Madrasah Taiyebiyah
Self Defense Training Program
4 Rabi' II 1441/1 Dec 2019

Almost 300 students of Alavi Bohras MadrasahTaiyebiyah participated in Self Defense Training Program organized on Sunday 1st December at the Madrasah premises itself on the mubaarak day of the Saalgirah of Imaam uz Zamaan (as).  Session was taken by Self Defense Expert Mr. Mihir Desai, who taught Basic techniques of Self Defense necessary for Boys and Girls alike.

Boys and Girls as young as 10yrs of age enthusiastically got the basic training of Self Defense.  Teaching Self Defense to our kids is the Need of Time looking at the recent increase of Crime rate against Kids.  This was first such initiative taken by the Madrasah which would now work in such fields at par with Schools in the near Future.  This Training Program will continue with the advanced Techniques of Self Defense Training exclusively for the Girls of the Madrasah.  The Program started with the introduction about the Line of Pain in a Human body. These are the parts in our body that once we hit with force atleast for 5-10 mins the person can't resist the pain and we can get chance to escape. Line of Pain is Eyes, Ears, Fingers, Nose and Private Parts.  The Coach gave the Technique of how to hit in this Line of Pain. After that gave the basic Safety guidelines of being safe every day which includes:-

1. Children should know their Parents Mobile Numbers and Area Police station numbers by heart.
2. Children should not hesitate in Calling Police for Complaint.
3. Children should not go out without informing their parents and should give phone number of 2-3 friends to their parents.
4. Children should always walk on the opposite side of the Traffic. So it becomes very difficult for anyone to attack from back.
5. Rather use your common sense as per the situation and Run if you feel that you can't escape or Fight with the attackers.

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Madrasah Taiyebiyah - Self Defense Training Program
Madrasah Taiyebiyah - Self Defense Training Program

Madrasah Taiyebiyah - Self Defense Training Program
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