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College going Saalehaat - Daar us Salaam 25-10-2019


Daar us Salaam, the residence of Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb (tus), is the cradle of various social and religious activities involving all ages of Alavi Bohra mumineen and muminaat.  During the time of Muqaddas Maulaa Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb (aq), many motivational and inspirational seminars and programs for school going as well as college going students were held. Such gatherings and interaction left a great impact on the perception of our Deen and it's spiritual setup is concerned.

On 25th October 2019, Friday evening, a group of around 50 collegian girls of different academic fields were invited at Daar us Salaam in the Hazrat e Mubaarakah of Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus).  This group named Saalehaat was formed for the humble cause of dispensing and propagating true Islamic thoughts, etiquettes and ethos taught by the Ashaab of highest spiritual ranks of Ahl ul Bayt (as).  This interactive gathering was aimed to discuss about the issues they are facing currently and to think for its reasonable solution. The program was like a falimy affair where Banaat (girls) adorned themselves with the Ridaa of Maa Faatemah (as), listened attentively to their Spiritual Master Da'i uz Zaman (tus) in two sessions and inspirational offered Maghrib Namaaz.  The soul stirring speech of Aqaa Maulaa was quite enough to introspect oneself and to compel in abiding by the very basics of Shari'at. After Maulaa's speech there was a interaction session in which various girls asked different questions to Aqaa Maulaa (tus) which he answered diligently.

Aqaa Maulaa said while interacting with the Banaat that, "I am not only your Da'i but your well wisher and compassionate companion.  From the bottom of my heart I wish that your life, work, art, skill, commitment, progress should reflect the Aadaab, Akhlaaq and Afkaar of Ahl ul Bayt (as).  This worldly life and it's pleasures is a miniscule and a dot of the entire thread of your lengthy cycle of life and death.  Don't disfigure and destroy your Aakherat in want of the temporary comforts of this worldly life.  When you feel distressed or proud, first think of the actions and admonitions of Ashaab of Ahl ul Bayt (as).  You would definitely get the right path and this way you would train yourselves in opting for the correct way in decision making for your personal as well as for professional life."

Further Maulaa added that, "Never think that you will live or lead your life at your own will and wish.  This very thought will mislead you.  You are not at all alone but you are always in some way or the other dependant on others.  Others means your own family members.  The topmost among them are your elders.  Material or mechanical life will never fill your loneliness and voidness.  Some good words from elders are key to your happiness.  Always try to arrest and restrict the use of modern electronic gadgets.  Spend some quality time with elders and family members.  This would prove a great emotional investment for you.  Nothing in this world have the capacity to replace this.  Instead of popping eyes on the screen for hourslet's try to lend our ears to elders for just few minutes.  Make habit to do your chores yourselves and do it attentively, effectively and systematically.  Home is a big class for you and your mother is a great teacher.  There can't be classes for everything you want to learn.  An Alavi Home needs what, your mother knows this very well and will definitely train you like herself.  A great daughter is the one in whom you see the nobility and piety of her mother."

  Students Review:

As the purpose of gathering was to interact, Aqaa Maulaa (tus) himself discussed some of the current topics and burning issues like tension and stress, personal issues, social media, marriage and materialistic approach:

1. Tension and Stress - Most of the youngsters resist themselves to share their problems with their parents or elders which lead to tension and stress. Majority of them undergo stress, whatever be the reason is. The reason of stress youngsters believe is whether it is family or peer pressure or education and career pressure or stress of proving oneself and maintaining superiority.

Aaqa maula (tus) advised,
1. “Family is a place of sharing; enjoyment and adjustment, there should be no pressure amongst you and your family members. You need to relive yourself and feel free. The only pressure which should bother you is the judgement of the actions as per Imaan and ‘Ibaadat; not peer or family pressure.”
2. “Academic qualification is not always important. Everyone is born intelligent only, it’s just that you need to identify your interest and use your intelligence on right time. Do not pressure yourself because of career and money. Choose what you are interested in. There will be sometimes when you’ll fail and it’s okay to fail because when you fail, you learn how to look back and see what you did wrong.”
 3. “Allaah Ta’aala does not like the people who consider themselves as ‘I am something’. You should never prove yourself as superior but you should seek and pursue knowledge from cradle to grave.”

2. Personal Issues – Sometimes youngsters may suffer from stress that isn’t caused by some external cause but from their own personal issues. For example,

(A) Constantly comparing self with others- Comparison is generally the reason to unhappiness. When you start comparing yourself to others, you start complaining to Allaah about what you are not having.

What Aqaa Maulaa (tus) advised is, “Instead of comparing yourself with the people who have more than what you possess (rich people), you should look at those who live a simple and meaningful life and you should be thankful to Allaah for what all you possess.” 

(B) Striving for instant results – Lack of patience in today’s generation is causing stress related diseases and ailments. Youngsters are getting hyped and impatient day by day.

(C) Distrust and self centeredness – Youngsters are becoming more self centered now a days. Self centered people tend to ignore the needs of others and only do what’s best for them.

(D) Increase in Arrogance – Never be proud of your achievement and never consider yourself as something.

3. Materialistic Approach – In the modern world of today, people who does not possess modern amenities, they feel that their life is full of hardships. And on the other hand, people owing and buying modern amenities believe that they have achieved important life goals like success and happiness. But truly speaking, it is not that way.

4. Social Media – Social media have become a prominent part of life for many young people today. Most of the people engage in social media without thinking what will be the effects in their lives, whether positive or negative. If you are using social media you should be aware of both the aspects of it.

Aqaa Maulaa (tus) notified, ”Always use social media for good purpose, for gaining information and pursuing knowledge. Be aware of misleading content on social media which can distract you. Always take care that social media should not become a hindrance in your personal life.”

5. Marriage – Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and woman. It comes to us as a blessings from the holy hands of Allaah who created us.

Aqaa Maulaa (tus) advised, “Never consider marriage as a drop down point in woman’s career rather marriage is a natural and social institution. After marriage, girls should avoid doing job or service unless and until there are financial crisis in the family. Doing job after marriage can create a disbalance between family and professional life and can be a hindrance in upbringing of children.”

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