Felicitation of Quiz Winners of Ahl uz Zikr
02-07-1439 / 18-03-2018

Alavi Bohras: A group of Quiz winners with Aqaa Maulaa at Devdi Mubaarak

“Ahl uz Zikr”, the mobile app of Alavi Bohra Community has beautifully served the purpose of bridging the gap between the basic knowledge of the community with its youngsters by enhancing the efforts of imparting the information of day-to-day activities and programs taking place in the community.  Since its launch in Ramazaan 1437 AH, its popularity and its social impact is growing by opening new horizons of our Alavi thoughts and doctrines.  In the month of Ramazaan 1438 AH, first quiz relating to our history, tenets and customs was started.  Each Sunday the users of this App were given new quiz with 15 set of questions.  A winner of each quiz was promised a prize and this way 34 quizzes have been successfully launched.

Users and Mumineen energetically and keenly attempted it and the winner was declared on the App.  It was a wish of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) to invite all the 34 winners at his Qasr-e-‘Aali Taiyebi Mahall, Badri Mohalla and with his Dast-e-Mubaarak present them with Hadiyah.  By his farmaan Ra’s ul Hudood saheb invited them on 2nd Rajab 1439 AH, Sunday at 10:00 am.  They were presented with the gift arranged by Mulla Dilaawar Husain Motiwala.

Aqaa Maulaa while addressing the winners said that,

“This is a great feat for you all as you always look for the opportunity to remain close with our roots and maintain the relation of mumin mustajib-shagird with Saheb e Da’wat.  You know the basics and this is why you have attempted the quiz and you all know that you know what, you are clever.  You also know what you know not.  This will lead you in acquiring more knowledge from us. 

Those who don’t know what he knows and never tries to know what he doesn’t know is a big fool.  He will never come to us as he himself thinks that there is nothing beyond what he knows.  Two of them will never know the principles of achieving knowledge, an Ignorant and an Arrogant.  I am giving you a gift having Bag and a Flask.  Bag is to carry luggage and the best of it is Zaad ut-Taqwaa (belongings of aakherat) and Taqwaa is the first step of Knowledge.  Flask is to carry water and to quench the thirst.  Water is knowledge which satiates your soul.”

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