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  Earth-Water-Fire: A Unique Creation of Allaah Ta'aala

Qur'an e Haqq is the fountainhead of each and every branches of Knowledge.  It's verses are true and eternal and could be applied and referred to anything in any time.  Nothing has been left undiscussed or unattended right from the greatness of Heavens to the darkest crust of the Earth.  If we talk about Light and Fire, then the Qur'anic verses mentioning Fire-naar is more than that of Light-noor.  This fact makes it clear that, Allaah Ta'aala guides His believers to be more cautious for Fire than Light.  Because Fire is there to destroy you and Light is to save and show a path.  Everyone is afraid of Fire but all loves the coolness of Light.  You should always keep a safe distance from Fire, but you like to have a light near yourself.  Uncontrolled Fire leads to disaster, but this is not the case with Light.  It is always under the confines of your control.

Ramazaan ul Mo'azzam is the month of Noor.  This is the holy month of Allaah Ta'aala.  The month of 30 days gives us precious opportunity to perform Du'aa and ask for the Bounties of Jannat and to free ourselves from Hell-fire.  We could undoubtedly get Noor by His grace on being repentant.  Ramazaan ul Mo'azzam is the best divinely ordained schedule for believers that we could fish out and get ourselves relieved from every type of impurities that are responsible for causing unrest and discord in our physical and mental system.  The Faraa'iz-obligatory deeds of Ramazaan works as an elixir and helps us in minimizing the harm of different Fires that are within us or with us.  Without the holiness of these 30 days it would be nearly impossible for us to face the fury of these Fires. The Fire of Disease i.e. Corona Virus is ever impending upon the whole world.  Its fear and fury has sieged the Humanity.  The Fasting of Ramazaan has brought for us the best remedy and spiritual weapon against the unseen unpredictable enemy.  We should thereby stay indoors and pray from the bottom of our hearts with our family and follow the guidance of Saheb e Da'wat aimed at your health, safety, peace and patience.

Rasoolullaah (SAWS) states that there are 9 types of Fires-naar burning in the mannerisms and behaviour of a person. If its not controlled on time, then it brings a lot of dangerous differences and irreparable damage in the thinking, disposition, relations and health of a person. Some people ignites these fatal fires thoughtfully because everything doesn't remain at the same place, time, form and condition.  Such people are caught in their harmful habits and irritable obsession.  Fire gulps down everything around it. Fire is one of the sources of persecution for wrong-doers.  Fire is the sign of fear and fuel of hell.

For human beings, there are 9 types of fires. The stomach-batn is the fire-starter and there are different ways for it to get out of the human system. The 9 types of fire are  - 1) Fire of Lust, 2) Fire of Jealousy, 3) Fire of Sight, 4) Fire of Tongue, 5) Fire of Stomach, 6) Fire of Ignorance, 7) Fire of Negligence, 8) Fire of Disobedience and 9) Fire of Companionship of a Woman. If all the above mentioned fires are controlled and if a human identifies the damages caused by it, and tries ways to keep them away, then he can be saved from the tribulations of these fires.  There are valuable solutions to extinguish these fires and to protect oneself from its ill-effects.

  1. One should observe fasts to keep the fire of lust away. Fasting kills all the lustful desires.  This is the reason that Allaah Ta’aala has ordered every Muslims to fast at least for 30 days of the month of Ramazaan.
  2. In order to keep the fire of jealousy away, its important to keep perceiving about death. Remembering and keeping death in front of one's eyes above all other things, destroys the madness to achieve more.  Ramazaan teaches us to live a simple life and prepares us for Death.
  3. To diminish the fire of sight, one should imagine the reality of hell fire in which, the eyes of criminals will be burnt and melted.  Ramazaan restricts ill-sightedness due to the sanctity of fasting.
  4. Repentance is needed in order to imprison the fire of the tongue. It stops from unnecessary fraudulent talks and back-biting.  A person who has fasted thinks thousand times before waging his tongue against anyone.
  5. The fire of the stomach is ignited by food. More the fire, more is the craving for food.  To extinguish this fire, halaal income and the food cooked by it, is important. If the food is halaal and healthy, then the digestive system will work robustly and at its optimal level. Thereby, keeping all other bodily systems at its right place.  To make the stomach rest and improve its vitality, fasting is the best medicine.
  6. In order to put an end to the fire of ignorance, its important to attain knowledge. Ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light. To perform in ignorance is meaningless because that action and performance would end into ashes. Ignorance will make the capacity of thinking irrelevant when not charged with the attainment of proper knowledge.  The knowledgeable person will never disregard Ramazaan and he will exercise his rights by getting appropriate teachings regarding this month.
  7. The fire of negligence might also bring affliction. Even knowingly, if someone becomes careless, then it brings a lot of harm. Because when a work is assigned for some specific time, reason, mode and place, and if that time slips out of hands due to negligence, then the same time or opportunity might never come again. Repenting about the lost time is equal to fire. Being in the companionship or fellowship of a learned could put away this fire.  This month of Allaah Ta’aala teaches believer the importance of time and there is no point for a bit of negligence as it might affect the sawaab of Ibaadat.
  8. The fire of disobedience eats away prosperity and kindness. To be disobedient to Saheb- e-Da'wat is equal to killing ones own soul. Da'i’s happiness is directly related to the Sahebs of upper darajaat till Nabi.  And it is this happiness that is necessary for the khidmat of makhlooq.  Also making Da'i unhappy is equal to making Allaah Ta'aala and His Rasoolullaah (SAWS) angry. And to keep away from this fire its enough to be loyal and honest with the commandments of Spiritual authority. Considering the computability of the Doomsday, extinguishes the fire of disobedience.  Obedience to Da’iyullaah is the core of Ramazaan as each and every thing if this month revolves around the Razaa of Da'i ul Mutlaq.
  9. The fire of companionship of women can change a person’s virtues and temperament. There is a fear of infidelity all the time. The fire of lust and sight is connected to this one. Getting entangled in the flames of this fire defames people. It’s an obligation for the parents to worry about getting their sons and daughters married as soon as they enter their youth and complete schooling. Its difficult to realize when a person slips on the path of evil deeds or trains his evil eyes on indecent and inappropriate things. Untimely and worthless use of mobile and internet has blazed this fire. The resources of this fire are now available everywhere without any veil, restriction or obstruction. To get freedom from this fire, Rasoolullaah (SAWS) has prescribed to do Nikaah with a virtuous woman in his special Sunnah. The pure relation of Nikaah doesn't allow igniting this fire.  A virtuous woman is a source of strong inspiration and support for complying the Faraa’iz of Ramazaan.

If we follow the above solution and recommendations, we can keep ourselves away from all the 9 fires, otherwise no one can stop these fires to engulf all our affairs and ruin our lives in this world and our return to Hereafter.

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