Historic Function of 62nd Milaad-e-Haatemi of Saiyedna saheb (tus)
8th Rabi' ul-Awwal 1441 AH/05-11-2019, Tuesday



62nd Milaad e Haatemi witnessed its brilliant and vibrant sunshine getting into a memorable day with the deep fervour and huge enthusiasm of Mumbai Jamaa'at Mumineen.  This time in Mumbai mumineen were blessed with the 5 days stay of Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS dotted with variety of programmes including Iftitaah, Ziyaafat, Nikaah, Misaaq and Dars.  Aqaa Maulaa visited mukhtalif areas where mumineen reside and was invited for Rusoomaat, that includes Byculla, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Thane, Andheri, Dombivli. With these taqreebaat the heart of all the functions was the Majlis of Milaad on 6th Rabi' ul Awwal, Sunday, 10:30 am, at Zenith Hall.  A great majma' of mumineen gathered to offer heartiest greetings of 62nd Birthday to their ruhaani Baawaaji saheb Aqaa Maulaa.

The majlis of Milaad began with the symbolic recitation of the Bayt "Aaj Maulid hai Haatim Zaki ka".  With the Milaad of Aqaa Maulaa it was also the day of celebration for Madrasah children who recited a beautiful Qaseedah Milaadiyah and then nearly 27 atfaal-children got the sharaf at the mubaarak hands of Aqaa Maulaa to receive a yaadgaar hadiyah.  A ba-barakat thaal full of Maulaa's wadhaawi dry fruits was distributed among mumineen and muminaat.  Maulaa said in his pur-naseehat speech that, "You should be highly grateful to Allaah Ta'aala that in the first 10 days of Rabi' ul Awwal you have been bestowed with the barakaat of two Milaad, one is of your beloved Nabi Mohammad ul Mustafaa SAWS and the second is of your Da'i.  In the years to come mumineen should plan various programmes and community functions between these two Milaads i.e. from 2nd till 8th Rabi' ul Awwal.  People largely celebrate their birthday with fun and merriment.  But you should hold the reality of this world in your mind.  With every passing day of your birth you should tie a knot in the thread of your life that, are you leading your life as it has been prescribed by the Law of Shari'at.  Everything birthday will become a matter of satisfaction and gratitude if your Lord is happy with you.  This is not only my birthday but the birthday of the entire jamaa'at.  My sirat and surat will illuminate your life here and after this world.  This type of gathering where each and every Mumin is happy with one another then it is indeed the Rahmat of Allaah Ta'aala."

In one of the majlis Maulaa beautifully described the meaning of misaaq and said that, "Today in the world of invisible waves, all are well acquainted with the functioning of Mobiles and its network.  Remember that the Da'wat of Imaam uz Zamaan AS is far more powerful and superior than this physical mobile towers.  Logically speaking the Misaaq in a layman's language is the connectivity of a mumin to his Imaam.  Da'i uz Zamaan TUS plays the role of authentic medium of this connectivity.  Aamaal of a mumin after offering misaaq works like charger or giving power to maintain the connection."

Addressing the Majlis of Iftitaah, Maulaa said that, "During the inauguration of a new makaan, I often request mezbaan to get me "Paani ni Ghadi".  What is the reason behind this important rasm?  A small vessel of clay called Ghadi is a part of earth and Paani-water has its source from skies.  Clay and water is the origin of life and knowledge.  Maulaana Ali AS is the master of life and knowledge.  I am his Da'i and the representative of his Aal.  While inaugurating the makaan by the grace of Allaah Ta'aala I bestow a mumin with the Du'aa of a peaceful life and perpetual knowledge.  Mumin drink this water from clay vessel and sprinkle it in his makaan thereby warding off the darkness of death and ignorance and filling his life with the light of Truth and Knowledge.  This is the true mahabbat and ma'refat of Maulaana Ali AS".

Addressing the members of Anjuman e Fayz e Alavi, Aqaa Maulaa applauded their glorious efforts in making the ‘Urs of Maulaa Nuruddin saheb (aq) a memorable event by arranging different types of Sherbat for all Zaa’ereen.  Maulaa said them by remembering the Khidmat of their ancestors that, “O Shabaab! The jazbah of Khidmat that you have and you whole-heartedly do justice to it, is not by yourself but it is barakaat of your forefathers or family members who always remain close to the Da'i ul Mutlaq and they find spiritual satisfaction in our mahabbat.  This type of Qurbat and fidaa-giri is in your blood.  It is my candid Du’aa that may Allaah Ta’aala give you Tawfeeq that you follow my words and the steps of your elders.  Your ‘izaat in the jamaa’at is only due to our Khidmat.”

On the mubaarak occasion of Maulaa's birthday, mumineen celebrated it with shaan o 'azmat and they invited Maulaa in their residences
  Mumbai - Milaad 62 - Respect of Rasoolullaah (saws) and Salawaat upon him