Mazoon ud-Da'wat Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (DM) delivering bayaan mubaarak in the shaan of Muqaddas Maula in Bustaan us-Sawaab
Mulla Jeeva (Saiyedna Ziyauddin Saheb (AQ)) ascended from this world (expired) who was supreme and absolute in his character and loyalty.
Vadodara was a place of calmness and tranquility for him so much that neither in the past nor in the future there was a city like this.

In the majlis of Behram of Saiyedna Ziyauddin Jeevabhai bin Nuhji Saheb (AQ), Maazoon Saheb (DM) addressed mumineen in his speech and equated the status of Du'aat to the stars in the sky. He praised the kalaam of zaakereen and said that these words are very cavernous and deep which encompasses many hidden meanings in it. Some of the zaakereen ascended the status of Muqaddas Maula to that of ‘sun'; some called him ‘the icon (rubbaan) of community (jamaa'at)'; some named his as ‘the crown and pride of 11 Du'aat-e-Mutlaqeen' of Vadodara. Migration of Muqaddas Maula from Ahmedabad to Vadodara echoes back the memories of migration of Rasoolullaah (SAWS).

Maazoon Saheb (DM) correlated Allah's creation of seven ascensions of the sky to the seven Du'aat of Bustaan-e-Badri. Just as Allah has created seven stars namely; qamar, ‘utaarid, zohra, shams, mirreekh, mushtari and zohlwith the sun (shams) in the centre which is the soul of life (rooh-ul-hayaat) under the light of which all the other creations of Allah are brightened, enlivened and thawed; Saiyedna Ziyauddin Saheb (AQ) is like a sun in the center in whose progeny of Aal-e-Nuhji, 11 Du'aat enlightened the throne of divine Da'wat till now and will continue to do so in the future till the Day of Resurrection.

Focusing on the character of man, Maazoon Saheb (DM) quoted an account (riwaayat) from the book – Ikhwaan us-Safaa of Imaam Ahmad al-Mastoor (AS) and said that Allah has kept seven periods or stages for a man out of which a man has his control only over his 4 th stage. He has no control over the first and last three stages.

  • The first three stages are – the time when he was a state of matter on this earth; the time when he was in the ejaculate of his father; and lastly at the time when he was in the womb of his mother for nine months.
  • But in the 4 th stage of life Allah has given control over him. He can do whatever he can; he can acquire anything of his choice through his deeds – Hell or Paradise, Seraat ul-Mustaqeem or the path of fire (tareeq un-naar), the righteous people (Ashaab ul-Maymana) or the cursed people (Ashaab ul-Mash'ama), the people of the right (Ashaab ul-Yameen) or the people of the left (Ashaab us-Shemaal).
  • The last three stages include the time of grave, the Day of Resurrection and the time of reward and curse. Man will have no control at these stages. By granting control over the 4 th stage, Allah has given opportunity to man to rectify and correct his last three stages. A Hadees-e-Shareef explains the concept that the life of a man is in the ‘center' – “Hayaatul insaano awsatohu wa Khair ul-Umoor awsatohu”. The pivotal stage for every work and its success lies in its center.

In the last part of his speech Maazoon Saheb (DM) recollected the favors and benevolences of Saiyedna Ziyauddin Saheb (AQ) on the jamaa'at. He compared the way of jehaad of Muqaddas Maula to that of a soldier fighting in the battle field who is aware about his destiny. In the way of Allah just like a valiant and brave hearted soldier our Maula (AQ) migrated from Ahmedabad to an entirely new place along with his kith and kin and settled them. The progress and growth of our jamaa'at is the fruit and reward of efforts and endeavor of our Maula (AQ) who went through all pains and hardships to defend and protect us from the atrocities of our foes. No words or actions in the way of Maula (AQ) can ever equate with his favors.

Maazoon Saheb (DM) prayed to Allah for the long healthy life of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS) along with the waseelah of Muqaddas Maula.

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