The words and Mafhoom of Sajadah, Sadaqah and ‘Uqbaa is related to the Ziyaarat of Saheb-e-Maqaam i.e. Da’i-e-Aal-e-Mohammad (sa).  Farishta-Malaa’ikah bowed down in front of Nabiyullaah Aadam (as) as he was Saheb-e-Maqaam for whom Allaah Ta’aala made obligatory doing Sajadah for all beings and for the Saheb who is appointed by Nass in his place till the Day of Judgement.  ‘Uqbaa is the ultimate place of return for the people who believe in the obedience of Saheb-e-Maqaam.  The place of permanent dwelling and graced with unending bounties and raised to the sublime status in front of Awliyaaullaah.  Those who love this World will gradually lose ‘Uqbaa and those who love ‘Uqbaa will be given sufficient part of this World which will not let them forget the return towards ‘Uqbaa.  Those people who have understood the importance of Sajadah and ‘Uqbaa will surely make his way to offer Sadaqah.  This sadaqah is nothing but to keep faith in all the things unseen mentioned as facts and reality in the eyes of Shari’at.  Alms giving is Sadaqah openly done by people but the esoteric meaning of it is the Strong Belief in Ghayb and Aakherat.




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