Man is always helpless and weak in his surroundings and on the land where he spends his life and whatever he relishes in this world and the benefits he reaps from the mortal things but still he is unable to thank and praise Allaah Ta’aala in proper words for all His blessings and favours. When he tries to recognize Allaah and ponders about the ways of comprehending the attributes of Allaah, he becomes weak, feeble and powerless. In fact this particular state of powerlessness which a man experiences in grasping the attributes of Allaah is in reality the real recognition (Maa’refat) of Allaah. The sun is at its zenith when it is noon and one cannot see it with bare eyes, but could definitely feel the heat through its light which makes him realise the real nature of sun without seeing it.   When we look around in our surroundings we see numerous ne’mat (favours) of Allaah and when we intend to count them then we land no where but to say that each and everything in this world is the ne’mat of Allaah Ta’aala and He is the supreme and above all His creations. Our intellect freezes and our cognitive powers stagnate at this juncture – which really is the true recognition of Allaah.

Every ne’mat is cordoned off by the limit of time. It will perish or end at any one point of time. Ahl ul-Bayt (as) and Qur’an-e-Kareem are an exception to this. The Proof of Allaah or Hujjatullaah – Ahl ul-Bayt (as) and the knowledge of Qur’an-e-Kareem will remain in this world till the Day of Qayaamat. If one wishes that the blessings of Allaah or His ne’mat remains unto him or his family then he should recite the following du’aa everyday in the Fajr and at night. This ne’mat could be either earning a Halaal livelihood or seeking knowledge or of children or of a virtuous wife or of a new home or a vehicle or a loyal servant, maid or employees.

Transliteration : - “Wa-in ta’uddoo ne’matallaahe laa taahsooha tanzeelum mirrabbil ‘aalameen yaa Allaah be rehmateka yaa arhamarraahemeen”

Translation : - ‘And if you wish to count the ne’mat of Allaah Ta’aala, you will not be able to count it. It (Qur’an) has been revealed by the Rabbul ‘Aalameen (the sustainer of the Universes). O Allaah, with Your kindness (grant me good fortune), O the Merciful of the most Merciful ones’

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