Majlis e Wadaa' at Daar us Salaam Majlis e Wadaa' at Daar us Salaam
Majlis e Wadaa' at Daar us Salaam Majlis e Wadaa' at Daar us Salaam

Majlis-e-Wadaa’ for the Zaa’ereen of Karbalaa-Najaf-Misr was held at Daar-us-Salaam in the auspicious presence of Aqaa Maulaa on 23rd Rajab 1439/8-4-2018, Sunday, after Namaaz-e-Maghrib.  This safar-e-mubaarak will insha-allaah begin from the 1st Sha’baan.  Aqaa Maulaa granted Razaa to Ra’s ul-Hudood Zulqarnain Hakimuddin saheb (zi) and gave the mubaarak name of this group as “Kun fa-Yakoon”.  Nearly 75 mumineen have joined this group for Karbalaa-Najaf from which half of them will proceed for the Ziyaaraat of Misr-e-Azhar.

Before maghrib Namaaz, Mukaasir Maulaa gave necessary hidaayaat and guidance for the aadaab of Ziyaarat, as to how mumineen should prepare themselves and maintain purity, how they should offer Namaaz-e-wasilah, how they enter Rawzah, what are the minimum du’aas that a zaa’ir should recite, how to safeguard the unity and dignity of the group, how to participate in all the majaalis headed by Ra’s ul-Hudood saheb, how to utilize time in knowing the history and sacrifice of saheb-e-Qabr, etc.

Aqaa Maulaa addressed the zaa’ereen and said that, “Allaah Ta’aala has bestowed you a very great and unparallel opportunity for Du’aa and Maghferat.  The central figure of all your ziyaaraat is the Ziyaarat of two sahebs, both Shaheed-martyr and the part of Panjatan-e-Paak (as).  One is Shaah-e-Najaf and the other is Shaah-e-Karbalaa.  Both have sacrificed their lives while doing ‘Ibaadat.  One is Mushkil Kushaa Ali al-Murtazaa (as) and another is Saiyed ush-Shohadaa Imaam Husain (as).  You need not to bother much about the whereabouts of the ziyaarat as saheb-e-Da’wat is with you.  Follow his instructions and you will get proper inputs at proper place.  We would make efforts that every year a qaafelah for ‘Umrah Mufradah and also for Karbalaa get organized and presided by saheb-e-Razaa, in order to ease the aamaal of ziyaarat and arkaan.  al-Qaaherat ul-Mo’izziyah (Cairo) in Misr is the architectural zenith of our A’immat-e-Faatemiyeen (as).  You will witness its grandeur and magnificence apart of the ziyaarat of Ra’s ul-Husain and Maulaatona Zainab (as).”

  Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)
  Maulaana Hurr bin Yazeed ar Riyaahi (at Tameemi):

Maulaana Hurr bin Yazeed ar Riyaahi (at Tameemi) was a tribal leader of Koofah who by the orders of Ubaidillaah ibn Ziyad stopped Imaam Husain SA and his Ahl ul Bayt SA in the place called Sharq. Imaam Husain SA quenched the thirst of Maulaana Hurr RA and his army which consisted of 1000 soldiers. On the day of 'Aashurah, Maulaana Hurr RA heard the Khutbah of Imaam Husain SA. He realised that Ubaidillaah ibn Ziyaad LA was on the wicked path and Imaam Husain SA was on the path of Allaah. He at once gave 'Ahd to Imaam Husain SA and asked for the Razaa to fight against the Yazeed's army in Karbala. He was the first Martyr of Karbala. His Mausoleum is 7 to 8 kms away from the city of Karbala.

Maulaana Hurr (ra)


  Bohlool Daana RA:

Bohlool Dana's real name is Wahab bin Umro. He was the companion of Maulaana Imaam Ja'far as Saadiq SA. He was born in Koofah. Fearing persecution and torture from the enemies of Ahl ul Bayt SA, by the farmaan of Imaam SA, he behaved like an insane man. He was a learned man who before entering in the allegiance of the Imaam SA, was a wealthy man.

Parable of his intelligence and wisdom is very popular where he admonished a group of people of Madeenah who decided to leave Madeenah in search of Knowledge. Bohlool Daana cleverly played a prank with them. When he came to know about the time when they were about to leave Madeenah, he stood outside the Madeenah and started searching for a Needle. When the people neared the exit of Madeenah, a man among them approached Bohlool and asked about what was he searching for. Bohlool replied that he was searching for a Needle which he lost in Madeenah. The man and his companions started laughing at him about his foolishness.

They exclaimed and mocked Bohlool as to why was he searching for a Needle outside Madeenah when it was lost in the city? Bohlool started laughing at them. He said, you all are more foolish than me. Why are you leaving Madeenah in search of knowledge when ALL KNOWLEDGE is itself present in Madeenah!! I am not searching for a Needle but I decided to teach you a lesson. Imaam Ja'far as Saadiq SA is the Fountainhead of the Knowledge. You need not go anywhere in search of knowledge. Go inside the Madeenah if you want to acquire any Knowledge. Mausoleum of Bohlool Daana RA is situated between Karbala and Najaf.

Bohlool Daana ra


  Masjid e Buraasa or Jaame Buraasa is in Baghdaad:

Masjid e Buraasa was originally a Church. When Maulaana 'Ali SA was returning from the Battle of Siffeen, he passed through this locality. When the Father of Church came to know that Maulaana 'Ali SA was going to pass over around the place, he invited Maulaana 'Ali SA to stay back at this place. Maulaana 'Ali SA accepted his invitation and stayed here for 3 days. There was extreme scarcity of water at that time and people used to go to far away places to collect the drinkable water. Maulaana 'Ali SA inquired about the problem. He came to know that there was no potable water anywhere. Water was very saline.

He struck his right ankle over the ground in the courtyard. A fresh water spring gushed out from the ground. A well was constructed over it. Still the well is present and the Zuwwaar drinks the water from 'Ali's well and takes its Barakat. There is a white stone at this place. It is said that Maulaatona Maryam SA placed Maulaana 'Isaa SA over this stone when he was infant.

Jaame' Buraasa


  This is the Maqaam of Radd us Shams in Hillah locality between Karbala and Najaf. It is believed that Sun returned after setting for Maulaana 'Ali SA while he was returning from the Battle of Naherwaan. The place has a maqaam where Maulaana 'Ali SA offered Namaaz. The site has a Minaret which indicates Old Jewish architecture.
Radd us Shams


  Rozah of Zul Kifl RA:
  Allaah Ta'aala mentions the name of Zul Kifl in the Qur'an and narrates that these are among the Noble Men who observed patience. The Rozah of Zul Kifl RA is located in the Hillah district between Karbala and Najaf. It was the place of Jewish Pilgrimage before the Islamic conquest of Iraq region. However even today, the old Jewish Architecture is preserved. There is Hebrew text all around the Mausoleum. There are also remnants of Old Synagogue on one side of the Qabr. There is a maqaam of Maulaana 'Ali SA in the Masjid. There is a maqaam of Maulaana Khizr SA in one of the corners of Masjid where it is believed that Maulaana Khizr SA passed at this place.

Zul Kifl


  Ayyoob Nabi RA:
  Ayyoob Nabi SA is also called as JOB in the Biblical Text. He is known for his unconquerable patience which he exercised when Allaah Ta'aala inflicted a disease to him for several years. Shaitaan challenged that Ayyoob Nabi SA will lose his patience and leave the Ibaadat of Allaah Ta'aala if he is put test. Allaah Ta'aala tested Ayyoob Nabi SA in various ways. After several years of infliction of a disease Allaah Ta'aala ordered Ayyoob Nabi SA to strike his foot on the ground. When he did so a spring of fresh water gushed out. He was relieved of all his sufferings by the Barakat of this Water.
Nabi Ayyoob

  Maqaam of the Severed Hand of Maulaana Abbaas (sa):
  This is the place where Maulaana Abbaas Alamdaar SA's hands were severed by the enemies on the Day of 'Aashurah. It is close to the Rozah of Maulaana Abbaas Alamdaar SA in Karbala. Presently only one maqaam is clear and prominent where his left hand was severed. Maqaam of the right hand is in the narrow bylanes of the market and it was destroyed few years back.
Maqaam where the left hand of Maulaana Abbaas was severed



Maulaana Salmaan ul Faarsi RA in Madaa'in, near Najaf:


In the Mausoleum of Maulaana Salmaan ul Faarsi RA, Maulaana Jaabir bin 'Abdillaah il Ansaari RA and Maulaana Huzaifat ul Yamaani RA are also buried in the same complex. M Salmaan ul Faarsi RA was one of the four distinguished and closest companions of Rasoolullaah SAWS. M Salmaan ul Faarsi RA suggested to dig a trench in the Battle of Khandaq. M Salmaan ul Faarsi RA had been a follower of different religions before but he embraced Islaam on the hands of Rasoolullaah SAWS - who said for him - "Salmaan is from my Ahl ul Bayt". During the time of Maulaana 'Ali SA, he was appointed as the governor of Madaain and he died there itself. Maulaana 'Ali SA offered Janaaza Namaaz on him.

Maulaana Salmaan ul Faarsi RA Maulaana Salmaan ul Faarsi RA



Nahr e Alqamah:


Ra's ul Hudood Saheb DM along with the Mumineen went for the Atraaf Ziyaarat in Karbala. One Ziyaarat among them is visiting a water channel of Euphrates river - known as Nahr e Alqamah. The relationship of "Thirst" with Ahl ul Bayt SA is not only confined to the Karbala but it dates back to the forefathers of Maulaana Imaam Husain SA.

Maulaana 'Abdul Muttalib SA - grandfather of Rasoolullaah SAWS witnessed the same Thirst after the discovery of ZamZam well by him in Makkah. Leaders of Makkah claimed the ownership of the ZamZam which resulted in a conflict. Leaders of Makkah insisted to go to Syria to resolve the conflict. On the way to Syria they prevented Maulaana 'Abdul Muttalib SA to drink water.

In the Battle of Siffeen, Mo'awiyah LA stopped water for Maulaana 'Ali SA and his army. The same was repeated by his wicked son Yazeed LA who stopped water of Euphrated river for Maulaana Imaam Husain SA and his Ahl ul Bayt SA in Karbala.

Nahr e Alqamah Nahr e Alqamah



Maulaana Maytham e Tammaar RA:


Maulaana Maytham e Tammaar RA was one of the most Loyal Companions of Maulaana 'Ali SA. He was a slave freed by Maulaana 'Ali SA. People knew him as Salama. When Maulaana 'Ali SA first met him he called Maytham by his real name which no one except his mother knew. On hearing some stranger calling him Maytham he was astonished. He asked Maulaana 'Ali SA how he knew his real name Maytham. Maulaana 'Ali SA replied that, Rasoolullaah SAWS foretold about him that you will free a slave Maytham who will embrace martyrdom for you in your time.

Maulaana Maytham e Tammaar RA did the business of Dates. Hence he earned a title of "Tammaar". Maulaana Maytham e Tammaar RA was martyred by hanging him over the Date tree when he was compelled to abuse Maulaana 'Ali SA. A beautiful Rozah is built in his name. The zareeh signifies the relation of Dates with his name.

Maulaana Maytham e Tammaar RA Maulaana Maytham e Tammaar RA



Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA:


Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA was one of the most Loyal Companions of Maulaana 'Ali SA. He has even seen the time of Rasoolullaah SAWS. Once when Maulaana 'Ali SA was in Basra, Iraq; He taught a Du'aa to his companions where Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA was also present. Maulaana 'Ali SA told them to memorize the Du'aa as it was the Du'aa of Maulaana Khizr RA.

When Maulaana 'Ali SA completed the Du'aa, Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA went alone to the house of Maulaana 'Ali SA at midnight. He requested Maulaana 'Ali SA that to repeat the Du'aa of Khizr RA and he would write it word by word. Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA wrote the whole Du'aa. After him, the Du'aa of Khizr RA came to be known as Du'aa e Kumayl and it is especially recited on the 15th night of Sha'baan ul Kareem.

Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA was martyred in 82 AH in Koofah by the enemies of Ahl ul Bayt SA. After the martyrdom of Maulaana 'Ali SA in 40 AH the accurate historical account of Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA from 40 to 82 AH is uncertain. But it is believed that he was imprisoned in Koofah for long period.

Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA Maulaana Kumayl bin Ziyaad RA



Pisraan e Maulaana Muslim - Mohammad and Ibrahim RA:


Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel RA was the nephew of Maulaana 'Ali SA. He was the messenger of Maulaana Imaam Husain SA sent to Koofah in 60 AH to ascertain the situation as they wrote many letters to Maulaana Imaam Husain SA inviting him to settle in Koofah. Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel went to Koofah along with his two sons Mohammad and Ibrahim RA. However Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel RA was martyred in Koofah along with Maulaana Haani bin 'Urwah RA. After his martyrdom in Koofah, his two sons were also mercilessly martyred at the banks of Euphrates river and their bodies were thrown in the river and severed heads were sent to Ubaidillaah bin Ziyaad LA.

Their bodies were recovered in Mosayyib where they were buried. Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel RA's wife is Maulaatona Ruqaiyah RA - daughter of Maulaana 'Ali SA. They had 6 sons. Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel RA took 2 sons along with him to Koofah. While his wife Maulaatona Ruqaiyah RA took 4 sons along with her to Karbala with Maulaana Imaam Husain SA. She sacrificed his 4 sons in Karbala.

Pisraan e Maulaana Muslim - Mohammad and Ibrahim RA Pisraan e Maulaana Muslim - Mohammad and Ibrahim RA



Zareeh of Maulaana Imaam Husain SA and Maulaana Abbaas Alamdaar SA:



Mausoleum of Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel RA in Koofah Masjid, the first martyr who embraced Martyrdom in Koofah after he was sent by Maulaana Imaam Husain SA:



House of Maulaana 'Ali SA:

  House of Maulaana 'Ali SA in Koofah. It's walking distance from Masjid e Koofah. There are rooms of Ahl ul Bayt SA. Place where Maulaana 'Ali SA was given Ghusl. Room of well of Maulaana 'Ali SA. Still Mumineen takes the Barakat of Water of Maulaana 'Ali SA Well.


Maulaana 'Ali SA Zarbat place - Koofah:

  The place where Maulaana 'Ali SA was attacked with a poisoned sword in the Koofah Masjid on 19th Shahrullaah 40 AH. He was attacked by 'Abdul Rahmaan bin Muljim LA who belonged to the Kharjite group

  Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)
  Saiyedah Nafeesah RA:

Saiyedah Nafeesah RA is the grand daughter of Maulaana Imaam Hasan SA. Her father's name is Hasan al Anwar. She was born in Makkah in 145 AH. She memorized Qur'an at a very young age. She came to Qaaherah in 193 AH. She has shown numerous miracles during her lifetime. She was the staunch follower of al-Khamsat ul Athaar SA and their teachings. She had a great respect for Imaam Husain SA. She mourned his Martyrdom and his companions.

She used to cure Paralysis miraculously. She has freed the prisoners. Water in the Nile river rose because of her Du'aa. Her Mausoleum (Ziyaarat) is in Qaaherah (Cairo). Saiyedna Badr ul Jamaali RA renovated her Shrine in 482 AH. Her Shrine has underwent renovation and destruction several times in the history. There is a beautiful mosque in her Shrine's complex.

Saiyedah Nafeesah RA - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah) Saiyedah Nafeesah RA - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah) Saiyedah Nafeesah RA - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)

  Maulaatona Ruqaiyah RA:

Maulaatona Ruqaiyah RA is the daughter of Maulaana 'Ali SA whose mausoleum is in Qaaherah. There are women with the same name in Ahl ul Bayt SA but their Mausoleums and Ziyaaraat is elsewhere. Maulaana 'Ali SA married Maulaatona Ruqaiyah RA to his nephew Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel RA. Allaah Ta'aala granted them 4 sons.

When Maulaana Imaam Husain SA left Madeenah for the journey of Karbaala, all of them accompanied him. Imaam Husain SA sent Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel RA to Koofah as his Ambassador. He took 2 sons along with him - Mohammad and Ibrahim to Koofah. Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel RA was martyred in Koofah on 3rd Zul Hijjah 60 AH. And his sons - Mohammad and Ibrahim also met painful fate of Martyrdom in Musayyib near Karbaala. Both his sons are buried there and there is magnificent mausoleum. Maulaana Muslim bin 'Aqeel is buried besides Masjid e Koofah.

Maulaatona Ruqaiyah RA heard the news of martyrdom of his husband in Koofah. On the day of 'Aashuraa she sacrified her 2 sons on the true path of his brother Maulaana Imaam Husain SA. She then migrated to Qaaherah and died there.

Maulaatona Ruqaiyah RA - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)   Maulaatona Ruqaiyah RA - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)

  Jaame'ah al-Azhar:

Jaame'ah al Azhar was constructed by Saiyedna Qaa'id Jawhar RA on the orders of 14th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Mo'iz le Deenillaah SA in 361 AH. Saiyedna Qaa'id Jawhar RA founded the city of Qaaherah on the lines of Mansuriyah. After the completion of City and the Fort, Imaam Mo'iz SA entered the city with great Honour and Zeal. By then Jaame'ah al Azhar was ready. In 364 AH studies began in the University and it gained fame and respect around the world. Thousands of students from all over the globe took education from al Azhar.

Al Azhar at that time catered courses of vast disciplines apart from Religious teachings. After the Istetaar of 21st Imaam Maulaana Taiyeb SA in 528 AH, it was taken over by others. Even now it is one of the famed and oldest Universities of Cairo. In the mosque, there is original Mehraab (Arch) of Imaam Mo'iz SA. where Mumineen offers Namaaz and take Barakaat of the Imaami Ta'meeraat-construction.
Jaame'ah al-Azhar - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)   Jaame'ah al-Azhar - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)
Jaame'ah al-Azhar - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)   Jaame'ah al-Azhar - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)

  Ra's ul Imaam il-Husain

Ra's ul Husain or the Sacred Severed Head of Imaam Husain SA is buried in Qaaherah. It was transferred from Ashkelon to Qaaherah during the time of A'immat Faatemiyeen SA. There is a beautiful Mosque surrounding the Zareeh Mubaarak of Ra's ul Husain - known as Masjid al Husain. Besides the Zareeh, on the left side there is Baab al Mukhallafaat where the relics of Rasoolullaah SAWS and Ahl ul Bayt SA are buried. The same place is the burial of 9 Faatemi A'immat (Imaams) SA. Mumineen recites Salaam and Du'aa near the Zareeh and Baab al Mukhallafaat.

Ra's ul Imaam il-Husain - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah) Ra's ul Imaam il-Husain - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah) Ra's ul Imaam il-Husain - Misr (al-Qaaherat ul-Mo'izziyah)

  Tasaaweer e Muneerah:
Yoosha' bin Noon ra  
Cairo - Baab e Zuwaylah