Saiyedna Shamsuddin 'Ali bin Saiyedi Ibrahim ash-Shaheed saheb (aq) - Urs Mubaarak, Ahmedabad
Qabr-e-Anwar of Saiyedna Ali Shaheed-e-'Aazam, before its shahaadat
44th Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb AQ performing Ziyaarat of Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ

Different historical accounts points to the fact that during the Da'wat of 27th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Dawoodji Burhanuddin bin Qutubshah saheb AQ (997-1021 AH) none of his sons were capable to hold any position in Da'wat's Spiritual hierarchy.  Saiyedna saheb AQ didn't found them interested in the Khidmat of Da'wat e Shareefah and this was the reason that the pious Hudood got graceful attention of Saiyedna saheb AQ.  They indeed played pivotal role in diminishing the wrong-doings and false claims of Sulaimaani Fitnat among mumineen.

Among these Hudood 28th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam Safiyuddin saheb AQ was in the forefront and he was jailed, tortured and harassed by the local Mughal authorities.  Saiyedna saheb AQ knew the Khidmat and sacrifice of Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb and he became the most revered and trusted in the eyes of Saiyedna saheb AQ.  This companionship was not knew, all Mashaa'ikh and Hudood were very much aware of their closeness as both of them did sincere khidmat of 25th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Jalaal Fakhruddin saheb AQ (974-975 AH) and 26th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Dawoodji Burhanuddinbin Ajabshah saheb AQ (975-997 AH).  Both of them went to Yemen in the Hazrat of 24th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin saheb AQ (946-974 AH) to acquire knowledge of Da'wah Shareefah.

When 29th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ was still a child, his grandfather Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ brought him to Ahmedabad in the Khidmat of Saiyedna saheb AQ.  At that time Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ had a weak eye-sight since he was afflicted by smallpox in his childhood and also this weakness advanced due to the torture during his stay in jail.  By the Razaa of Saiyedna saheb AQ he wanted Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ to study various sciences of Da'wah Shareefah under his hidaayat.  His wish was fulfilled when Saiyedna saheb AQ said to Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ that, "Your Ali will become the Noor of your eyes and he will be a person of great acclaim."

Da'i sees with the Noor of Allaah Ta'aala and by the ta'eed of Imaam uz Zamaan AS he recognizes a person who will hold the sublime status of Da'wah Shareefah as a Da'i e Mutlaq.  By recognizing the nobility, piety, honesty, truthfulness and the excellence in understanding the 'Uloom-sciences of Da'wah Shareefah, Saiyedna saheb AQ did Nass e Khafi on Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ (1030-1046 AH) in presence of his grandfather.  This closeness and Khidmat of Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ gave birth to grudge and bitterness in the hearts of the family of Saiyedna saheb AQ.

Due to the old age of Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ, the sons of Saiyedna saheb AQ found themselves helpless as they could not show their disagreement.  But the fire of revenge and inferiority ravaged their dirty conscience throughout the Da'wat of Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ.  Not finding his sons' scholarly capability and trustworthiness Saiyedna saheb AQ entrusted the responsibility of his Khazaanah to Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ as he is going to be sole authority of Da'wah Shareefah after him.  The same tradition got repeated during and after the Da'wat of 28th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ (1021-1030 AH) when he entrusted the keys of Khazaanah to his successor Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ.

One of the sons of Saiyedna saheb AQ named Taiyebji became arch enemy of Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ as he was left with no option but to study in a group which Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ taught.  This created shivering in already weak spine of Taiyebji.  Despite being the son of Saiyedna saheb AQ, he has to hesitantly accept the supremacy of Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ.  He along with his accomplices could not openly do revolt against SaiyednaShaikhAadamsahebAQas the Ro'ab of his Khidmat-e-Da'wat was very much fresh in the memories of Hudood.

Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ said to Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ that, "O My Ali! Do not offer Namaaz behind Taiyebji as he is leading mumineen in the masjid of Rajpur without my permission.  He is getting paralytic attacks and not able to stand by himself.  In spite of my naseehat as you know, he is not willing to stop his false claims.  His ignorance and misconduct will only harm him and his group." 

Once 30th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Taiyeb Zakiyuddin saheb AQ was seated near his father Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ reading one of the Da'wah book when Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ entered that room.  While reading there came a point of Haqaa'iq, then Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ said to his son to leave that place for a while as he wanted to explain Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ that very point.  He left and Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ was bestowed with that precious knowledge by his grandfather and predecessor.  This is a clear proof of Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ being the true jaan-nasheen of Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ.

Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ knew that the enemies of Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ are hidden everywhere, so he said to Aqaa Ali in wasiyat that, "O My Ali! After my Intiqaal you will be the Da'i of Hind, Sindh and Yemen.  Your enemies will get free hand in harassing you and your mumineen.  In that adverse time remember the hardships of Ameer ul Mumineen Maulaa Ali AS after the Intiqaal of Rasoolullaah SAWS.  Though Aqaa Ali AS was a rightful successor and Wasi, he cornered himself for years together as enemies sprouted everywhere.  Aqaa Ali AS accomplished his responsibilities secretly and silently.  O My Ali! You will have to do the same thing as our Maulaa did.  Haqq is with you and your Da'wat is the fountainhead of Truthfulness."

Each and every words of Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ unwrapped the events that became haqeeqat in history.  In the initial months of his Da'wat, Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ secluded himself from a public eye and only his close associates new his whereabouts.  Those who remained loyal and faithful to Aqaa Ali AQ were singled out and their houses-shops were looted by the hooligans hired by Taiyebji.  They were threatened and tortured but nothing changed their minds as they knew the fact that Aqaa Ali AQ is the Da'i of Haqq and Taiyebji is only an imposter and a fire of falsehood.

There were some like Qaasimji bin Feer and Shaahuji who ditched themselves by turning their back against Aqaa Ali AQ.  Taiyebji along with his nephew, brother and son-in-law threatened Qaasimji and Shaahuji as they were witness to the Nass on Aqaa Ali AQ.  Both of them preferred Duniyaa over Deen, Falsehood over Truth.  It was a dirty plot of Wealth and Strength.  The fear of the loss of property, business and life that gripped the community, Taiyebji succeeded in overtaking or rather capturing the fear psychosis of the majority.

When Taiyebji forcibly snatched all the masaajid from the hand of Da'i e Haqq Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ, he complained to local Hukumat authorities.  An inquiry was done and Taiyebji and his faction were found guilty in spreading fear and threatening the mumineen of Aqaa Ali AQ.  In Sha'baan 1030 AH he was jailed for 12 days and given stern warning for not targeting the Jamaa'at of Aqaa Ali AQ.  During the month of Ramazaan, Taiyebji's people came to him to persuade him in leading Laylat ul Qadr in Rajpura masjid.  At that time he was paralysed and could not stand by himself or able to do Wuzu.  Somehow his people took him in Chopai and made him sit on the Masalla.  In the first rak'at he tried hard to get up but painfully fell down.  He was immediately taken back to his house without offering Namaaz.

There remained merely 27 loyal companions with Aqaa Ali AQ but they were more upright, powerful and pure-hearted than the entire Taiyebji's majority.  The presence of Aqaa Ali AQ and his small number of followers was enough to uproot the peace of Taiyebji.  The whole foundation of Taiyebji's community is based on debauchery, defamation and disregard to the position of Da'i e Mutlaq.  Taiyebji usurped the position of Da'i and falsely claimed as a successor of 28th Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Shaikh Aadam saheb AQ.  The falsehood of the community continued and this gave birth to 5 different factions in 4 centuries who got separated from main course.  Even today nothing has changed as one could find the very family of the community head waging war in the court for claiming the position to control the community like mute herd of sheep.


Aqaa Ali AQ composed some couplets highlighting the torso of treachery that the people who love this world of destruction has to offer.  The people of Truth and Justice will never surrender or submit themselves to get worldly rewards but will live their life quietly in any of the circumstances this harsh world has to offer:

  1. ‘Alayka bema Yofidoka fil Ma’aadi, Wa ma Tanju behi Yaum at-Tanaadi - It is compulsory for you to prepare for the things that will benefit you in Aakherat, and that which will give you Salvation during the Day of Judgement.
  2. Fa ma laka laysa Yanfa’o fika Wa’zun, Wa la Zajrun ka’annaka min Jamaadi - What has happened to you that no admonition or scolding works on you as if you have become as insensible as a stone.
  3. A Tarzaa an Takoona Rafiqa Qaumin, Lahum Zaadun wa Anta be-ghayre Zaadi - Are you not willing to be a well-wisher of the community, as it seems surprising that the community has a earning but you are devoid of it.  Jamaa'at of Aqaa Ali AQ has prepared their Zaad but you have miserably failed in doing it as now you are not a Mu'min of Aqaa Ali AQ.
  4. Ta’ahhab lil-lazi la Budda ‘anho, Fa-innal Mauta Miqaat ul-‘Ibaadi - Be prepared for Death as it is Inevitable and unavoidable.  Death is the last step of the life.  This is the time of no return.  Death seals the case of your worldly life.
  5. Fa la Ta’mul min ad-Duniyaa Salaahan, Fa-inna Salaahaha ‘Ayn ul-Fasaadi - Don't hope for goodness and purity from this world, as its interest is nothing but to create unrest and deception.  Qaasimji and Shaahuji lost their decency as they opted and slipped into the ditch of falsehood.
  6. Wa la Tafrah be-Maalin Taqtanihe, Fa-innaka fihe Mankoos ul-Muraadi - Don't be happy with the wealth that is temporary with you as you think it will suffice you.  But the dirty intention in your heart to harm the mumineen of Aqaa Ali AQ will not make this happen and you will be left without any reward in Aakherat.
  7. Sa Tundemo in Rahilta be-ghayre Zaadin, Wa Tashqi iz Yonaadik al-Munaadi - When you will leave this world without any earning of Imaan then shame will engulf you. And your wickedness will follow you when a caller summons you at your death.
  8. Fa Tub mimma Janayta wa Anta Hayyun, Wa Kun Motanabbehan min zir-Raqaadi - You have a chance to seek pardon for your misdeeds and mischiefs till you are alive and be cautious as once you will get buried in your grave then the time of retribution will begin.


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  6. There are many quotations of important Da'wah books of Zuhoor time such as Asaas ut-Ta'weel, Da'aam ul-Islaam, Isbaat un-Nubuwah, Iftitaah ud-Da'wah, Tanbeeh ul-Haadi wal Mustahdi, Ta'weel ush-Shari'ah etc.
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