Q17: What is the agnomen – kuniyat and titles – alqaab of Imaam Husain (as)?

A17: The agnomen is “Abu Abdillaah” and titles are Rasheed, Taiyeb, Wafi, Zaki, Saiyed, Mubaarak, Taabe'o le-marazaatillaah, as-Sibt, Saiyed ush-Shohadaa, Abush Shohadaa.


Q18: Who were the hujjat – proofs or representatives or close associates of Imaam Husain (as)?

A18: They were in all 12 hujjats namely Sudair as-Sayrfi, Mohammad bin Abi Zaynab, Jaabir bin Qindy, Rasheed al-Fakhri, Khaalid bin Umar, Atiyah bin Basheer, Abdullaah bin Haashim, Mirqaal bin Minhaal, Muslim bin Aqeel, Haani bin Urwah, Abu Ibraaheem al-Hamdaani and Ibraaheem bin Mu'allaa.


Q19: How many children did Imaam Hasan (as) had?

A19: Imaam Hasan (as) had 12 sons and a single daughter. They were namely Qaasim, Shabbir, Ahmad, Ismaa'eel, Aqeel, Abdullaah etc. and Faatemah.


Q20: How many children did Imaam Husain (as) had?

A20: Imaam Husain (as) had 6 sons and 3 daughters. They were namely Ali Zaynul Aabedeen, Ali Akbar, Ali Asghar, Ali Awsat, Mohammad, Ja'far and Zaynab, Sakinah, Faatemah Sughraa.


Q21: When did Imaam Husain (as) left Madeenah for the journey to Karbala?

A21: Saiyed ush-Shohadaa Imaam Husain (as) left Madeenah with Ahlul Bayt (as) on 1st Rajab 60 AH and took harsh journey to Karbala through Makkah. This is the same day when Nuh Najiyullaah (as) climbed the huge boat with his followers and it rested on Mount Judi after struggling through rough flood waters on 10th Moharram i.e. Aashuraa and this happens to be the same day when Allaah bestowed martyrdom to Imaam Husain (as) at Karbala. The fasing on this day is deemed with immense reward.


Q22: Before proceeding to Karbala the message of whose martyrdom reached Imaam Husain (as)?

A22: In Kufa, Muslim bin Aqeel and Hani bin Urwah were martyred and this message made Imaam Husain (as) to reconsider his decision to go to Kufa for safe haven.


Q23: Who was the only commander from Yazeedi army who left his position and came for the help of Imaam Husain (as)?

A23: Hur bin Yazeed left the Yazeedi army and fought heroically for the truth and Ahlul Bayt (as) and got martyred.


Q24: After Aashuraa, who buried the wounded bloody bodies of the Shohadaa-e-Kiraam of Karbala?

A24: Imaam Ali Zaynul Aabedeen (as) miraculously made his presence in Karbala and after offering the namaaz-e-janaazah the people of Banu Asab clan buried the injured bodies on 13th Moharram 61 AH.


Q25: From Karbala where did the caravan of Ahlul Bayt (as) travelled?

A25: Maulaana Imaam Ali Zaynul Aabedeen (as) headed the caravan who was sick, bare-footed and captive. The caravan went through the course of harsh terrain and finally reached Damascus in 62 days after camping at 25 different places.


Q26: Who proved to be the only succor and lifeline of the caravan of Ahlul Bayt (as)?

A26: Maulaatana Zaynab binte Maulaana Ali (as) was the only light of hope and solace for the apprehensive saiyedaat (women) and anxious children throughout the tiresome and fearful journey when she courageously delivered hard truth of Karbala and made people aware of the hardships and sufferings of Ahlul Bayt (as) in khutbah baleeghah at every possible stopage.


Q27: For how many days did Ahlul Bayt (as) remained captive in the prison of Damascus?

A27: The painful stay of Ahlul Bayt (as) in the prison lasted for 9 months and 6 days. Thereafter they travelled for 62 days and reached Karbala on 20 th Safar 62 AH. With them Jaabir bin Abdillaah al-Ansaari did ziyaarat-e-paak of Imaam Husain (as).


Q28: What did Rasoolullaah (saws) said for the ziyaarat of the Qabr-e-Mubaarak of Imaam Husain (as)?

A28: Rasoolullaah (saws) ordered his close associate Jaabir bin Abdillaah al-Ansaari to do ziyaarat of the Qabr-e-Mubaarak of Imaam Husain (as) and said that, whoever visits the Qabr-e-Mubaarak of Imaam Husain (as) Allaah will bestow upon him the reward equal to 100 Hajj.

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