902th Milaad of Taaj ul-A'immah Maulana Abul Qaasim Imaam Taiyeb (AS)


75th Milaad of Zubdat ud-Du'aat Abu Haatim Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin Saheb (TUS)




"Kaash taqdeer hamaari isi dar se jag jaaye,

Naakhudaa Aap hai kashtee lab-e-saahil lag jaaye,

Haath khaali hai magar dil se du'aa kartaa hoo,

'Umr-e-Taiyeb pa meri 'umr ki ghadiyaan lag jaaye."

The certificate that was given to all the participants of the events of 75th Milaad-e-Sa'eed.

"Noor-ul-Hodaa ke chaand ka kyaa aab-o-taab hai,

Da'wat ke bostaan ka ye aa'laa gulaab hai,

Qaa'im hai is janaab se deen-e-Mohammadi,

Iskaa koi jawaab nahi laa jawaab hai."



Endless praise is for Allah Who blessed us with the vision of right path and endowed upon us the bounty of true believers of Khamsat ul-Athaar (AS) and enlightened our souls with their love and respect. Heartily praise is for Allah, the Supreme, Who made us fortunate enough to share the happiness and the gracefulness of the Birth of Imaam Taiyeb (AS), the Badr-e-Muneer in the glorious sky of Imaamat, and the 75th Milaad-e-Maymoon of Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS), on 4th Rabi ul-Aakhar 1426.

Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) addressed the mumineen in the Masjid un-Noorani and said, "Allah has showered His favours and blessings on me and has shown me the sun of 75th Milaad Mubaarak. At the ripened stage of my life, I am seeing my alavi mumineen blooming in Allah's bounty and blessings of prosperity and affluence. My long time efforts are seeing the light of the day."

Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) sprinkled his spiritual glory on the mumineen and said, 'This world is going to perish ans so as all the things but the eternal life is going to remain after your departure from this world, the deeds that are meant for this world are not going to help you anyway but the deeds done for the world Hereafer will help you after your death and those deeds will save you from the agony of the Hell.' "The one who does this is the true believer of Mushkil Kushaa Hazrat Ali (AS) and he will succeed both in this world and in the Hereafter."

Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) also announced the establishment of Alavi Bohra Merchants Association and drove the community one step forward. He said, 'Mumineen who are incapable will get financial help from this association to establish their means of earning'. Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) appealed the mumineen to divert themselves from manufacturing domain to business and trading.

Mumineen of all ages; kids, women and men; participated in a week long events of 75th Milaad-e-Maymoon, organized by various anjumans. "This was a historic celebration", Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) said. All the events were a grand success. "It was a celebration not only for the afraad of Da'wat, but it was the celebration in each and every house of mumineen."

On this auspicious occasion, the Zeekeran-e-Husain (AS) of Da'wat presented a precious and treasured gift of collection of Qasaa'id-e-Muneera to Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS). This book will be distributed to all the mumineen along with the photograph of Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) as a relic of the 75th Milaad-e-Maymoon.

The noorani juloos of Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) that took the shape in Badri Mohalla on 4th Rabi ul-Aakhar, along with the 14 bride grooms and hundreds of mumineen, looked as if Allah has sent His angels to shower His favours. Mumineen did the istiqbaal of Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) at several places. The whole mohalla was decorated like a newly wedded bride. The procession got transformed into majlis in the Masjid un-Noorani. This was followed by the Qaseeda Khwaani and the Laqab Nawaazi of selected mumineen. Then all the mumineen got the sharaf of Qadambosi and greeted Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) with flowers. At last, the rasam of Majmoo' un-Nikaah was completed by the Saadaat-e-Keraam of Da'wat. Arrangemene of lunch and sharbat was done for all the mumineen at the end.

The Majlis of Mumenaat was held at Masjid un-Nooraani on 5th Rabi ul-Aakhar/13th May, where the zaakeraat of Da'wat recited the Qaseeda. This was followed by the imperative speech of Maazoon ud-Da'wat (DM). Then the rasam of Sehraa of naunehaal farzandaan was completed with the Dast-e-Mubarak of Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS). All mumenaat were given the sharaf of Qadambosi of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS). At the end of Majlis there was arrangement of lunch and sharbat for all mumenaat.

  • Considering the fast and busy life stuffed up with stress and illnesses, a Yoga Camp was organized from 25th to 29th Rabi ul-Awwal/3rd to 7th May 2005. Mumineen gave a warm response. More than 50 mumineen participated in this camp. Seeing the positive response the committee announced to organize a special camp only for mumenaat where a female yoga teacher will guide them.
  • Madrasa-e-Taiyebi has a record of organizing various competitions every year for the taalib-e-'ilm. Elocution and Tilaawat competition was held on 29th Rabi ul-Awwal 1426/7th May 2005, Saturday at Masjid un-Noorani. 30 students were selected from 100 students for the competition. Judges were stunned by the performance of the students at the event. The winners of both the competitons were felicitated with prices.
  • Career guidance seminar was held on 29th Rabi ul-Awwal 1426/7th May 2005, Saturday at Markaz-e-Husaini. More than 200 students participated in the seminar. 7 speakers from various disciplines discussed the scope of various fields from which a student can choose to build his career. Maazoon Saheb (DM) also delivered his crowning speech at the seminar and said that, 'Youth is the future of community, their bright future brings enormous progress for a community.'
  • Blood donation camp was held on 30th Rabi ul-Awwal 1426/8th May 2005, Sunday at Markaz-e-Husaini. 61 units were collected at the end of the camp. This was organized by Alavi Public Relief Trust. Diabetes and orthopaedic check up was also arranged on the same day. Lots of mumineen took the advantage of this camp.
  • Deeni quiz contest, "Ilm waale jeet jayenge" was held on 1st Rabi ul-Aakhar 1426/9th May 2005, Monday at Masjid un-Noorani. Hundreds of mumineen who came as an audience went with the pearls of knowledge of Ahlul Bayt (AS) with them. This time the mumineen gave an extra-ordinary response. Phrases of Subhaanallah and Jazaakallah echoed in the opulence of mosque when the energetic and versatile contestants answered to the questions. 20 contestants were selected from 76 who gave the entrance test for the quiz. Arrangement of sharbat was done for the audience at the end of the quiz.
  • Essay competition was organized on 1st Rabi ul-Aakhar 1426/9th May 2005, Monday. This competition was open for the mumineen of all ages. Almost 25 mumineen participated in this competition.
  • For the first time in the history, the Saalgirah Tanzeem Committee organized an event for the mumenaat. Salad decoration contest, Mehdi competition, Embroidery competition was organized on 2nd Rabi ul-Aakhar 1426/10th May 2005. More than 50 mumenaat participated in various competitions. The event was headed by Ummul Mumineen Maa Saheba. This was not the conclusion. One Minute Game Show, Fancy Dress Competition and the Moments of Laughter was organized by the same committee on 3rd Rabi ul-Aakhar 1426/11th May 2005 at Maulvi Chowk, Badri Mohalla. 60 mumenaat participated in the one minute game show and more than 25 kids showed their talents in the fancy dress competition. This event emerged out with an extra-ordinary success.
  • The shabaab of jamaa't has also never fallen behind in arranging the activities. Alavi Youth Association organized sports day on 3rd Rabi ul-Aakhar 1426/11th May 2005, at Badri Mohalla. Sports is never complete without the cricket. Cricket Tournament was held at Badri Mohalla. The final match was played on 29th Rabi ul-Awwal/8th May 2005. The winner team was given off the price with the Dast-e-Mubarak of Huzoor-a-'Aali (TUS).
  • To serve the community, for the first time a Medical Camp was organized on 3rd Rabi ul-Aakhar 1426/11th May 2005 by Ad-Da'wat ul-Alaviyah. The camp covered; 1) Dental Check up. 2) Eye examination by Ophthalmologist and Optometrist. 3) Blood Group Checkup (Cards of Blood Group were provided to everyone). 4) General Checkup by Physician. 5) ENT Checkup. 6) Paediatric Checkup. 7) Gynaecological Checkup. More than 800 patients visited the camp in the span of 4 hours. Patients from all the community visited the camp.

(A Certificate of Milad-e-Maymoon and a Pen with the message of 75th Milaad Mubarak of Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS) was given to all the participants who took part in any of the event as a memento).


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