Laa ilaaha illa anta Subhaanaka inni kunto min az-Zaalemeen: There is no Lord but You!  You are immaculate!  I have indeed been among Wrong-doers


Though Vadodara, being the hometown (maadar-e-watan) for majority of Alavi Bohras, they are scattered in different parts of India and abroad.  Mumbai is another city which has sizeable number of Alavis where they have their own mosque, graveyard, community hall and guest house.  In the last 15 years, some of the families have migrated to Vadodara for social benefit and better livelihood.  They are also settled in the big cities like Surat, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Bangalore etc.  Alavi Bohras of Nadiad town have a distinction of constructing a small beautiful mosque in spite of small number of families and they always gather in it for all big occasions and support each other in every possible way.  Anand, Choota-Udaipur, Borsad, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Navsari, Mevli, Halol, Kalol, Umalla, Godhra, Kosamba etc. also have some families doing ancestral business.  Internationally, some of the young professionals and entrepreneurs are settled with their families in US, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Australia.  They all come to Vadodara along with their children and visit Da'i to get guidance and blessings.  They are well-connected and well-informed with their community through the community monthly newsletter “Mishkaat ul-Haadi” and the community website

Being Bohras, main occupation is manufacturing business and trading especially production and retailing of optical frames, tin containers, tin cupboards and furniture, hardware, printing, dress material, catering, industrial plant ducting, computer hardware and software etc. In fact, optical market is largely dominated by Alavi Bohras in Vadodara.  Now the trend is fast changing towards professionalism, thus the number of teachers, accountants, engineers, doctors, CAs, MBAs, advocates, computer professionals, company managers etc. is rapidly increasing.  Not following the foot-steps of their home-business, these skillful enthusiastic youngsters are opting for entirely different course of interest for fulfilling their aspirations which assures them with stable career, progress and financial strength.

To aid people financially and to promote trade and commerce, Alavi Bohras have their own Co-operative bank situated in Vadodara which was established during the time of the 43rd Da'i, Saiyedna Yusuf Nooruddin.  Today, this bank has progressed considerably and is helping needy people in carrying out their routine business smoothly.  They have several charitable trusts and social workers who help the weaker section of the community by assisting them in healthcare, hospitalization, books and fees for higher education, school and tuition fees, food, giving loans without interest (qarz-e-hasanah), providing houses with low rates, arranging finance for marriages etc.

The total population of Alavi Bohras is around 8000 people.  The ratio of male-female is normally equal and there is no discrimination of education and upbringing between a boy or girl child.  Alavi parents are very keen and serious to educate their children and give them the best for their future in form of religious and professional education.  There is a strong instinct of learning tradition amongst the Alavi Bohras, their Da'is usually being prolific writers, orators and promoters of education.  Today all the young members of the Royal Family i.e. the household of Da’i which is the first family of the community are well-educated and well-aware of social traits and trends.  It was a wish of the present Da’i (Saiyedna) to see his community with the priceless wealth of higher education.  And now this has became a reality,   with the persistent and untiring efforts of spreading the awareness of acquiring knowledge His Holiness Abu Haatim Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin (tus) has accomplished his mission and achieved the goal of attaining nearly 100% literacy rate in the community.  Importance of imparting education to the children is always focused in the discourses and sermons by SaiyednaNot a single child in the community is deprived of basic education. This awareness has transformed the way of living drastically. Apart from taking interest in the family business, the youngsters have started opting for higher studies in various disciplines to carve out their bright future.

Saiyedna ascended on the holy throne of Da’wat (takht-e-taiyebi) in 1394 AH/1974 AD, and since then he has led the tenure of his Da'iship by guiding and guarding believers on the right path (siraat-e-mustaqeem)and the way of salvation (raah-e-najaat).  Knowing that treading on this path without education will not get the community its desired destination (manzil-e-madqsood), a preliminary school (baalwadi) which was founded during the time of the 43rd Da'i, Saiyedna Yusuf Nooruddin, in Badri Mohalla, was shifted to a new premises now called as Zenith School.  This educational institution has helped to a large extent in building the educational awareness and in promoting higher learning among Alavi youth.

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