It turned out to be an memorable and impressive event when Maazoon Saheb (DM) visited the qubbah mubaarakah of Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jeevabhai bin Nuhji Saheb (AQ) on the occasion of 80 th Urs-e-Maymoon along with hudood-e-keraam and mumineen for the majlis of Behram and to be honored by the blessings and favors of Muqaddas Maula who was a magnanimous, noble, kind-hearted and inculcated most of the disciplinary principles of jamaa'at. The whole qubbah mubaarakah was glorified and perfumed with the recitation of aayaat of Qur'an and Abyaat. The aura of Surah Yaaseen, carved out on the marble of mausoleum, left an everlasting impact on the hearts of mumineen and an extraordinary enthusiasm was palpable on the face of mumineen.

Maazoon Saheb (DM) halted near the qabr-e-anwar of Muqaddas Maula and among a huge crowd he made the qabr as the centre of discourse and addressed mumineen and said, “O Maula, you are indeed endower of our wishes and answerer to our difficulties, your mausoleum and qabr-e-mubaarak is the place of calmness and tranquility for all the believers and mumineen. When we come at your service, when we take your name, when we take your entreaty (waseelah), all our difficulties and hardships melt away; all our disappointments and misfortune vanishes away; we feel like in the company of Almighty and we see a ray of hope in all our wishes. Just as we spend for the Khidmat of your mausoleum, majlis and ta'aam of Behram and ‘Urs from our wealth; O Maula, in the reward of our service in your way, bestow our homes with the bounty of piousness, religiousness, kindness and moral character. Glorify the hearts of mumineen with knowledge, awareness and understanding to follow Seraat ul-Mustaqeem. The most precious gift of Allah to the mankind is health.” Concluding his speech, Maazoon Saheb (DM) assuming the spiritual presence of Muqaddas Maula in the mausoleum, prayed for the health of all mumineen and took the plea of Maula for the well-being and the progress of our Alavi jamaa'at.




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