CYCLING: An Exercising Gizmo
  Wa Amma be-Ne'mate Rabbeka fa-Haddis: And as for the favor of your Lord, do announce (it). This favor is your Ahl ul Bayt and Qur'an.
  1 year completion: Daar us Salaam - 9-2-2020

Baroda Cyclopedians completed 1 year on 9th Feb 2020, with different cycling events at various venues organized throughout the year.  All the members gathered at Daar us Salaam to mark the celebration and strengthen further plans to make more members and reach out to more people to encourage them for cycling and organize a similar successful program like Alavi Cyclothon in near future.

  26/01/2020 - Republic Day Celebration with Alavi Cyclothon

Alavi Bohra Community witnessed a historic event on 26th January 2020 - the 71st Republic Day. Huzoor e 'Aali TUS did flag hoisting at Badri Mohalla in the presence of hundreds of Mumineen in the morning.

A cyclist group of Alavi Youth, Baroda Cyclopedians organised Alavi Cyclothon on the same day in which more than 400 Mumineen participated and cycled a short path till Kothi Char Rasta in the old city areas.

The theme of the Cyclothon was "Nationality First" promoting and emphasizing the importance and precedence of Nationality over other differences. Children dressed in costumes of various religions stood beside Huzoor e 'Aali TUS on stage denoting unity of religions under the Tricolour Flag-Tiranga of our Nation.

Huzoor e 'Aali TUS gave an enthusiastic speech calling everyone as the Son of this Pious Land of Da'wat-Hindustaan. History of Bohras is 900 years old. Love of Nation is a part of Faith. No one can snatch away our identity from us.



Alavi Bohras: Explorers of Vadodara on Cycles
  Cycle, cycle, Good Morning cycle (Audio)

On 10th Feb 2019, Sunday morning after Fajr Namaaz, it proved to be a great experience and golden day-dawn for our Jamaa'at's Cycling enthusiasts.  This first of its kind Cycling Trail began from Taiyebi Masjid to Mandvi. Mukaasir Maulaa is associated with Cycling groups and Nature-Heritage lovers of Vadodara.  He often goes on longdistanceCycling expeditions.  Along with Ra's ul Hudood saheb, Mukaasir Maulaa thought of doing the same for our Cycling and Nature lover mumineen.

To put this on the track, a group of selected Cyclist headed by Mukaasir Maulaa and Ra's ul Hudood saheb, first went to Raja-Rani pond near the Rawzah of Saiyedi Musanji Taaj Shaheed saheb and then proceeded to Mandvi.  Cycling in the morning is best to increase energy level of the body and to boost focus of efforts and goal.  We are aware that on Ajwa road our Jamaa'at population has considerably increased since decade.  With this the road sides have become hot favourite for walking and leisure.  Thus health concious people often find ways to remain fit.  In such a scenario the activity like Cycling proves to be a perfect grab and instant hit.  We hope that as the word spreads more and more Youth and youthful people will insha-allaah join us on Wheels with Bicycles.

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