The majlis (assembly) of 380th Urs and Behram of 29th Da'i-ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali bin Ibraaheem Shaheed (QR), the first great martyr of India, the great guide and leader, the gratifier of the needs of mumineen, the comforter and the consoler of the faithful; congregated with fervor and zeal at Ahmedabad under the headship of Saiyedi Maazoon Saheb (DM). Selected zaakereen recited the requiem and verses in the praise and admiration of our Maula and proclaimed his truthfulness and loyalty. A distinctive bayt affirming the ingenuousness and candidness; was recited at the mausoleum of Maula. Mumineen expressed their sentiments and paid the tribute of flowers and tears to maula and they openheartedly did maatam. Maazoon Saheb (DM) offered a special supplication in the mausoleum for the re-establishment of the Qabr Mubarak of our Maula. 

On the same occasion, the recitation of Qur'an and Faateha Majlis was congregated by the Asaateza and Taalib-e-‘Ilm of Madrasah-e-Taiyebiyah at Bustaan-e-Badri on 22 nd Zilqa'ad after the Maghrib prayers. Under the administration and guidance of Madrasa, a tour of Ziyaarat of Maula (AQ) was organized on 24 th Zilqa'ad which comprised of 85 members. All of them took the sharaf of Ziyaarat of Maula (AQ) and paid floral tributes, recited the verses and Bayt, garlanded the qubbah with tears and offered the supplication for the prosperity of community and seeking the blessings of Allah. After the lunch the tour headed to Kapadwanj and all the members got the opportunity of ziyaarat of Maulaaii Khawj bin Malak (RA). From here the tour reached its final destiny, Umreth where all of them got the favors of the ziyaarat of Maulaaii Miyaaji bin Taaj Saheb (RA). May Allah guide us all so that we learn a lesson from the life of Maula (AQ) and invigorate the feeling of sacrifice and devotion for the Da'wat of Allah. Ameen.

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