Moharram ul-Haraam 1442 AH
  Wa'az Mubaarak on YouTube Channel due to Covid Pendamic

  "Aasu'oon ki Mausam hai Moharram Husain ka,
Karta hai Shaad Ghar Meri Ma'tam Husain ka,
Karte hi Yaad Aap ko beh Jaate hai Har Ghamm,
Ikseer hai Har Ghamm ke liye Ghamm Husain ka." - Audio
  • The beginning of the New Year brings the Divine Message of "Hasanaat", goodness and gracefulness for mumineen.  The great month of Moharram ul Haraam is marked with the mourning on the grandson-Sibt of our Nabiyullaah Mohammad ul Mustafaa SAWS, Maulaana Imaam Husain AS.  The beings on this land and in the heavens engage themselves in this mourning that brings Hasanaat.  We as a Mumineen of Maulaa Husain AS are blessed with the choicest Hasanaat as we have Ma'refat of our Imaam with Jism-o-Jaan.  Da'i-e-Husain in his complete capacity make mumineen believe the reality and truthfulness of the Waaqe'ah-e-Karbalaa.  This pur-dard waaqe'ah and Shahaadat encompasses all the sacrifices and hardships from the first Nabi of our Islaam till the Imaam of Qeyaamat.

    We always pray to Allaah Ta'aala to protect us from Naar-e-Jahannam and grant us Goodness-Hasanat in this world and in the Aakherat.  Our Maulaa Husain AS is Hasanat.  Doing Bukaa on him is Hasanat.  Arranging Niyaaz for him is Hasanat.  Attending his Majlis is Hasanat.  For his Zikr, leaving other worldly engagements is Hasanat.  Inviting others for Ma'tam is Hasanat.  Listening to the Wa'az of Da'i-e-Husain is Hasanat.  The entire life of our Maulaa Husain AS is Hasanat and each and every aspect of his martyrdom is Hasanat.  So let's prepare ourselves to get the grace of these Hasanaat.  The eyes that weeps, the heart that sobs, the tongue that utters "Yaa Husain", the hands that beats the chest in the Masaa'ib of our Maulaa never becomes Faani but Allaah Ta'aala bestows it eternity for their Jihaad-e-Husaini and in expressing the pure Mahabbat towards Ahl e Bayt AS.  Zikr-e-Husain is highly precious to us so is its Hasanaat.  Let's not disregard this opportunity to be in Sohbat of Farishta and in the company of Ambiyaa-Awliyaa AS.
  • In this world of Satellite, Mobile and Internet people crave for Connectivity and demand round the clock access to all these wireless services.  We know the age when phones were connected with wires.  But now the scenario is totally different.  Mobile phone towers are erected on high-rise buildings for better connectivity with the customers.  Connectivity is the key to all online transactions and Internet surfing.  This thing is really astonishing and amazing that without wires or cables, how could a person contact and speak with his family or friends who are thousands of miles away from him.  We are now used to the lightening speed of communication and commerce.  All things have been prefixed with "e", eg. e-banking, e-mail, e-cart, e-rickshaw etc.

    This we are speaking of Worldly Connectivity, but do we ponder upon the Spiritual aspect of it?  Yes, this aspect is far more stronger and wider than the physical connectivity.  We are mumineen and our faith is deeply attached with our Imaam uz Zamaan AS.  This faith is our Spiritual Connectivity with our Imaam.  If this is not there either with the Imaam or his deputy-Da'i then nothing will be beneficial or fruitful in the Hereafter-Aakherat.  When connected we can talk or communicate with each other.  But with the Imaam, we can get Ta'eed and spiritual strength which is utmost required for our journey to Spiritual permanent abode-Jannat.  Aqaa Husain AS is in the centre of Truth and Justice.  Spirituality revolves around him.  His Zikr, Ma'tam and Weeping gives us the gift of Purity and Piety.  This proves the best high-rise and elevated platform to reach to the full spiritual connectivity.  Asharah Mubaarakah of Moharram ul Haraam is the divinely assigned days and highly graceful period for us, so that we can connect with the morals and sacrifice of the Shohadaa-e-Haqq in Karbalaa.  The Barakaat of this spiritual connectivity till Yaum-e-'Aashuraa will remain in our Jism-o-Jaan and its Noor will continue throughout the remaining days of this year.


Yaad aati hai Karbal mai Shahaadat Husain ki,
Ro deta hu mai sunke Musibat Husainki,
Ho jaaye mujh Ghulaam pe Rahmat Husainki,
Khush Bakht ho, kar lu mai Ziyaarat Husainki,

Har Simt, har Zabaan pe Husainaa ki Sadaa hai,
Jannat khareed lo yahi Majlis mai Nidaa hai. - Audio


Jahaan mai Roshni phaylaane nikla Chaand Imaan ka,
Zameen e Karbalaa ne banke Baadal jab Uose dhaapa,
Sitaare bole ab Hum Chaand apna kis jagah dhoondhe,
Wahaan paaoge Chaand apna, Jahaan Ma'tam huwa barpa. - Audio


  Moharram Then and Now....but the Ghamm of Aqaa Husain (as) is Everlasting and Eternal. The last year scenario of Badri Mohalla during the Asharah Mubaarakah and this year due to the fear and spread of Covid-19, one can feel its impact on the gathering of mumineen. 1442 AH is the year of Online YouTube Wa'az Mubaarak. Every Alavi house has become the place of Husaini Majlis.
  Wa'az Mubaarak of 45th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb TUS was broadcasted through YouTube this year due to overwhelming Covid crisis. Mumineen watched the Wa'az in their Homes. They also watched Majlis of Mumenaat. Da'i e Haqq is always there among the Mumineen to accomplish their Ibaadat, Du'aa, Waseelah and Zikr of Maulaana Imaam Husain SA. This video shows the glimpses of the Homes of Alavi Bohra Community during the 10 days of Moharram ul Haraam 1442. Indeed it's the Historic Moharram ever witnessed by us.

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