Du'aa of Rajab ul-Murajjab


Rajab is one of the most auspicious month of the Hijri Year in which the Master of the Believers Maulaana Ali AS was born in Ka'batullaah.  Rajab is called with the special name as "Asabb" and "Asamm".  "Asabb" means unceasing and tremendous downpour of the Grace of Allaah during the entire stretch of day and night.  "Asamm" means a faithful should keep his mouth closed, either it be for speech or food.  Only a meaningful talk or a selected and needed permissible food should be taken.  This means that the month of Rajab trains a faithful to restrain himself from unwanted arguments and unhealthy food.  All types of sicknees, diseases, sins and shortcomings begin from tongue and stomach.

Being the faithful of Maulaana Ali AS, we should not reveal or expose our faith to anyone who is not in the capacity to digest its realities.  The basics of our faith is that, "Some of the most important things are ordained or divinely protected to be kept as Secret."  The aim of secrecy is the philosophy of hiddenness.  Secret should be kept as a Prime Secret whatever be the conditions or times.  If done irresponsibly then it will have huge irreversible damage.  Rajab is the month of secrecy.  Many heavenly events could not be plainly discussed with an outsider.  Allaah Ta'aala has kept in this great universe lot many things as a secret and the hidden things that couldn't be grasped with the limited human intelligence.  The simple and straight example is of air and water or  soul and body.  Water and body is evident whereas air and soul is a great secret.  The roots of its secret gives nourishment to the things that are related to it and gives its outward evidence.

  Videos of the Celebrated Month of Rajab ul-Murajjab
Tasbeeh of Rajab ul-Murajjab

I seek Pardon from Allaah Ta'aala, O the most Honorable and Majestic, for all faults and misdeeds

This is the Du'aa of our fifth Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Abu Abdillaah Ja'far us-Saadiq (as) which he used to recite in every namaaz during the days of the month of Rajab. With the barakaat this Du'aa Allaah Ta'aala bestows His boundless bounties in the form of granting every little haajaat of a mukhlis mumin. We, the Team of our Website request mumineen for du'aa-e-khass for the betterment of our community. May Allaah Jalla Shaanohu extend the saayaa-e-haneen of Saheb-e-Deen-o-Da'wat on us till the Last Day.
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Transliteration :

Allaahumma yaa man arjuho lekulle Khairin wa Aamano Sharrahu ‘inda kulle Sakhatin, Ya main Yo’til Kasira bil Qaleele. Ya mai yo’ti man sa’alahu wa man lam yas’alhu wa lam Ya’rifho.Tahannonan minho wa Ra’fatan, wa Tafazzolan minho wa minnatan. Fa’teni be Mas’alati eyaaka jamee’a Khayr id-Duniyaa wa jamee’a Khayr il-Aakherah.  Wasrif ‘anni be- Mas’alati eyaaka jamee’a Sharr id-Duniyaa wa jamee’a Sharr il-Aakherah. Fa innahu ghayro Manqusin ma A’tayta wa zidni min sa’ate Fazleka Ya Kareem, Ya Zal Jalaale wal Ekraam, harrim Shaybati ‘Alan naare Be-Haqqe Saiyedna Mohammadin wa Aalehin Nojabaa’ il-Keraam, Be Rahmateka Ya Arhamar Raahemin.

Translation :

O my Allaah, O the one from whom I expect every good and in whom I hope for safety from the evil that comes at every hardship. He, who gives much in reward for a little good act. O He who bestows what is asked. O He who grants what is not asked for. Although He may not be remembered; but from Him kindness, mercy and abundance never ceases. Then grant me with my requests and You are the one who could grace me with all good that is in this world and the Hereafter.  And take from me the evil of my desires and You are the one who could guard me from all the evil in this world and the Hereafter.  Because what You grant never decreases, O Kareem, O the most Honorable and Majestic, increase your grace in me.  O the most gracious of the graceful, by your grace forbid the torment of hell-fire on my old-age.

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