Tasbeeh of the Month of Sha'baan ul-Kareem

Allaahumma Salle 'Alaa Muhammadin wa 'alaa Aal-e-Mohammadin kama Sallayta wa Sallamta 'a'aa Ibraahima wa 'alaa Aal-e-Ibraahima, Innaka Hameed um-Majeed
Mumineen should recite this Du'aa daily:
"Allaahumma wa Haazehi Yadayya wa ma Janayto 'alaa Nafsi"
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  Du'aa of Laylat un-Nisf:
A'immat-e-Taahereen (as) has bestowed upon us the best of kalemaat-e-Du'aa for every small amal of ibaadat. The Du'aa of Sha'baan reflects the importance of "Laylatun Nisf" commonly known as "Shab-e-Baraat" in which the daftar-e-aamaal of mumineen is renewed with the sawaab of ibaadat and due to the taubah of the misdeeds done in the past. Maghferat is whole-heartedly sought from the baargaah-e-rabbaani with the waseelah of Awliyaa-ullaah (as) to release from the vicissitudes and hardships of Duniyaa and to achieve ruhaani darajaat in Aakherat.
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  Translation :

I begin with the name of Allaah (Hujjatullaah, the representative of Allaah on this Earth – who is Nabi, Wasi and Imaam), who is Rahmaan and Raheem (Allaah has showered His benevolence and mercy on us by sending His Hujjat on this Earth who guides us to Siraatum Mustaqeem in this world, and who is responsible for our salvation and Najaat).

O Allaah, the Master of favours; no favour can be done to You. O the possessor of power, respect and the giver of bounties, there is no God except You. O the Support of the helpless, the Refuge of the unprotected, Who listens to the complaints of the appellant, Who answers to the Du’a of the sufferers, Reliever of the tyrannized people, Aide of the unaided, O Merciful of the most merciful ones. O my Lord, if at all you have written for me, in Your Book (Ummul Kitaab – the taqdeer and qazaa) as unfortunate and beggar, then wipe off the indigence and misfortune from me and make me fortunate and affluent in front of You. If you have written for me, in Your Book as bereaved and restraint, then remove the bereavement and restriction from me in Your Book. You have mentioned in Your Book, which You have revealed on Rasoolullaah (saws), that You eliminate or sustain him according to Your wish and You have also said in Your Book (and You are the most truthful) that, ‘I have wrapped everything in My Rahmat (benevolence).’ Then, embrace me in the vastness of Your Rahmat – O Rahmatul lil-‘Aalameen.

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