Arba'een of Imaam Husain (as)
  1440 AH
  In the majlis Aqaa Maulaa elucidated various things relating to "4" with M Imaam Husain (as)
  1439 AH
  Maatam is the Salaam e Khaass to Imaam Husain (as). Zikr of Imaam Husain (as) of the Zikr of Panjatan. The position of Sar e Imaam Husain (as) in the Qaafelah and the wish of Imaam 'Ali Zayn ul 'Aabedin (as)
  During the journey to Shaam, on the mubaarak hands of Imaam Zayn ul 'Aabedeen, Yahyaa accepts Islaam observing the 'Ejaaz of Sar e Imaam Husain (as)
  1436 AH
  Mo’jezah of 3rd Faatemi Imaam Maulaana ‘Ali Zayn ul-‘Aabedeen Saiyed ur-Raake’een was Saajedeen (as) when he gives a Jannati Rummaan-Pomegranate to No’maan bin Basheer, Imaam is not only the Imaam of Human but he is the representative of Allaah Ta’aala on this Earth to all the things living-non-living which He has created
  1430 AH

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