Dars-e-Haatemi - Learning with Nature Walk at Laxmi Vilas Palace compound
26-1-1440 AH

Mukaasir Maulaa conducted Dar-e-Haatemi on 26th Moharram 1440 AH, Saturday at Laxmi Vilas Palace compound amidst lush-green surroundings and peaceful environs.   It was a memorable outing within the Vadodara city where Dars members got a golden opportunity to know the peculiarities and valuable information of various fruit-bearing trees and medicinal plants, when Mr. Arunbhai Majumdar joined the Dars and explained the members through Nature Walk.

Mukaasir Maulaa said, “Today, you all are under the Saaya of Allaah’s qudrat.  He is one but has created things in multiplicity.  Allaah Ta’aala has bestowed the ‘Aql-intellect with Hayaat-life, Qudrat-power and ‘Ilm-knowledge.  But His power is Supreme and He is Eternal.  He is not a Thing but has created things and those things recreated as per His orders and His qudrat.  Maulaai Fakhruddin bin Taarmal saheb Shaheed (aq) did Da’wat on the orders of his uncle’s son Maulaai Ya’qoob bin Bhaarmal saheb (aq) in Waghar area of southern Rajasthan during the time of Zuhoor, when Imaam was present in Misr and laid his life for the cause of Da’wat and attained Shahaadat near Galiyakot.  Maulaai’s Mazaar, house and well is always the holy place of Du’aa, mannat and wasilah for mumineen.”

Maulaa said, “When M. Abu Zarr al-Ghaffaari asked Rasoolullaah (saws) that, What is the best place on this earth? He replied that, The place where a mumin offers Namaaz.  He again asked, Which is the best action and deed a person does? He replied that, Imaan-faith for Allaah and His Nabi is the best action.  This action gets him into the horizon of Wisdom and Spiritual wealth.”

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