Taqreebaat of 61st Milaad-e-Sa'eed and Opening of a New Office - Jadeed Maktab
8th Rabi' ul-Awwal 1440 AH/16-11-2018, Friday

Functions of 61st Milaad e Haatemi - 1440 AH   Functions of 61st Milaad e Haatemi - 1440 AH   Functions of 61st Milaad e Haatemi - 1440 AH
Functions of 61st Milaad e Haatemi - 1440 AH     Functions of 61st Milaad e Haatemi - 1440 AH
Functions of 61st Milaad e Haatemi - 1440 AH     Functions of 61st Milaad e Haatemi - 1440 AH

This month of Rabi ul Awwal is the Miqaat of First Spring in which Allaah Ta'aala has showered Alavi Mumineen with His choicest blessings of two birthdays "Milaadayn Mubaarakayn".  One is the Milaad of our Beloved Nabi saheb Saiyed ul Ambiyaa Mohammad ul Mustafaa (saws) on 2nd of this month and the other is of his Da'i 45th Siraaj e Muneer Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus) on 8th.  It is the most revered moments of Sa'aadat and Barakat when each and every Mumin is celebrating this memorable occasion and taking part in the functions of Maulaa's birthday.

1. Madrasah Taiyebiyah along with at-Taiyebaat celebrated Milaad e Haatemi on 7th Rabi ul Awwal in Taiyebi Hall.  Students enacted different plays related to "Haqq ni Da'wat", how Madrasah educationis important, Khidmat of parents and the Use of Mobile phone.  Some recited different ash'aar on Milaad and Na'at e Nabi.  Ustaad saheb recited the khusoosi Taraana of Madrasah, "Ye Madrasah hamaara, ye Bustaan hamaara" composed by Mukaasir Maulaa.  In his bayaan Mukaasir Maulaa said that, "O my Students, you remember what you learn and carry the Barakaat of Madrasah ta'leem into your homes and let your family members follow you what you follow your Ustaad in Madrasah."

2. On the day of Milaad in the Masaajid, before Fajr namaaz Shirini was distributed and Majlis e Masarrat was held by 'Azaa e Husain committee.  Aqaa Maulaa in his speech said that, "With the passing time a new Birthday with a new number is added.  But one should always contemplate about his Khidmat and Relations with every year that gets added in his life.  Real life is the life spent for others."

3. In the morning, Aqaa Maulaa inaugurated a new maktab-office of Da'wat e Shareefah near Markaz e Husaini in Badri Mohalla.  It is located on the second floor of Baag e 'Ali.  Apart from this the offices at Devdi Mubaarak and opposite to Nooraani Masjid will operate as usual where mumineen can take appointment of Aqaa Maulaa and Mukaasir saheb.  Aqaa Maulaa said that, "If you want to judge a person then you can see how well his house, vehicle and his wife is.  From now onwards all the Saheb e Darajah of Da'wat e Shareefah will have different offices at various places handling different departments where mumineen are residing.  The dream of Muqaddas Maulaa has come true as had envisaged the current administrative setup of the Nizaam of Da'wat."

4. In the evening at-Taiyebaat committee organized Sports activities in Badri Mohalla for different age-group children.  Large number of participants took this opportunity to showcase their skills.  After Maghrib Namaaz people thronged Badri Mohalla to eat all types of home-made food items and delicacies in the Funfair.  Alavi muminaat enthusiastically arranged and decorated their stalls to sell their home-made products and make it known to general public.  This event proved crowd-puller.

5. At night 7:30, Hudood e Da'wat arranged ziyaafat for Aqaa Maulaa in Bustaan e Badri where Aqaa Maulaa said that, "This is the izhaar of sincerity as today you devotedly gave me Izn and I bestowed you sharaf and as a Da'i I am giving you bashaarat of 'aali maqaamaat for your khidmat.  Khidmat of Da'wat is the most challenging and difficult way.  All the time people will find ways to obstruct you and will pass insulting comments.  You always stand by Truth and Patience. You will have to strongly practice "Tabarra" and "Tawalla" meaning abstinence from Shaytaani people and obedience to your Da'i e Haqq."



  Aqaa Maulaa doing Tahreer of Ta'weez in a New Office:
  Children performing in a Play: Madrasah Taiyebiyah