Maulaana Ali (as) has said that, a Mumin always has trust, faith and reliance on his Rabb who is Allaah Ta’aala and he keeps expectations from no one else but Him. Even in his most difficult times he seeks help and guidance from Him and the one who does this with devotion and belief is never far from the blessings and bounty of Allaah. It is incumbent upon him to have a firm intention (Niyyat) and make an attempt with the best efforts in his task and wait patiently for the positive outcome. He should do du’a in the way of Allaah Ta’aala for an advantageous and useful end of all his difficulties and hardships. Allaah Ta’aala says in the Qur’an “ud’oonee astajib lakum”, which means ‘Call Me and I will answer you.’ If one wishes that the work which he is going to undertake should turn out to be beneficial and fortunate for him then he should recite the following du’aa repeatedly till his wishes are answered.

Transliteration : - “Wa tawakkalto ‘alallaah laa elaaha illa howal hayyul qayyoom. Laa tudrekohul absaar wa howa mudrekul absaar wa howal lateefun khabeer. Wallaahe fal yatawakkalil mumenoon. Wa fis samaa’e rizqun wamaa too’adoon”

Translation : - ‘I have trusted Allaah Ta’aala, there is no God but the one who is Hayyun Qayyoom (Allaah Ta’aala who is omnipotent and omnipresent). Vision of no eye could reach unto Him nor it could see Him but He sees those eyes and He is genial and knows everything. And mumineen should trust Allaah Ta’aala. And your fortune is in the skies and you have been promised for the same’

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