Akhbaar & Video

By the Razaa Mubaarak of Saiyedna saheb (tus), Mazoon Maulaa commenced the Majlis of ‘Uloom ud-Da’wat commonly referred as Dars under the mubaarak name of Dars-e-Haatemi, from the third week of Rabi’ ul-Aakhar 1435 AH.  On the foot-prints of Saiyedna Haatim saheb (aq) who used to give Dars-e-Ahl ul-Bayt (as) to Hudood-e-Da’wat in Kahf un-Na’eem, Hutaib Mubaarak, Yaman; Mazoon Maulaa will insha-allaah impart the khusoosi nikaat-important points based on Fiqh, Tareekh, Falsafah, Mantiq, Taweel-o-Haqeeqat, Qur’anic interpretation based on Ta’leemaat of Faatemi A’immat &  Du’aat, Seerat-e-Awliyaa, Aadaab-e-Tarbiyat and current affairs of Jamaa’at on every Saturday at 08:00 pm for an hour.  This is meant only for Khuddaam of Da’wat who have preliminary knowledge of Taiyebi Doctrines and Tenets, but those who are keen in acquiring this ‘Uloom-e-Haqq should personally contact the Vezaarat officials of Da’wah Shareefah.  Razaa will be granted to sincere mumineen who are aware of the Barakaat of ‘Uloom-e-Da’wat.

Apart from this Dars, Mukaasir Maulaa and Ra’s ul-Hudood saheb, since 7 yrs conduct Deeni lectures once in a week in both the Masjids for mumineen-muminaat.  Each and every aspect of Deen and Shari’at is dealt and explained according to the mental capacity of a mumin in the simplest form of lisaan ud-Da’wat words.  After each majlis  a Q&A session is held to discuss the point raised among the attendees, but with tasawwur-e-paak and niyyat-e-khaalisah.