Ramazaan, Ghar ma aawa che
  Khazaano Barkato no lai ne Ramazaan, Ghar ma aawa che,
Khudaa ne khoob pyaara che je Mehmaan, Ghar ma aaw ache,
Gharo ne Mumino na kida Nooraani 'Ibaadat si,
Bakhashwa Hamne Jannat aa Maherbaan, Ghar ma aawa che,

Rasoolullaah SAWS said, "This temporal world-Duniyaa is a Prison for a Believer-mumin and it is a Paradise-jannat for a disbeliever-kaafir."  A prison is an isolated place where a person who is jailed does not have any social interactions, financial activities, personal preferences, homely environment, family life and freedom.  For some crime whether proved or suspected, he is spending time under the police watch sans any involvement in his day to day affairs.  He is cut-off from the rest of the world.  He is constantly introspecting as to why he is in jail and because of which mistake he is suffering hardships in the jail.  He is thinking every possible way to prove his innocence and get out of this hell.

The recent pandemic has evolved for us prison like situation.  We are in our homes for days together and no one knows how long it will remain.  We are virtually jailed in our house.  And we cannot blame anyone for this.  This is the time we could reinvent ourselves for our work and family.  It is the time to re-energize and rejuvenate ourselves with our unexplored capacities and capabilities.  Let's find new "We" in us and it is the victory to come after Lockdown.  Believe it that this is blessing in disguise.

"WFM" is the term reverberating everywhere in the air.  Work From Home or say, working home or home-work or homely work or homing for work etc.  A superb all-favourite harmless but infectious newly invented virus is roaming all around.  Everyone is behind it and tries to grab it and bring it at home enthusiastically and fearlessly.  This is a friendly bug whose side-effects are still under consideration.

Work From Home is synonymous to Namaaz From Home (NFM).  Our Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS ordered us to offer Namaaz of Shahrullaah at our homes itself because of Government directives for ongoing Covid-19.  Da'wat e Shareefah has arranged Online Audio Relay for Namaaz so that mumineen can feel the environs of Masjid by listening to the blissful voice of Da'i uz Zamaan TUS.  Today house of every devout mumin is like a “Masjid”.  This Lockdown or self-imposed Imprisonment at our own houses offers us valuable time to do actions-Aamaal of Shahrullaah and seek forgiveness from Baargaah-e-Ilaahi.

Recent Lockdown is a small one but the large one is this world-Duniyaa where we have to prove ourselves with limited resources.  We have to adhere to our religion-Deen-e-Haqq in order to get freedom in the Hereafter.  Duniyaawi Lockdown teaches us to live in content and peace by facing adversities and calamities.  From this prison cell we have to free ourselves by doing best deeds and in return get those Jannati villas.  This is not the case for others.  For them Duniyaa is everything and indeed Jannat.  Shahrullaah has brought for us a great time of NFH-Namaaz from Home.  Just imagine, during normalcy could anyone think of offering prayer-namaaz with the whole family!!!  This is the gift of Lockdown.  Live every moment of your life and enjoy it with its fullest as Allaah Ta'aala wishes best for mumineen.  May this Lockdown lock our negativities and imprison our disabilities.

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