Innama yakhshallaaha min 'Ibaadeh il-'Ulamaao: Indeed only the Learned man will fear Allaah from His Servants



  • (saws): sallallaaho ‘alayhe wa aalehi wa sallam – Allaah bless him (Prophet Mohammad) and grant him protection
  • (as): ‘alayhis salaam – Peace be upon him
  • (tus): Allaah bless him with long life – Long Live Saiyedna
  • (aq): a’alallaaho qudsahu – Allaah elevate his sanctity
  • abu: father of
  • bin: son of
  • d.: died on
  • AH: After Hijrat – Year after the migration of the Prophet Mohammad (saws) from Makkah to Madina
  • AD: Year after the death of Prophet ‘Isaa (as) - Jesus Chirst

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