The period of Imaamat of Imaam Hasan (as), after the death of Maulaana Ali (as) was very difficult and torturous. The grave responsibility of guarding and protecting the Shi’at-o-Aliyin from the enemies was on Imaam Hasan (as). Syrians and their tyrant rulers of Banu-Umayyah used to harass him and they tried to manipulate the teachings of Rasoolullaah (saws) and to eliminate the fazaa’il of Maulaana Ali (as). Their evil intention was to make unlawful changes in the Halaal and Haraam of the Shari’at. Imaam Hasan (as) faced a serious crisis in this regard and he saw Rasoolullaah (saws) in his dream at that time and recited a du’aa and also asked him to recite it in the time of hardships and difficulties. Imaam Hasan (as) recited the same du’a and with the grace of Allaah, all his troubles and intricacies eased for him. If a mumin finds him in troubled times when he is betrayed by someone or faces disloyalty from his loved ones or he has some financial crisis or he has some family problems, then he should recite the following du’aa everyday at night before going to bed.

Transliteration : -“Allaahummaqzif fee qalbee rajaa’aka waqta’ rajaai ‘amman sewaaka hattaa laa arjowa ahdan ghairaka. Allaahumma wamaa za’ofat anho quwwati wa kasora anho ‘amalee walam tantahe elayhe raghbatee walam tablugh-ho mas’alati walam yajre ‘alaa lesaanee mimmaa a’tayta ahadan minal awwaleena wa to’teehe ahadan minal aakhereena minal yaqeen fakhussani behi yaa arhamar rahemeen”

Translation : - ‘O Allaah Ta’aala, grant me Your hope in my heart and wipe off any hope of someone else from me and break it, to the extent that I don’t hope or expect from anyone but You. O Allaah Ta’aala, the thing because of which my strength has weakened, my deeds have become incomplete, my longing and wishes have remained unanswered and also my question, my tongue has been rendered speechless; that thing which You have granted to some of the Awwaleen (people of previous times) and You will grant it to some of the Aakhereen (people of future) – that is Yaqeen. Make me distinguished with this Yaqeen, O the merciful of the most merciful ones’

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