Qabr-e-Anwar of Muqaddas Maulana.

Saiyedna Saheb (TUS) doing ziyaarat and Mukaasir saheb (DM) is seen standing to the left of Saiyedna Saheb.
Saiyedna Saheb (TUS) granting permission to distribute the barkati dates (khajoor) after it was graced on the Qabr of Muqaddas Maula.

A ghilaaf is been offered on the Qabr-e-Anwar.
In the presence of Saiyedna Saheb (TUS) at the night of ‘Urs after the ziyaarat Bhaisaheb Zulqarnain is seen reciting the qaseeda in the shaan of Muqaddas Maula.


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