Du'aa of Roza Iftaari


Reciting the du’aa of Mo’tiyas So’aalaat is the practice of Ahl ul-Bayt (as). Rasoolullaah (saws) used to recite the last part of this du’aa while breaking the fast (doing iftaar). The initial part of the du’aa consists of the words seeking help from Allaah in the Spiritual and Worldly matters as well as seeking forgiveness of the sins from Allaah Ta’aala. Keeping in mind the physical condition of the mumin at the time of breaking fast (iftaar), in the later part of the du’aa, he seeks reward from Allaah for his physical sacrifice and spiritual devotion. He expresses his Faith and Imaan on the Power and Decree of Allaah. He supplicates to Allaah that he has fasted for Him and will do the Iftaar through the Halaal livelihood which He has given to his believer. Expressing his helplessness in the last part he beseeches Allaah that except Him there is no one who can give the reward of Fasting. So where else His believer would go to seek if He would refuse the reward.

This du’aa has a distinguished importance for the one who seeks the clearance of his debts and forgiveness of sins. It has been narrated from Ahl ul-Bayt (as) that whoever will fast and recite this du’aa while Iftaar then Allaah will forgive his sins of 60 yrs and grant atonement for it. Even if he is indebted to the whole world and he has countless sins, Allaah will clear his debts and forgive his sins.

The fasts are the shield of the mumineen on the Day of Judgment, just as your weapons shield you and protect you from your enemy. One who provides iftaar to a mumin in the month of Rajab or Ramazaan or on any mubaarak day, he shall be granted the reward of liberating a slave (in the path of Allaah) and shall have all his previous sins forgiven. And if he did not possess the means to present anything except milk mixed with water, or a drink of sweet water or a date, Allaah would grant him this reward.

It is incumbent upon us to seek forgiveness and do du'aa-e-khayr i.e. supplicate excessively in the month of Ramazaan. As for the supplication, by means of it the calamities are warded off from us, and as for the seeking of forgiveness, it erases away our sins. This Du'aa should be recited at the end of the fast i.e. roza-iftaari and it surely invites the rehmat of Allaah and it enriches the hope of the rozadaar for the best of reward on the Day of Reckoning.


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Transliteration :

Allaahumma Yaa Mo’tiyas So’aalaat, wa Yaa Waliyar Raghabaat, wa Yaa Monaffesal Korobaat, wa Yaa Kaafeyal Hamme wal Ghamme Yaa Hannaan, Yaa Mannaan, Yaa zal Jalaale wal Ikraam, Yaa man a’ataa Khayira ma fi Khazaa’enehil Imaan, behi qablas Su’aal, laa Tamna’na aqalla ma fi Khazaa’enekal ‘Afwa ma’as Su’aal, Ilaahi as’aloka an tosalliya ‘alaa Mohammadin wa ‘alaa aale Mohammad, wa an taghfera lana wa an tarhamana, wa an to’aafeyana min Sakhateka, wa an taqzeya ‘annad Dayna be Rahmateka, wa an tatooba ‘alayna Innaka antat Tawwaabur Raheem, wa an taj’alana fi haazal Yawme min ‘Otaqaa’eka, wa min Tolaqaa’eka minan Naare, wa an laa tushmit bena ‘aduwan wa la Haasedan, be Rahmateka yaa arhamar Raahemeen.

Allaahumma laka sumna wa beka aamanna, wa ’alaa Rizqeka aftarna, fataqabbal minna Zahabaz Zama’o, Wamtala’atil ‘Urooqo, wa baqeyal Ajro, Insha-Allaaho Ta’aala.

  Translation :

I begin with the name of Allaah and His Hujjat, Imaam uz-Zamaan (as), the most beneficent and the most merciful for us in every era and who is always present on this earth for our guidance.

O Allaah, O the answerer to the questions (grants one who seeks), O the accomplisher of the hopes, O the remover of the difficulties, O the One who suffices the hardships and sorrow for His believers, O the One who is Loved, O the One who is Beseeched, O the Powerful and Honorable, O the one who grants to his believers better than what is present in the treasure of his Imaan, before it is asked for. When we ask, don’t hold back from the treasure of Your Forgiveness even if it is minutest for us. O Allaah, I ask you to recite Salawaat on Mohammad (saws) and His Progeny (as) and forgive us, and have mercy on us, and pardon us from Your anger, and pay our debts with Your blessings, and accept our repentance because You are the greatest Forgiver and Merciful. Include us on this day among your freed servants and among those who are protected from the Fire of Hell. Don’t overpower enemies and jealous person on us by your Blessings, O the most Merciful of the Merciful ones.

O Allaah, we have kept fast for You and have belief in You and ended the fast on Your bounties, and so accept the fast from us. Our thirst is quenched and our arteries are filled and the reward is awaited, if Allaah Ta’aala wishes.

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