Makhzan ul-Masaa'il
Section 2 - Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWS)


Q1. Who is the last Prophets among all the Prophets?

A1. The last Prophet is Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWS).


Q2. What is the name, title and agnomen of Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A2. The name is Muhammad, title is Rasulullah and the agnomen is Abul Qaasim.


Q3. Where was Rasulullah (SAWS) born?

A3. He was born in the city of Makkah al-Mukarrama.


Q4. Who attacked with the white elephants in Makkah at the time of the Prophet's birth?

A4. “Abrahaa” attacked on Makkah with a large army and that year was called “‘aam ul-feel” meaning the year of the elephant.


Q5. What is the name of Prophet's grandfather, father and mother?

A5. The name of Prophet's grandfather is Maulana Abdul Muttalib (AS), his father's name is Maulana Abdullah (AS) and the name of his mother is Maulatana Aamena binte Wahhaab (AS).


Q6. Who breast fed Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A6. Bibi Haleema.


Q7. What are the names of his two aunties?

A7. Safiya (AS) and ‘ Aateka (AS).


Q8. By which name did the people of Makkah designate Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A8. “al-Ameen” (trustworthy).


Q9. Who were the enemy of Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A9. Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab, ‘Utba, Shaiba, Abu Sufiyan and Mogheera (LA).


Q10. Who is “Saiyed ul-ambiyaa” the head of all the Prophets?

A10. Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWS).


Q11. Who is the deputy of Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A11. His cousin and son in-law Maulana ‘Ali bin Abi Taalib (AS) is his Wasi (deputy, vicegerent).


Q12. What is the name of his daughter who was married to Maulana ‘Ali (AS)?

A12. Maulatana Faatema uz-Zahraa (AS).


Q13. What are the names of his grandsons?

A13. Maulana Imaam Hasan (AS) and Maulana Imaam Husain (AS).


Q14. Who were the most obedient and allegiant among the wives of Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A14. Maulatana Khadeejat ul-Kubraa (AS), Maulatana Zainab binte Jahash (AS), Maulatana Zainab binte Khuzaima (AS), Maulatana Saudaa binte Zam'aa (AS), Maulatana Maymoona binte Haaris (AS) and Maulatana Umme Salama (AS).


Q15. What are the names of the Prophet's sons?

A15. Hazrat Qaasim (AS), Hazrat Ibraaheem (AS), Hazrat Taahir (AS) and Hazrat Taiyeb (AS).


Q16. What are the names of the Prophet's daughters?

A16. Maulatana Faatema uz-Zahraa (AS), Ruqaiya (AS), Zainab (AS) and Umme Kulsoom (AS).


Q17. Who were the loyal associates of Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A17. Ameer ul-Mumineen Maulana ‘Ali (AS), Abdullah bin Abbaas, Jaabir bin Abdillahil Ansaari, Salamaan ul-Faarsi, ‘Ammar bin Yaasir, Miqdaad, Abu Ayyub Ansaari, Ubayda bin al-Haaris, Abuzar al-Ghaffaari, Fazal bin ‘Abbaas, Ja'far at-Taiyaar and Hamzaa bin Abdul Muttalib (AS).


Q18. Rasulullah (SAWS) bears his lineage to whose succession?

A18. He bears his lineage to the succession of Hazrat Ismaa'eel (AS), the son of Hazrat Ibraaheem (AS).


Q19. What was the Prophet's age when his father Abdullah (AS) died?

A19. Prophet was 2 months old.


Q20. Who fostered Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A20. After the death of his mother at the tender age of 2 years 8 months, Rasulullah (SAWS) was fostered by his grandfather Hazrat Abdul Muttalib (AS) and after that his uncle Hazrat Abu Taalib (AS) took the job of looking after him.


Q21. What was the Prophet's age when his grandfather Hazrat Abdul Muttalib (AS) expired?

A21. 8 years and 10 days.


Q22. Rasulullah (SAWS) belongs to which clan?

A22. “Quraish”.


Q23. Rasulullah (SAWS)'s birth, ascension to Prophethood, migration and death fall on which day?

A23. Monday.


Q24. Rasulullah (SAWS) was born in which season?

A24. “Mausam-e-Bahaar” (the season of bloom; spring).


Q25. Where did Rasulullah (SAWS) go for the prayers during the month of Ramazaan?

A25. “Ghaar-e-Hiraa” which is located at ‘jabal-e-noor'.


Q26. At what age was Prophethood revealed on Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A26. At the age of 40 years.


Q27. Who brought the glad tidings of Prophethood to Rasulullah (SAWS) from Hazrat Moosa (AS) and Hazrat ‘Isaa (AS)?

A27. Habeeb un-Najjaar from Hazrat Moosa (AS) and Bohaira Raahib from Hazrat ‘Isaa (AS).


Q28. Which book has been revealed by Allah on Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A28. Qur'an-e-Kareem.


Q29. By whose means was Qur'an revealed on Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A29. Qur'an was revealed on Rasulullah (SAWS) by the means of arch angel Hazrat Jibra'eel (AS).


Q30. Where did the first verse of Qur'an revealed on Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A30. It was revealed at ‘Ghaar-e-Hiraa' on 27th Rajab.


Q31. Which religion did Allah accomplish on Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A31. Islam.


Q32. Who was the first among the women to assent to the religion of Islam?

A32. Maulatana Khadeejat ul-Kubraa (AS).


Q33. Who was the first among men to assent to the religion of Islaam?

A33. Ameer ul-mumineen Maulana ‘Ali (AS).


Q34. Who was the first wife of Rasulullah (SAWS)?

A34. Maulatana Khadeejat ul-Kubraa (AS).


Q35. What was the age of Rasulullah (SAWS) when he got married to Maulatana Khadeejat ul-Kubraa (AS)?

A35. At the time of marriage, the age of Rasulullah (SAWS) was 25 yrs and Maulatana Khadeejat ul-Kubraa was 40 yrs old.


Q36. Who distinguished and great woman was born to Maulatana Khadeejat ul-Kubraa (AS)?

A36. Maulatana Faatemat uz-Zehraa (AS).


Q37. How many battles did Rasulullah (SAWS) fight against the polytheists and infidels to promulgate and revive Islam?

A37. Rasulullah (SAWS) fought 27 battles among which he was present in 9 battles.


Q38. Name some of the famous battles which Rasulullah (SAWS) fought?

A38. The battle of Badr, Ohud, Khandaq, Hunayn, Muta', Tabook etc.


Q39. Who was a close associate to Rasulullah (SAWS) and assisted him during the battle?

A39. Maulana ‘Ali (AS), the successor of Rasulullah (SAWS).


Q40. From which city did Rasulullah (SAWS) migrated?

A40. Rasulullah (SAWS) migrated from Makkah al-Mukarrama to Medina al-Munawwara.


Q41. Who did Rasulullah (SAWS) leave on his bed at the time of migration?

A41. Maulana ‘Ali (AS).


Q42. The migration (Hijrat) of Rasulullah (SAWS) is famous for the occurrence of which event?

A42. The Hijri / Misri Islamic calendar started from the incident of migration.


Q43. For how many years did Rasulullah (SAWS) stay in Makkah and Medina after getting Prophethood?

A43. Rasulullah (SAWS) stayed for 13 years in Makkah and 10 years in Medina . The revelation of Qur'an was completed in these years.


Q44. How is Rasulullah (SAWS) superior to other Prophets?

A44. Rasulullah (SAWS) is superior to the other Prophets for the following reasons:

  • He is the last Prophet.
  • He is the leader ( saiyed ) of all Prophets.
  • He got the honor of ascension to the seven Heavens (Me'raaj).
  • The last divine book, the Qur'an, was revealed on him.
  • He is the Shaafe' ul-Muznebeen (the intercessor of the sinners on the Day of Judgement).
  • His followers are superior to the followers of all other Prophets.
  • He came with the last canonical laws of Islam (Shari'at) and the last divine orders of Allah.
  • He is sent as sympathy and kindness ( rehmat ) for human beings.
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