•  The majlis of the ‘Urs and shab-e-‘Urs assembled under the crowning presence of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS). Maazoon Saheb delivered a magnetizing speech studded with the words of wisdom and advice after the zaakeraan of Da'wat recited the qasaa'id and madeh in the praise of the khidmat and seerat of Muqaddas Maula in the majlis of Behram.

•  Maazoon Saheb in his speech said that, the title of muqaddas maula was Nooruddin. He was the source of light and gleam. In Qur'an the word “noor” has been mentioned at many places and Surat un-noor has been revealed in the haqq of Saheb-e-Amr of Da'wat-e-Hadiyah.

•  Unfolding the description of noor, Maazoon Saheb said that noor has an origin and foundation. Noor has been created. Distinguishing noor and darkness (zulmat) he addressed mumineen that, where ever noor is absent, darkness prevails. Darkness is not being created but it reigns where ever noor vanishes. He quoted the verse from Aayaat-ul-Kursi, “Allah will lead the believers and faithful from darkness to the light (noor)” and elaborated its meaning.

•  It's the matter of extreme highness and supremacy that names of almost all the Du'aat-e-Keraam (QR) end with “deen”. The Da'wat is the sky (falak) and the representatives (hujjat) of Allah are present at any time on this earth. The Du'aat-e-Keraam are the sun, moon and stars that illuminates this sky of Da'wat. All the Du'aat are linked with deen, where there is Da'i, there is deen and they are the guardians of the deen.

•  Mazoon ud-Da'wat (DM) further unfurled the intricacies of the concept and said that the Da'i uz-zamaan (Da'i of the present period) inherits all the qualities of the previous Du'aat. He is the refined figure of all the noble characters of previous Du'aat. If you want to have a glimpse of the character of Saiyedna Nooruddin Saheb (QR), then you should look at the virtues of Huzoor-e-'Aali (TUS).

•  Mazoon saheb also enriched mumineen with the knowledge of how to perform the ziyaarat-e-qabr and encouraged mumineen to participate in the majlis of ‘Urs.

•  Narrating the history of Muqaddas Maula (QR), Mazoon saheb emphasized on his loyalty and the dedicated selfless service to the Da'wat. Saiyedna Nooruddin Saheb (QR) was the administrator and representative (waali) of Da'wat in Surat at the time of 34th Da'i-e-Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jalaal saheb (QR). He served mumineen wholeheartedly during his time. When people started exalting him to the status of Da'i, he acted promptly and along with all the mumineen of Surat , he arrived at Vadodara. In the assembly (majlis) of shab-e-‘Urs of Saiyedna Burhaanuddin Daawood bin Qutubshah (QR) headed by Saiyedna Jalaal Saheb (QR), he proclaimed and addressed to all the mumineen of Surat that our Da'i is Saiyedna Jalaal Saheb. All the mumineen gave covenant-misaaq to Maula. Saiyedna Jalaal Saheb (QR) then delivered a lecture to all mumineen in which he clarified that Saiyedna Nooruddin Saheb (QR) is the representative of the Da'wat and I am your Da'i-ul-Mutlaq. It is mandatory on you to respect and obey my representative and all the mumineen should visit Vadodara to greet and take my blessings.

•  The Da'wat and Da'i, gives the reward with the same favors as one does it. Saiyedna Jalaal Saheb (QR), at the time close to his death, appointed Saiyedna Nooruddin Saheb (QR) as the next Da'i-ul-Mutlaq and included him in the chain of succession of Du'aat-ul-Mutlaqeen.

•  Apart from recollecting the events from the past, Mazoon saheb persuaded and encouraged mumineen to follow right path and exhibit good character. He also stressed upon the necessity of discipline and good conduct in attending the majlis of ‘Urs and Behram. Enlightenment is when you glow up your deeds with the light of Namaaz and abstinence; physically adorning ourselves with white dress and beard which is the sign of imaan. At the end of the speech, Mazoon Saheb prayed for the betterment of mumineen with the intercession (waseelah) of Muqaddas Maula (QR).

•  This time mumineen exhibited the best of discipline to be followed by taking ne'mat-e-ilaahi at with namak, recitation of “Bismillaah”, topi, folded legs as prescribed by the wateerah of Ahl ul-Bayt (as). Mumineen should always remember to say hamd-o-shukr after taking every meals and praise the benevolence of Allah of bestowing the never ending rehmat.

•  Our Maula is indeed the fountainhead of blessings for ahl ul-hawaa'ij the path of guidance for ahl ul-masaa'il . On the day of ‘Urs, at about 10:00 hrs, Mazoon saheb, in his presence encouraged selected mumineen to take the minnat at the Qubbah mubaarakah of Muqaddas Maula.

•  Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS) encouraged and did hausalah-afzaaii of all the Nooraani Members whose untiring efforts were behind the well-planned arrangements and management of ta'aam-o-ikraam and sherbat for zaa'ereen. All the members were guided towards the planning and celebration of the 250 th ‘Urs-e-Maymoon next year with all imaani zeal and deeni enthusiasm.

Qabr-e-Anwar of Muqaddas Maulana.

Saiyedna Saheb (TUS) is seen sittng in the sahen of Masjid-e-Haatimi in the back-drop of Qabr-e-Anwar
Saiyedna Saheb (TUS), Maazoon saheb (DM) and Raasul Hudood (ZI) performing faateha-khwaani of Muqaddas Maula

Qiblah of Masjid-e-Haatimi
Mumineen sitting peacefully for Majlis-e-Shab-e-'Urs in the sahen of Masjid-e-Haatimi after doing Ziyaarat.
Mumineen sitting in the traditional thaal and taking the barakaat of niyaaz and ta'aam of Muqaddas Maula.



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