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  Khayr ul Kalaam ma Qalla wa Jalla wa Dalla: The Best of the Word (conversation) is the one which is short in length, elegant and clear in its meaning and powered with facts and evidence.  

Allaah Ta'aala says that, “Yahdillaaho li- Noorehi man Yashaa” (24:35), meaning Allaah will guide whom He wishes towards His Light”. So it proves that along with the light there is the guidance, and that not every one gets the guidance but except for whom does Allaah wish so.  So as Allaah is unique and eternal, and may this universe exist or not He is always there. Likewise, under His instructions, the guiding Imaams, will always be there to carry out the divine work among the people. In every era and period there was always only one Imaam-spiritual master, at present too there is only one Imaam of Aal e Mohammad (as), and no doubt there will remain only one Imaam till the Last Day of this world.  The recipient of Allaah’s light is the rightful Imaam, who guides a person after taking the oath of allegiance-Bay'at from him, because of which through the light of Imaam,  a dot of the light of Allaah enters the heart of the person who offers Bay'at.

Like Imaam uz Zamaan (as), there is only one light, but there are numerous darknesses. Light is original and has a distinct source, the root due to which darkness diminishes. If that source is closed, then the light or illumination may disappear, and because of it’s disappearance darkness again gets prevalent as it was before. There is no need of any tools, process or craftsmanship to create darkness, the only thing is that as soon as light goes away, darkness engulfs the place. Likewise when one lights a lamp or candle, its light can only repel darkness upto the point where it can overpower it, and beyond this every thing remains in darkness. In Aayat ul Kursi, Allaah Ta'aala says that, “Allaah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.”  In Surat un Noor, Allaah Ta'aala says that, "He Himself is the light, from which He created all the worlds, the heavens and the earth."

An authentic tradition from Rasoolullaah (saws) says that, In the beginning Allaah created him (saws) and his vicegerent Ali (as) from His light and then all the Shi'ayaan e Ali in the world of spirits and wisdom (reason). And after that He created the skies and the earth. Because of this, the noble and purified five ashaab (Panjatan e Paak (as)) and their shi'as has been created through the eternal light of Allaah Ta'aala. This divine light was transferred to the material world through the first prophet Maulaana Aadam (as), and is being continuously transferred through noble missionaries-Du'aat till to date.  "Light upon light", one light after the other.  One Da'i after another.  The representatives-vicegerents of Allaah have been continuously appointed on this earth through the divine intercession called Nass.  They are the well-spring of the light and shi'ayaan e Ali are the conservators, protectors and guardians of this light by following the Shari'at prescribed by these distinguished personalities. 

But the guidance to look at this light and be with it with deep recognition and pure intention comes only from Allaah.  Only those get the guidance to whom Allaah wishes as such, and for whom He does not wish so, they do not ever get it. Because of this, they are unable to come to light from the darkness. For those who do not get this divine light’s guidance in this material world, there is darkness in this world as well as the world hereafter (aakherat) for him.  Those who are deprived of this light, they are blind in all spheres. Blind persons in this world are physically blind but an ignorant is blind in the world hereafter too, and are astray in both the worlds.

How does a blind person find his way? Had he taken hold of the hand of a spiritual leader, who is Yadullaah the Hand of Allaah in true sense, he would have been surely given guidance to the rightful path of salvation-najaat.  But if this is not the case, such blind- hearted and faithless black-visioned people are worst than the stray four legged animals for whom there are no owner, no destination and no shelter, rather they are more astray than animals. At least the pet animals return to their sustainers at dusk and remain faithful to him, but these dark visioned, gloomy natured and black-hearted people don’t have any place where his thoughts and intellectuality would rest either in the day or at night.  In the solitude and fear of darkness, he clutches onto whatever he lands his hands on without any authority or authenticity, and then makes his wayward way in a narrow lane of misunderstanding and misfortunes, not knowing that the way he is passing on is very treacherous, and it leads to nothing else but a black mud-filled puddles.

Allaah Ta'aala puts a seal of mercy-rahmat on the soul of the mumin in whose heart He inserts His light-noor.  Because of this blessed seal (of mercy) that a mumin deserves the intercession of an Imaam of the time-Imaam uz Zamaan, and necessary Waseelah  for his salvation is provided.  When he dies, then only his body passes away, but his soul enters in the divine mercy of Imaam uz Zamaan in the spiritual world. The death of this mumin is called as “a pleasant end with righteousness” and “sealed by guidance”.

Allaah Ta'aala puts a seal of curse on the person who becomes the enemy of Da'wat of the Imaam or Da'i of his time.  Because of this cursed seal, he cannot attain salvation. After his death his body and soul are engulfed in an excruciating punishment and torture. Instead of going to the spiritual world he is thrown into the pits of hellfire. Not only the earth but skies also reject his soul and it wanders between the skies and the earth and takes evil and dreadful form of Shaitaan. The death of this person is called as “a unpleasant end with wickedness” and “sealed by misguidance”.

Luminosity is actually white light, the seven colours into which it splits is called VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red).  Scientists believe that if proper quantities of these seven colours are mixed then it becomes white.  Black colour is never included in these seven colours.  Any imperfection or stain on white colour is immediately noticed and then it can be removed.  But on the black colour, neither the stain becomes visible nor efforts are done for its removal.  The black thing itself is imperfect and blemished. The so called black hearted fake or distrustful believer (hypocrite) cannot be reckoned as the member of the Jamaa'at, or a Shi'a of Maulaana Ali (as), or faithful to Saiyedna Ali saheb (aq) and cannot be counted as a faithful believer. He even does not know  the amount of blackness his body and soul, wisdom and intellectual, his thought and notions possess and with the passing of time these black spots or stains have converted into a stratum, which he is unable to remove.

So when this hypocrite or a disbeliever is confronted with a true believer, who has held the hands of the Saheb-e-Noor (luminous personality) firmly, and is under his patronage, then he finds himself in the fire of envy, and attacks a believer in all possible ways with the tools of enmity and malice, and thus fully demonstrates his blackness. Believers  aptly possess the ability and strength to accommodate, absorb and accept the light of Truth and Patience.  But the black hearted evil people become blinded by the luminosity of the light, and keeps on attacking faithful luminous people without getting any gain. But because of their blindness and black-heartedness none of their assault is successful and they merely waste their time.  Because of the luminous strength of Allaah Ta'aala, Panjatan-e-Paak (as) and Du'aat (ra), and because of the walaayat of the rightful masters' blessings and mercy, the faithful luminous people remain secure, become successful and victorious in spite of all adversities and obstacles.

The divine angels of Allaah Ta'aala help the believers in the sanctified and blessed place like masjid, and the deceit, treachery and deception of the opponents of the rightful Da'i-e-Mutlaq and the Da'wat was blown away like the spider’s house.  They are dishonored and humiliated in the angels, people of the times and the world. May Allaah Ta'aala  bless us with spiritual ascendancy, the shi'as of both the Ali’s due to the walaayat of the blessed five ashaab (Panjatan-e-Paak), the holy Imaams and pious Du'aat, on the hands of the Da'i of our time Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus).  O Aal-e-Mohammad, Verily, we have granted thee a manifest Victory, help from Allaah Ta'aala and a speedy victory is very close, to Allaah Ta'aala we belong and to Him is our return.

  • Ali is from Light, and Imaam is from light, and in this period of darkness, Da'i is the source of these lights.
  • Light has the foundation, darkness has no basis, this illuminating candle of Guidance is the Da'i of Allaah Ta'aala.
  • Light is from heaven and earth, creator of the worlds, the chain of this light has been always there.
  • Say to those who cannot see the light of Taiyeb, his heart is black in which evil resides.
  • All your misdeeds will be washed away in the rain of the light, pay respect to these Du'aat, they are the benefactors.
  • You cannot put out the rightful noor with your weak blowings, a human being is actually the one who bonds himself with this light.
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