Qul la As'alokum 'alayhe Ajran illal Mawaddata fil Qurbaa: Say (O Mohammad), I am not asking you any return by following the Shari'at, but only Love and Respect for my Ahl ul Bayt


These words of honour and the articles of oath are the excerpts from the numerous lectures of Saiyedna, delivered during the month of fasting-Ramazaan and the month of mourning-Moharram.  Apart from these two months there are several socio-religious occasions in which these articles of pledge is voiced among the believers and they are regularly guided to follows it.  The prime concern is the youth of the community who are educated, sensitized and encouraged about these minute things that will in turn leave great impact on the social harmony and mutual progress. 

Saiyedna saheb says that, “O my Spiritual Children! Every one of you should adhere to the oath given to his Lord.  I am here as a witness to it.  This pledge, I am repeating all the time so that it remains afresh in your minds.  As the head could not alone survive without the body, so I am your head and you all form the community as its body.  This pledge is the command and communication from the head to its body.  To remain alive and attached to its head, the body has to follow its commands.  What you are is based on the way you take the pledge.”

The Spiritual head (da'i) is esoterically considered as the right hand of Imam. The way kissing of Black Stone of Ka'bah is considered graceful, giving pledge to the da'i of Imam is similarly graceful. While kissing the Black Stone, a pilgrim prays "O God! I have duly returned to you the trust entrusted to me, and the covenant I has made to you has been fulfilled, so that this act of mine may bear testimony to its fulfillment." This is only after giving pledge to da'i.

  1. I will praise my Creator and Sustainer, Allaah, for all the hidden or evident bounties that He has bestowed upon me.
  2. I will remain obedient throughout my life to my spiritual master-da’i and act according to his teachings and orders.
  3. I will respect my traditional attire and will make it the part of my identity, whenever or wherever I might be.
  4. I will marry an honest and noble lady of my community to keep shamelessness away, will do jihaad to protect myself from devilish acts and will perform pilgrimage to keep poverty away.
  5. I will respect others, all of them, irrespective of their beliefs, creed or culture.  I will speak softly, truly and reverently and will never betray them.
  6. I will love my family, relatives, community and the nation.  Being from society I will serve my society.
  7. I will abide by the lessons of my elders and well-wishers as they are ones who point to my mistakes and try to make me a better individual.
  8. I will acquire knowledge till my last breath from the people of wisdom and will make my living meaningful and peaceful
  9. I will persistently make efforts to educate my children and look after my family.  I will fulfill their needs and help them cultivate good habits.
  10. I will earn money through lawful and just ways.  I will never break trust of my employer or my employees and will assist them in the best possible ways.
  11. I will engage myself more in the religious obligations as it encompasses the worldly affairs.  I will always try to make my permanent abode beautiful after my death.
  12. I will pray to keep pride away, will visit tombs of my spiritual masters to keep wickedness away and will fast to keep unwanted desires away.
  13. I will mourn on the martyrdom of Imaam Husain and remember the calamities inflicted on his household and will prepare myself that my shortcomings are nothing as compared to the sufferings to my Imam.
  14. I will clean my teeth and hands after every meal to keep illness away, will take bath regularly to keep forgetfulness away and will maintain good friendship to keep fear away.
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