as-Samto Hikmatun - Silence is Wisdom

A person came to Rasoolullaah [saws] and asked few questions regarding Religion.  Rasoolullaah answered him in a very beautiful and lucid way which made him very content and happy. Rasoolullaah said him, “O brother! If I offer you an advice and you accept and follow it with sincere heart and pure spirit, then Allaah Ta’aala will surely accept you and make your permanent place in Jannat!”  He replied that, he will sacrifice all his wealth and life on Rasoolullaah’s call, he should just order. He further said that, if by following Rasoolullaah’s advice, he takes on good deeds then his birth in this world will be successful. Rasoolullaah said that, “If Allaah Ta’aala bestows him with something, then after taking out his share he should forward it to others so that they too could be benefitted.”  He replied that, what if he is unable to do so?  Rasoolullaah said that, “He should help the needy according to his capacity.” The man said that, if he is unable to do this, what should he do?  Rasoolullaah said that, “Then, he should remain silent and speak only when required.”  The man asked,”What should I do to remain silent?”  Rasoolullaah replied, “He should take his animals for grazing.”

In another of his wise words, Rasoolullaah says that, “On the Day of Judgement, those people who have only committed sins and done no good for others in their lives, they will be lying in the Fire of Hell on their nose, and those who have always spoken for helping others will be spared from such severe punishment.  Such people surely desire reward in this life and the hereafter.   So, those who are religious, honest, righteous and intelligent will always think a hundred times before speaking any word.  But if the situation requires that, they speak, then they will speak in a way which will always benefit others.”

‘Aqbah bin Aamir says that, when I used to visit Rasoolullaah’s gathering and majlis, I along with many others desire that, we leave this world with the affection of Rasoolullaah and our Shafaa’at happens only on his hands when we find ourselves helpless on the Day of Qeyaamat.  I have listened that the people generally asked, “O Rasoolullaah! In what way will we obtain Najaat-salvation?”  Rasoolullaah replied that, “First is always mind your Tongue. Never utter words for which you will feel guilty all your life. You are the only one who can control your tongue. Your tongue is your precious property and being silent will always give you immense peace. The second is your Home. Do not congest your home by filling it with things that are of no use to you. Unnecessary things will deprive you of the benefit of the useful things. Your third most important property is your Eyes. The tears which come out from the eyes are its life. If you have committed a sin, always cry and do Tawbah in seeking Maghferat.  Allaah Ta’aala will forgive you due to these tears.  So, these three things will help you obtain Najaat.  When I asked, “O Nabiyallaah!  From these three things, which will be the most helpful for me?”  Rasoolullaah said that, “Being silent is the best of the lot.”

Once a person came to Maulaana ‘Ali Ameer ul Mumineen [as] and requested to give him some advice.  Maulaana ‘Ali said, “Your tongue is your biggest treasure.  Only use it for speaking good things and always protect it. If you do this, Allaah Ta’aala will make you honoured and respected.  If any tongue falls victim to the devil, then that person will have no respect in the eyes of others.  Uncivilized tongue is like untamed horse where the life of its rider is at risk, the same is with uncontrolled tongue.   If one loses his respect, he will never be able to get it back again”.

O Mumineen!  Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna Saheb [tus] has mentioned many a times in his speeches that, Being silent or speaking only when necessary is a medicine for a thousand ills and social diseases.  That’s why our tongue is surrounded by teeth and it has no bone. Therefore we can use it easily or get it grilled behind teeth like a criminal jailed in a prison and his movement has been restricted.  But we can easily control it and train it with our intelligence and Adab which are bountiful blessings for us from Allaah Ta’aala.  A person’s intelligence could be mapped by his tongue and actions.  Wellness of speech and wellness of deeds should always by coupled with wellness of faith.

A few years ago, before the mobile phone revolution, people, on any occasion or gathering would meet each other and unwittingly they used to speak lies, make fun of each other, accuse others, complain about someone, and speak about unnecessary matters.  Then instead of meeting each other personally, they preferred to communicate with each other on telephone saying that it saves lot of time, money and energy.  Then came the technological typhoon of Smartphones which has totally replaced face to face conversation.   It has entirely changes the arena of education, communication and trade.  Society has now come on social websites and virtual platforms.

With Smartphones taking the centre-stage in our daily routine, today our fingers have replaced our tongue.  Though it is silent but the communication through the fingers never stops.  Today, instead of uttering anything from the tongue, the sound of pressing buttons is ruling our households.  Day by day, due to increased messaging by the smartphone, noble character and shamefulness is diminishing very fast.  So, in these hard times, it is very necessary for everyone to control their tongue as well as their fingers.  Only controlling the tongue is not enough, we have to learn to use our tongue along with our fingers in an appropriate manner as the situation may require.  So, we can conclude that, “If our hands are safe, then the world is safe”.

Rasoolullaah says that, “If anyone desires that he always remains protected from sin and impurity, he should never eat that food which is unnecessary and which has been obtained by the wrong means.  He should never speak vile and rude things and should always control his tongue.  And lastly he should never enter into an illegitimate relationship.  If we take care of these three things, we will always be protected”.

“Silence” is the basic rule or a principal teaching in acquiring Knowledge.  As the soul of divinity enters the mother’s womb in a condition when a baby is in utter silence, so a pupil has to be silent and attentive when he is in front his teacher then only the soul of knowledge will enter into him.  A charge or power flows towards a silent being.  If a student breaks this rule of silence then the flow of energy generating from the benefiter towards the benefitted is hindered.  Silence is superior to an uninvited speech.  The second name of Silence is Obedience.   This obedience is full of contentment.  Shaitaan broke this silence and then spoke with pride and greed.  This rebellion reverted the graceful energy of spirit from his Lord and he became cursed by the people till the Last Day.

Today all over the world everyone is making note of our community’s achievements.  Due to the Saheb-e-Da’wat’s mastery in Arabic, Urdu, Persian, English, Gujarati and Hindi languages, we are able to read many research papers in these languages at international conferences and seminars and convey our message.  Therefore our identity and presence is spreading everywhere.  Since it is necessary that our community is also made aware of our achievements and first and foremost, our Deen, and for that our official website www.alavibohra.org and our community’s mobile application Ahl uz Zikr are helping us achieve this goal.  We pray to Allaah Ta’aala that, the splendour, grandeur of our Deen-e-Haqq always spreads to those who are unaware and are without knowledge and we also pray that our Mumineen always receive the eternal bliss of our Da’i-e-Haqq.

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