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As far as our talented and enterprising small beautiful community is concerned, Aqaa Maulaa always advises muminaat to be creative, enthusiastic and calculative in their daily house-hold works and routine activities.  Taking interest and actively participating in things that one likes tends to a healthy life with great outcome.  Health originates from mind.  Creative and focused mind is the best way to maintain health.  A healthy mother who apart from her daily chores, spares some time for her hobbies which proves a pulsating cradle of her innovation and creativity.  This habit is enough to charge other members of her family and in this way a whole positive environment is generated in doing something good, new and different.

Not all, but there are handful of muminaat who believe in learning some new things with every passing day of their lives.  This opens for them a rainbow of activities which they love doing it and also encourage and appreciate others following it and doing it with same interest.  Last time in the month of October 2017, at-Taiyebaat committee came with a variety of classes and activities in Diwali vacation such as Cooking, Hand Embroidery, Ridaa Stitching and Fabric painting. It was a great success and many muminaat learned different skill with keenness and zeal.  This time too, at-Taiyebaat has organized different activity classes in Aywaan e Nooraani, Badri Mohalla, Vadodara.  The classes pertaining to Advanced Fabric Painting, Paper Quilling, Tie and Dye and Cooking commenced from 19th April 2018.

In Paper Quilling, participants learned Basic Shapes, Envelop making and decorating it with quilling designs, Keychain making with quilling strips, Earrings, Eco-friendly paper bags, Quilling flowers.

In Cooking those candidates who took part learned various dishes under different categories, Desserts such as Mousse cake and Vanilla icecream with a twist, Starters such as Dragon chicken, Hyderabadi finger chicken, Zafarani herb tikka and Russian cutlet in chess sauce, Tandoori roti and Garlic naan, Main course such as Patiala chicken and Malabari chicken curry, Surprise item was Mutton lagan seekh.


In the days of ready-made culture, the basic skills that women used to learn, practice and promote have disappeared like anything that made an integral part of their routine.  Sewing, stitching, painting, cooking, embroidery etc. are slowly vanishing from our households.  The increased use of electronic and automatic machines or gadgets has replaced our art and expertise and thus the satisfaction, attachment and emotions charged with the hand-made thing has decreased.  We remember the time when our mothers knew each and every skill perfectly and they were never dependant on others for their own chores.  But the same is not the case today.

To inculcate that enthusiasm among our muminaat for learning those lost and beautiful skill again, at-Taiyebaat committee has come with a novel idea to organize classes in Diwali holidays for Cooking, Hand Embroidery, Ridaa Stitching and Fabric painting.  The classes were started at Aywaan-e-Taiyebi, besides Taiyebi Masjid, Ajwa Road from 6th Safar, 26th Oct, Thursday in the morning as well as in the afternoon.  Interested candidates are learning different skills with great zeal and keenness.  It will go on for 10 days in which the participants will be able to get the basic idea and confidence to learn further in that particular field.

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